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  1. Brooks

    Andy Timmons Ear X Tacy Tour

    I used to enjoy road trips, but now I drive an ambulance 40+ hours a week
  2. Brooks

    Andy Timmons Ear X Tacy Tour

    Damn, the Va gig is 5 hours away. Last time I saw Timmons was ~1989 in Denton Tx.
  3. Brooks

    Jazzmaster .... ???

    yeah try a GFS Lil Killer or Duncan Hot Rails in your strat
  4. Brooks

    Saw Not Ur Girlfrenz Last Night

    BFS came a few years after I got out from U of North Texas. my ex roomate casey diorio recorded them, and my pal eric delegard recorded a few of their albums in his studio off campus where I recorded some demos ~1990. I saw them on warped tour in the early 2000s
  5. Brooks

    RIP Vinnie Paul, age 54

    grew up in DFW at the same time, seen them a few dozen times in clubs and later arenas 85-99.
  6. Brooks


  7. Brooks

    Experience with Wedge Cabs

    I have used wedge 1x12 monitors, gutted the 12" PA spkr & tweeter and put a guitar spkr in, great for tight stages or rehearsal rooms
  8. Brooks

    NGD (NHC)

    do tell.
  9. Brooks

    NGD (NHC)

    There's a couple of things going on; super flat 20" radius (my Ibby Prestige RGA121 is 17", and my hollow Ibby is 14", Fenders are typically ~7 to ~9" IIRC); a wider upper fretboard yet the nut width is normal 1 & 11/16"; stainless steel jumbos that come to more of a point than the jumbos on my RGA. Not sure what exactly, maybe the combo of all these things, but it's effortless and addicting to play. The weight drove this purchase, as my back problems have been getting worse (I sold my Gibson Midtown because it was giving me pain on long gigs). 1st I got the hollow Ibby AG75 (super cheap and light, and has the lowest action of all my guitars), that was light enough and sounded pretty good (after I put an alnico GFS humbucker in the neck), but had bad upper fret access. My RGA is pretty light for a solid body, my rawk gigs are ~1 to 1.5 hours, but it is too stratty for the jazz gigs. Then I came into a little money and started looking for a guitar that could do it all.
  10. Brooks

    NGD (NHC)

    The Kiesel has landed! Kiesel HH2 w/ maple neck & semi-hollow alder body, quilted maple top, 20" radius ebony fretboard w/ jumbo stainless steel frets, Holdsworth humbuckers w/ coil tap (will prolly swap the pups at some point). 5 lbs!! Plays AMAZING.
  11. Brooks

    Tech 21 Trademark 10

    the quilter I got is useable straight in for a backup (sounds slightly better than a powerblock), I bet w/ a flyrig in front it would be pretty decent
  12. Brooks

    Tech 21 Trademark 10

    saw kings x last weekend, dug is using his signature tech21 bass rig which sounds massive. i picked up a quilter 101 mini head as a backup, I'd like to add a flyrig for a super lightweight gig setup
  13. Brooks

    Tech 21 Trademark 10

    the fact that that dude had to ASK if it had tubes should negate his disapproval