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  1. Appears to be some Chibson action. They are still cheap even by those standards, but they probably wouldn't even burn good. https://juboin.com/index.php?main_page=conditions They are also referred to as 'replica products' on that page.
  2. Tortious

    NGD: Incoming Ransom

    Yeah, did ya get it? Another one showed up there today and disappeared just as quickly. Grrr.
  3. Saw a thread on TGP , someone found all of these (and a few more) on Amazon back in May. So I wondered correctly. And then there's this: http://msretailer.com/juszkiewicz-step-ceo-gibson-emerge-bankruptcy-october/ Looks like they will emerge from bankruptcy next month and apparently Henry no mas for real-ish. Sort of. I still want to hear about him boxing up his shit and being escorted out by security. I have doubts about his sincerity. 🙃
  4. I know it's a dealer posting in the 'by owner' section, which I detest, but this opportunity might not come around again. Should I jump on this? https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/msg/d/gibson-es-335-electric-guitar/6698707447.html GIBSON ES-335 ELECTRIC GUITAR - $2000 (FORT LAUDERDALE) This listing is for a Gibson es-335 electric guitar in good working condition. The neck and or headstock has been replaced/repaired please see the included photos. The guitar plays and sounds amazing. Federal Estate Buyers Sum Ting Wong.
  5. Tortious

    My Opinions on Guitar

    So what exactly is it? It appears to combine things from a few models rather nicely. Don't recall ever seeing that switch layout. Very sweet.
  6. Possible. But if that's the case, they shouldn't have email addresses prominently displayed, or displayed at all. And that would exclude me anyway since I do not, and never will, have any social media accounts. I'm just gonna assume they're doing so well they don't need my business. Good for them.
  7. Do a lot of retailers not bother to check their email or reply to email anymore? In the past month I've run into this twice. Odd. Maybe they are just doing so great that there is no need for them to make the slightest attempt at effort. 🙃 But the guitars I was asking about are still there. And it's not like I have a pressing need for more guitars, so when they can't be bothered, I can't be bothered to pursue it further.
  8. The low fret thing is rather baffling. Was there some well-hidden yet massive clamoring for these that I totally missed? Very facepalm-inducing. Things I noticed about the LP Std - still with the asymmetric neck. Not a big fan of that. Locking Grovers. Ok I guess, seems kinda wrong though. Aluminum bridge and tailpiece. That's cool, not sure if that's new or just recent. Makes me wonder if some of this was already Henry's ideas in place before the BK, maybe they were only able to reign him in a little since then. Overall, not drooling over anything that seems like a must have. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars.aspx?ModelYear=2019
  9. Tortious

    DGS Photos

    Saw that pop back up a few days ago over there. First 2 replies asked for weight, never saw if he replied to them.
  10. Tortious

    Saw Great White Last Night

    Are there 2 different 'Great White's' now? Jack Russel's and this one?
  11. The bent (dropped/contoured etc.) top, often maple, in my case koa.
  12. Nice score, Polara. Anderson does make some amazing instruments. For anyone that doesn't know/remember, he was part of the original Schecter. Since we're playing 'show your Anderson', 97 Hollow Drop Top koa. Old style 4-bolt.
  13. That's pretty effin cool. You'll remember that one for the duration. How did the owner let it get to that state? Feel free to share as much as possible here. I'm allergic to facebook.
  14. Tortious

    Gibson Looking To Replace Juszkiewicz

    Really a stunning development. Lol. Still want to hear stories about Henry having to box up his shit and GTFO.