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  1. NFBD

    Just saw Les recently with Sean Lennon (Delirium) - great show. I'm not a big fan of the guitar Kahlers, and when I had a chance to get a bass with one I was immediately thinking about getting the swimming pool plugged, etc... but I gotta say - the bass Kahler is nice! Rock solid as a "normal" bridge for bass playing, and the whammy works well whenever I do mess with it. This is mine. Same unit, I think... Nice grab on that Precision!
  2. Beautiful, and nice price. What's goin' on there behind the first fret - back of the neck? Maybe just something came in contact and reacted with the finish?
  3. Oh and I like that EB1(8S) mockup w/Model G!! Diabolical...
  4. The guy that makes that Badbird bridge (Scott) has been around this board for years, and could help you with measurements for that B4S conversion. For 8-string bridge options, you might reach out to James here. Saw a 12ver build of his recently that looked slick, w/custom 2-point bridge. The 3-points on mine work fine, but I'm sure the necks were intentionally set in a way that would support their use. They are not what I'd consider to be low profile, and usually take some finesse to get dialed in (e.g re-ordering the fixed-height saddles to better align with the fingerboard radius, tilt the bridge body accordingly using the rear studs, and hike the center stud up to get a decent break angle...). After some quality time with them, you get used to the quirks... but they're an idiosyncratic beast at best. I've noticed that E-string-thru feature on Farndon's bass. Lower register on the E-string of short-scales is not always the most assertive... that might have been a way to tighten it up a bit.
  5. Didn't realize that bass was in a Hard Rock now! (what a waste... err, I mean: cool! ) I always remember it as a shell pink(ish), and had assumed the finish had just faded into that creme color...
  6. Don't see those often, and nice price to boot. Over the years I had accumulated a full complement of the 24-pin Roland synths to match that thing, a switch unit to selectively run two in parallel(!) and a 24-to-13 pin converter for the newer synths. The GR100 was my favorite- not really a synth, but rather a hexaphonic distortion with comp/sustain, envelope filters and chorus. Nice spatial sound with chords, having each string's signal path isolated... Wacky stuff! Guess I've simplified too
  7. I was wondering what was attached to the other end of that nice headstock in your avatar Re: bridge options... I have that same BaCH bridge on a non-rev Tbird, and the bridge body does measure about 2mm taller than the Hamer. Failing the ability to locate a Hamer bridge, the "Badbird" bridge might be something to check into (get measurements - not sure that stud-to-stud distance is similar; wish I had a 60s bird to compare!). Nothing wrong with those Schaller rollers, though - seen those too on early 80s 4-digits. The couple that I have use the Gibson 3-point, but you'd have to be a glutton for punishment to go that route
  8. I thought this was pretty flippin' cool, given how unattainable a B4S is... They made the Greco TVB models in short and med scale, if I recall... No direct experience with 'em, but if they are even remotely of the same caliber as the Greco-Roland guitar and bass synths I've owned - I'd be a happy camper. The tension an 8 string conversion would throw at a single truss neck would be a gamble (not unlike the real deal!), but this might offer an easier path if all goes well.
  9. Shallowest neck of all my Hamers, but I still love it. Get measurements.
  10. Love the color and pickup config on that one...
  11. Mountian

    Leslie is amazing, but I think Felix Pappalardi is what drew me in... The sound of him on that EB1 thru a wall-o-Sunn makes my fillings rattle! Crank this sucker up...
  12. Last I recall of it: Lots of badassery there!
  13. Best headstock ever, I might add. Really sets it off compared to the more typical M/Blades style heads.
  14. Lifetime Veto Songs

    Mustang Sally, with Brown Eyed Girl as a close second... Sometimes seems that an interesting setlist is inversely proportional to number of gigs booked.