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  1. chromium

    Who on the board builds pedals?

    One of my favorite enclosure graphics to date 😀 Saw this one on a FB group...
  2. The one in mine was a long two-spring tank. No labels, but looks like MOD. It does sound nice. Main reason I sought out the UK version, as the Chinese made units changed to digital reverb and cheaper speaker. Still loving that little amp! Someone needs to snag this one. Good price too (50 less than I paid). Here's some more gratuitous Laney and Hamer pr0n...
  3. chromium

    Who on the board builds pedals?

    I've built some. Nothing too crazy, just boosters, ODs, fuzz, octave, efx loops, etc. on veroboard. Here's the most recent... Colorsound Tonebender derivitave with some filter tweaks:
  4. chromium

    Humbucker Single Coil Question

    Curious- has anyone mixed a Phat Cat and PAF with good results?
  5. chromium

    Humbucker Single Coil Question

    First Phat Cat experience for me was this past Friday... So far, I'm digging them! ^ That. Some great sounds around 4-5 on the tone knob - still cuts, but this takes some of the edge off and thickens 'em right up.
  6. Well, this made for a good start to the holiday weekend! I managed to snag a Momose V via a Yahoo Japan auction, and it landed here safely yesterday. Price was comparable to a Tokai or OBG, and not much more than a similar Bacchus auction that I was about to pursue... so I figured I'd give this a shot. One of the members here had past experience with the Bacchus version and helped me to validate the decision. HFC is such a great GAS enabler! This one is fully handmade, demonstrates great attention to detail, and the build quality is certainly on the higher end. Can't really afford a Korina Vector these days, and so this makes for a decent compromise. The owner had installed a set of gold Phat Cats. Not sure that would have been my first choice for a V, but they actually sound pretty damn good in it. Roll back the volume for almost strat-like sounds, and they blossom into a thick P90 tone when dimed - with that hollow/woody character typical of a V. It came with loose PAFs, and I have a set of Seth Lovers here too... but I may end up leaving it as is for a while. I owned both a BCR and Korina Jr. at the same time, and ended up letting the Korina go about a year ago. The BCR is still one of my most played guitars, but I missed the neck profile and wood of that beautiful Korina Jr. This helps fill the void. The neck has a similar chunky profile (C carve, maybe a hair shy of an inch thick all the way up). I think the radius on this is around 12", and Momose's site indicates that this may have Jescar stainless frets in a metric size akin to 6105s. Finish is nitro lacquer and flawless! Here are some cell pics that I snapped before, during and after cleaning it up, restringing and adjusting...
  7. Thank god! No way I could spring for that, but it was still haunting me
  8. That album is still in my regular rotation. Favorite track was their Heads Cover... Memories Can't Wait. Not only did they make it their own, but there is some mighty tasteful playing on there from Vernon!
  9. Nice touch leaving the splintered shard protruding past the string anchor
  10. chromium

    List all the Hamer models you have owned

    Artist Custom Archtop GT BCR Junior Korina Junior Sunburst (first gen) Various 4-digit and c/o basses Hope to add Korina Vector to the list one day
  11. That thought has crossed my mind! I've handled one of your Firebird creations - the single mini-hum chopped tele bridge one that Andy got from you. Had a blast playing that... will have to visit one of these days
  12. Looking for something along the lines of the following... 1) Greco Strat, ala the SE600/700/800, SE600J, etc... Would consider other similar Strat shaped objects - Tokai, Fernandes... 2) Greco Firebird - really want an FB-I-alike, but V and VII clones welcome too 3) Tokai VS-60 or VS-80. Would also consider a Robin RV-1 or RV-2 Just seeing what might be bumping around out there, if anything... Cheers!
  13. chromium

    Which USA Hamer should I get?

    I don't care for the overwound SP90-2/3s either, and I probably wouldn't have voluntarily given Duncan P90s a chance in anything else as a result. Last year, however, I picked up a '66 SG Jr. on the cheap with a disclosed SD pickup. Almost ordered a replacement before it even arrived! Well... it turned out to be an SP90-1B, and it sounds mighty fine in that guitar. Now THATS the SD Hamer shoulda rolled with (IMO).
  14. I would have been all over that Laney! Looked for a UK made L5T for a couple months, and just landed one a couple weeks ago. Absolutely love that amp- straight in, no pedals, pure unadulterated touch sensitive bliss. These two together have been making me an especially happy man lately... GLWTS!
  15. chromium

    New Guitar

    That looks awesome! I bought a '66 batwing on the cheap last year... rough around the edges, but has a nice chunky neck and man does it play and sound great.