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  1. Adventures in Home Theater Surround Sound

    Nice looking unit! I built my first big HT system around an Integra DTR-7.4 (this was about 15 years back), Paradigm on-walls and a 500w SVS cylinder sub. Loved the sound of the Integra, but after a few years the front right channel went out. Replaced it with a Onkyo TX-NR708... which was also very nice... but the conformal coating they treated the front panel PCB with had a (fairly well publicized... 6mos *after* I bought it) issue that would cause it to randomly switch input channels :). I fought with that for a while, and finally ripped the whole thing apart and scrubbed that stuff off the board. Worked fine for a few more years, and then the HDMI board failed :/ Guess its a given that stuff don't last like it used to, not to mention the fact that there is a lot going on in those things... computer, DSP, big ass power amp, etc... The Paradigms and SVS are still going strong after all this time, but I settled for a Yamaha RX-V675 to replace the Onkyo a few years ago. That one's still hanging in there, but not quite the same sound quality as the others.
  2. Kinda looked that way... 6 feedback bidder running it up.
  3. Tape Machine Roller Maintenance

    CaiKleen RBR rejuvenator works great for the rubber rollers: http://store.caig.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.179/.f For all the metal stuff (heads, guides, capstan, etc.) in the path, use denatured alcohol as others have suggested.
  4. The import Danos are pretty decent too, as a low cost short scale option w/some cool factor...
  5. ^^ Good basses - worth a look
  6. My friend got an old Cruise like that in the $6xx range not too long ago... which is borderline criminal, given how fantastic these are. Considering the (very cool) finish on this one, I dont feel it's priced out of line. I'd just toss an offer in or call 'em - worst they can do is say no. Killer basses. Good luck!
  7. Thanks for the info - that would be the outcome I'm seeking. The 360 I have has a nice "Gibson-ish" neck and is a pleasure to play. Seems like a worthy upgrade... One of these days, I'll get around to the swap.
  8. Anyone into Joe Jackson?

    This was always a favorite: Graham Maby IS a beast! One of a handful of players, like Herbie Flowers, who inspired me to become more competent at playing bass with a pick- when the song calls for it. Love his attack and aggressive sound on this track.
  9. Everything in that pic is gone now, with exception of the old Minimoog (another resto project) and the little Sequential (had that one since the 80s). That RE-301 was my favorite of the Space Echos, mainly because of the sound-on-sound looping feature.
  10. Nice 360 and mods! Did the bridge/tailpiece yeild any gains in the way of upper register sustain? Mine has a tendancy to get a little "plonky" past the 12th fret. Subtle, but I notice it. Been thinking about buying the Mastery for a while... Didn't really think much about the tailpiece's impact until now... String anchors are pretty goofy. Too bad they're stuck in the past as it relates to some minor design improvements like that. Ah well, gotta love em for what they are.
  11. Probably tape echos in my case. Years ago I was buying every delapidated project unit I could get my hands on, restoring, using, and flipping them. Every one of them was a snowflake- each had their own character. Even the projects are expensive now, and so I haven't done that in a while. Down to a single, fairly rough but great sounding Space Echo RE-150.
  12. My opinion: bad time of year for many, as discretionary income is funnelling into the holidays... and I can't help but think about the fact that this one is sorta spec'd out like a Blitz (same head too) - without the benefit (IMO) of a P pickup. I've used J/J configs to good effect, but I do know folks that avoid them. Really cool bass - no doubt there - but when you can get something visually and functionally similar in a $800-1k Blitz, Im not too suprised about the sale price. Not sure the 4-digit rarity factor alone would resonate with most folks outside of this place.
  13. Beautiful Saturn, and this turned into a good thread as well. Learned a couple new things... Question on identifying the body differences... Read that before, and in staring at Steve's photos above i'm still having a hard time seeing the differences. Is it the shape of the upper bout? Mine has what I believe is a leftover 21 fretter with stripe, but not sure on the body... Love this guitar. Came to me with Duncans, but I managed to score a set of Superrocks and put it back to stock.
  14. NFBD

    Just saw Les recently with Sean Lennon (Delirium) - great show. I'm not a big fan of the guitar Kahlers, and when I had a chance to get a bass with one I was immediately thinking about getting the swimming pool plugged, etc... but I gotta say - the bass Kahler is nice! Rock solid as a "normal" bridge for bass playing, and the whammy works well whenever I do mess with it. This is mine. Same unit, I think... Nice grab on that Precision!
  15. Beautiful, and nice price. What's goin' on there behind the first fret - back of the neck? Maybe just something came in contact and reacted with the finish?