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  1. Yep, I had those same Nike Hightops! What does your shirt say? "Nuke the...?
  2. Headstock Shapes

    What's the one on the upper left? I like that one!
  3. Good luck with it! Nice bass! Mine's an '86- yellow ink stamp serial, in black with black hardware as well. Nice call on Michael Anthony Mathman. Funny coincidence but I was listening to an isolated backing track of "Beautiful Girls" just the other day and thought there was some cool bass work there. And, his killer high vocals were such a great part of the VH sound. Wolfie seems to do just fine but I still miss MA. That's a great recommendation Ed re. listening to backing tracks to zero in on what the bass and drums are doing! Or, you could just play old school metal with a lot of E and A pedal tones which are great especially on stage. That lets you look cool playing with only your right hand and leaves your left hand free to drink some iced tea in a Jack Daniels bottle or adjust the foil wrapped potato in your spandex. That's where the real sweet spot of bass playing lies!
  4. Excuse the slight thread hijack, but what's the best way to remove gold plating on guitar parts?
  5. New Schenk!

    One of my fav guitarists! I like the concept of the different singers but I think the song is weak myself. Hopefully the rest is better. IMHO!
  6. They also have these hollow body f-hole strat bodies for sale at USACG. I never noticed them before, so others may have them as well.
  7. Irrationalities

    Here's another... http://www.usacustomguitars.com/
  8. Doug Pinnick

    We'll said, and no offense to anyone. I love the way the Hamer fan club message threads meander a little bit... Kinda like people just thinking out loud in a way. It's all about letting your ideas stand on their own and not letting things get personal. I love King's X and all the guys' numerous solo projects. If the world were fair, and unicorns blew cotton candy out their bleached, but previously chocolate, starfish, they'd be richer in many ways, no matter the measure of success.
  9. Weren't the Epiphone Elitist LPs made by fugigen? If so, then the one I owned would indicate that they, and this guitar, are absolutely Gibson LP killers!
  10. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  11. My favorite pre tubes as well... Raytheon-made Baldwin's, black long plates. Those organs had some great USA glass in them! I always hope to find an organ (the musical kind) in Goodwill or similar place with a bunch of classic glass inside, but it's never happened...yet! YOu have to remember just how much high-tech (especially for the time anyway) that used these tubes...military, possibly some medical equipment? Anyway, these things were built to function and last about forever in the pre of a guitar amp.
  12. 2017 Bands

    How was Pat Boone? Did he play any metal tunes? I have a CD of metal covers that he did which I thought was cool. IE. Crazy Train done in kind of a big band lounge style.
  13. Chris was in Savatage. I got into TSO before I knew about Savatage. They really do put on a rocking show. We've seen them at least twice.
  14. I only kid because everyone around us played Peavey stuff back then (in CA)! It was all that was mainly available at the local mom and pop music stores back then. My first amp was a PV Classic 212 . So what did I upgrade to when I decided that I was playing in a garage metal band and "had to have" better gear? A PV Classic 212 VTX! It had the "saturation" knob and a phaser knob that could be pulled out to freeze the sound where it was, but I never used that feature. At least it had 6L6 power tubes going for it. Never broke down on me though. I often wonder what I would think of the tone nowadays after having some pretty awesome gear since then.