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  1. Thanks! I had bought one from Greg when he had them listed, and yeah short of finding a NOS stash somewhere I'd expect to have to fork over a bit for one. At the time, I didn't yet have that Artist Custom with the 'trons... and originally had the white bat on the goldtop. Wish I had bought two in hindsight. First world problems...
  2. I'd like to find another white tip to use on my goldtop. If anyone has an extra in their stash, please let me know. Cheers!
  3. chromium

    "Frets are at approx 70%"

    "gnawed by beavers for weight relief... great acoustic tone!"
  4. chromium

    NGD: Dean USA Custom Shop ML

    Beautiful - congrats! I came close to getting a time capsule V recently, but ended up finding the Momose V instead. I like the Zs and MLs too. Someday maybe... I have an '82 ML bass with the V carve neck. That was a local CL deal, and so I had the chance to opt out... but I liked it the moment I laid hands on it. Killer bass, although it's almost big enough to play me!
  5. This one plays and sounds awesome. Someone will be happy! GLWTS
  6. chromium

    Electra EP-401

    I've had good results using Caig FaderLube: http://store.caig.com/s.nl/ctype.KB/it.I/id.2919/KB.215/.f
  7. chromium

    Honoring the USA

    A guy on the Gibson bass forum I visit had Mike Lull do up this Buck Owens inspired "Fenderbird". Pretty cool metalflake job...
  8. chromium

    Honoring the USA

  9. chromium

    Camstone Duotone Facelift

    Looks great! I had adopted an Archtop GT with similar conversion. Love the sound of the minihums in it.
  10. chromium

    NGD Hamer Phantom with Images.

    Resistance is futile.
  11. chromium

    Teasers: Endpapers from upcoming bass book

    I could swear I've seen a photo of Les and Mary Ford holding matching white SG and EB-3 from around that time... both with blocks. Can't find it online, but might have it saved. Look forward to the book!
  12. chromium

    Teasers: Endpapers from upcoming bass book

    Cool - Figured there can't be many like that out there! Made me wonder if they ever made one of those in a custom color like polaris white. I've seen some interesting custom color EB-2/3s over the years...
  13. chromium

    Teasers: Endpapers from upcoming bass book

    Is that an EB-6 in the first pic? I remember seeing a pic of Ben Orr with a white EB-6.
  14. chromium

    Who on the board builds pedals?

    One of my favorite enclosure graphics to date 😀 Saw this one on a FB group...