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  1. Gibson The Paul?

    The one in the auction linked in the op is a 98. They made a 'The Paul II' around 96, then changed it a bit and called it 'The Paul SL' in 98. It's basically a thin studio with a rosewood board and dot inlays. Not a lot of similarity to the original flat top walnut anchors from the late seventies, other than the name and the outline of the shape. Pretty sure these are all mahogany and nitro finished. The original:
  2. https://reverb.com/news/full-details-on-john-mayers-silver-sky-prs-guitar-revealed Intriguing. Let's hear some headstock bitching!
  3. CarMax Ad Guitar

    I'd like to see the case for that thing. Looks like an ESP headstock?
  4. I want to get it too. Have no use for it at all, and I can picture myself getting angry at the thought of having to change the strings. Still want it though.
  5. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    I do like this one... But, for $2k, they could have blacked out the headstock and done an inlaid pearl logo. And made an arched top. The pickguard is annoying too. Hopefully it will be trashed by the TGP types and Adorama will be dumping them for $1200 by October. I'd be all over that, even with the wrong scale length.
  6. Oh my. I do remember the Nightshaft. The wall mirrors. Ugh. I got our keyboard player there. I was dropping off cassette tapes to Fernando, she was bartending. Had a few drinks, started crushing cockroaches on the bar with an ashtray, and... I have some dim recollection of the Anchor too. If I was an asshole to you, I'm sorry. I was young, drunk, broke and angry. Not really a winning combination. Were you in bands around there in that era too?
  7. Temple of Switches

    Trippy. Was kinda hoping for that CRT TV to go out a window.
  8. Area Z and later the Presidential Targets. The whole mid-80's to early-90's era is quite foggy for me.
  9. I remember them! I think we opened for them at The Grotto in New Haven. They used to play the El & Gee? in New London a lot too, right? They were cool. On the big time stuff, The Pretenders. And Yes has been so successful at it, there's 2 bands with the name. Hell, even Asia had that going going for awhile.
  10. I wonder how much Henry would charge to make me one entirely out of Richlite™? I mean, c'mon, that would be like Harrison's rosewood Tele but a million times cooler!
  11. Dibs! Get crackin' on those pics!
  12. Wow, that's pretty bad. Sounds like a company that should be based in South Florida with that sort of 'service' and attitude.
  13. Sounds like you have the potential to make enough to buy 2 Vectors if you flip that V. I paid about $1600 for an A series around 20 years ago. Wasn't mint (but very nice), wrong case. Had an enormous neck. Sold it about 5 years later for not much more. Now? I hate to think about it, but shit happened.
  14. 30K Hamer

    Wow. Clearly worth it just for the extensive, detailed and super hi-res photography in the ad.