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  1. Chris was in Savatage. I got into TSO before I knew about Savatage. They really do put on a rocking show. We've seen them at least twice.
  2. I only kid because everyone around us played Peavey stuff back then (in CA)! It was all that was mainly available at the local mom and pop music stores back then. My first amp was a PV Classic 212 . So what did I upgrade to when I decided that I was playing in a garage metal band and "had to have" better gear? A PV Classic 212 VTX! It had the "saturation" knob and a phaser knob that could be pulled out to freeze the sound where it was, but I never used that feature. At least it had 6L6 power tubes going for it. Never broke down on me though. I often wonder what I would think of the tone nowadays after having some pretty awesome gear since then.
  3. What'd you get... the Peavey Bandit 112?
  4. I don't own a single one! Just haven't had any GAS for awhile now. Lucky for my wallet I guess!
  5. These things are awesome amps. GLWTS!
  6. I saw Dio during The Last in Line tour at a small fairground stage in CA with Whitesnake touring the "slide it In" album. Great show. Both singers could really sing and the double shotgun blast of Vivian Campbell and John Sykes was awesome!!
  7. Squirrel! A little off track but could you ask your dietitian daughter about essential oils that they're selling everywhere. I heard that they were called "essential" to make them sound like "essential fatty acids" or "essential amino acids" when that's not actually the case; they're called essential because they represent the "essence" of whatever the oil came from... essentially (ha!) marketing speak. I'll say that I do not know whether this stuff works or not. My wife thinks it's helping her with her indigestion/reflux at night. I just tend to think that it's another multi-level marketing gimmick like everything else that comes down the pike every few months, who's right? Also, this gluten thing... My sister says she has to eat everything gluten free. I'm not sure if the doctor told her that or if you take a test or whatever... I really don't know in her case. But, she refused to eat a 1/2" square piece of communion water at church because of the damage it could cause because it could possibly have gluten in it. Would that little amount really mess her up? Again, I'm gluten-ignorant. Anyone know?
  8. Carvin vs. Ibanez

    South Korean guitars are usually pretty awesome actually. Most people have had good things to say about the PRS SE line that was made there and some other brands too. Not sure if that helps at all as I know nothing about 7 stringers.
  9. Custom Cabinets

    Those are cool looking but reminded me of Crate amps when they first came out. Everything old is new again! Nice work on the cabs!! And, I LOVE your cool fireplace!
  10. Love me some Y&T! Yes, they are down to just one original member but at least it's the lead singer and lead guitarist, Dave Meniketti (and I believe main songwriter)! Even so, the last time they played around 20 miles from my house I didn't go because I wasn't sure how good they would be, and I saw some videos where another guitarist was playing some lead to give Dave a break, blasphemous! I was afraid seeing them like this would tarnish the awesome memories I had of them playing in California back in the early 80's. That's when Dave would be a great frontman, sing his ass off and play great rock solos all night long, Joey Alves pounding out guitar chords like a mad man, Phil Kennemore holding down the bass and Leonard Haze performed his mayhem on the drums...those were the days! I never saw a bad Y&T show and didn't want to possibly walk away disappointed from a show with the new lineup. I see they're coming around here (ATL) again and I might go... but still not for sure.
  11. Um, it's up to the CITY to offer the best deal to a franchise to either keep them there, or entice a franchise to their city because it's a revenue maker. Sometimes a city and a team won't agree (IE. San Diego) and the team moves on to the next city that really wants them. There are cities right now waiting and ready for an NFL team. Plus, once the stadium is built the city can use it to generate revenue for the city by hosting soccer, NCAA football championships, bowl games, Final Four basketball, Olympics, monster truck jams, concerts etc. My daughter graduated from a large school that had the commencement ceremony in a Dome. Cities and states do the same thing to attract employers with tax breaks etc.
  12. Favorite TV Theme Songs

    I love the Hawaii 5-0 theme as well. It has a special meaning to me. You see, our dad died when I was 5 and my sister was 13. It was pretty hard on us. My mom was always working to keep us afloat, so my sister would have to begrudgingly take me to her junior/senior high school band practices. I would sit in the band room and listen to them practice songs over and over again. My favorite? Hawaii 5-0! Man, I thought my sister was a rock star just for being a part of the massive sound bouncing off those walls! The soundwaves breaking over us like an angelic wave bringing sweet solace to us like nothing else could. Drowning our sorrow in a merciful symphony of sound. It's comforting to know that great warm memories can survive even your darkest days.
  13. Favorite TV Theme Songs

    I always particularly liked the intro in this version, which is less pronounced in the first season.
  14. Wow, not sure I ever saw an ASH Cali! looks nice, but I prefer boomers all the way.