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    '89 Chap Custom w/ trans. red all-flame body, boomers etc., Black with cream binding '95 Duotone USA 3-hole with Bartolinis, Black '86 Cruise bass
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    Zinky MOFO Encore head and 2x12, Tech21 TM60
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    Z Airbrake (Trainwreck), Rocktron Multivalve rack FX unit, Fulldrive II - blue, Keeley RAT, modded Thomas Organ Cryaby wah, Guyatone St-2 compressor, Korg Dt-10, Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ, Rocktron Prorax Hush IIx, Nady 201VFH wireless.....

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  1. ZR

    I'm Not Worthy!!!!

    Those are awesome!
  2. It's funny that, at least in my case, we were all glued to the radio because it was the only game in town. Very similar to people back in the 40s or 30s and such just glued to the radio in the front parlor. I would love it when they would play an entire album or even a side. In some cases my whole listening experience to a band was just off of an album recorded from a late night FM radio show, or concerts, on my Panasonic am/fm radio, cassette tape recorder (nowadays a boom box) . One that I had awhile only had a mono speaker I believe. After that, I started concentrating on home stereo equipment.
  3. Great tune. I love the solo and arrangement! The whole album was good stuff with Good Girls Don't etc.
  4. We're with Verizon but I'm not sure it matters, but I have a desktop app that I can text from. So, I can also find and print out message threads as needed. I have done so with great success for use in court against non-paying tenants, I'm a landlord. Works great.
  5. ZR

    Saw Stryper Last Night

    I had a couple Stryper albums back in the day. I listened to all the regular nwobhm era type stuff with dark, evil lyrics (most of which is nothing by today's standards! ) But, as a Christian it was refreshing to sing metal tunes that I believed in. Saw them once in concert and it rocked quite well. Michael Sweet has a lot of talent and he seems to be a cool guy who works with people that agree with his views as well as others who don't. I think that's cool. Those guitar graphics are pretty cool even though that's not really my thing. Nice concert review as always!
  6. You mean all those bass solos we were subjected to in concerts weren't actually necessary? 😱😉
  7. ZR

    Weezer cover Toto

    Weezer is one of my fav bands, but not fond of their covers here. I thought they'd make it their own but it sounded like they tried too hard to mimic the originals (and fell short) instead of applying more of their garage band sound ethos to it.
  8. Anyone? I've seen it asked on other websites as well but without any definitive answers. Just curious.
  9. So, is HIS portion worth almost $400k per year or is that the total the songs bring in and then he gets a share of that?
  10. ZR

    Old ProCo RATs

    I have a versatile Keeley-modded RAT 2 (blue LED, switch in the back, LM 308N chip...all the cork sniffer crap). Basically like this... http://www.robertkeeley.com/manuals/rat_3_way_mod.pdf Good for a wide variety of things. My serial number is RT 147XXX and the date code on the CTS pots are dated 1990. http://webpages.charter.net/daosmun/Pot Date Codes.htm
  11. Would have made a great endorser for Hamer (if they had been more into marketing in the later years).Question: She's 25, Lance is 45 (NOT the guy to the left!), wonder if having a wife 20 years younger ever gets old? Answer: NO!
  12. I'm not into too many pedals but use a Fulldrive 2 (light blue kind) in the boost mode for more of a solo tone. I can take off the boost for more of an OD sound. I use a Keeley-modded RAT pedal for a more aggressive tone. It's hard not to get sucked into trying every single one but I've stuck to these for years now to supplement, especially, single note play. But, mainly just use the distortion of the Zinky MoFo Encore head for most everything.
  13. ZR

    Paul Gilbert

    I love PG as a guitarist and a seemingly genuine good person...humble when he practically doesn't deserve to be! Such a great guitarist without all the super ego, head choppin' bravado of some guitarists. I've never heard this before and it blew me away. I love his playing but I also like the songs and that is one helluva band. I did some research on the other players and was glad to see them playing with other greats. Thanks for sharing!