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  1. Paul Gilbert

    Marco Minneman for the win
  2. Deal Breakers

    Love both of those. Don't like the ballads. I've done Stone In Love in 2 recent bands, great rawk tune, great harmonies, great guitar solo
  3. different direction, went into it here; http://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/82214-cheap-ish-18-30-watt-combos-and-maybe-heads/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-942899
  4. I have owned and/or gigged the following; Mesa Mini Recto - very nice; ch 1 had ok clean to great mid gain tones, ch2 had great mid to high gain tones, EQ each channel, & FX loop (not footswitchable); Orange Tiny Terror - nice mid gain tones, no real clean tone, a single knob EQ, one channel, FX loop?? (I dunno, it was a last second gig loaner)... sounds good but not very flexible; Orange Micro Dark Terror- an "aquired taste" for heavy tones (not Marshally but mayby cool for "stoner rock"), no clean tone, more EQ than the TT, FX loop not footswitchable, not very flexible; Peavey 6505 mini - good mid to heavy tones & ok clean tone in ch 1, ch 2 too much gain and thin, shared EQ, FX loop (footswitchable), more flexible; Peavey Classic 20 head - very nice; GREAT clean tone (in ch 1), very good mid gain to somewhat marshally high gain tones in ch 2, shared EQ, FX loop (also footswitchable); I kept this one because ch1/ch2 clean/crunch was footswitchable and I really like their tones, and then the footswitchable FX loop acts as a 3rd channel (I stick a Zoom G2 multi FX in the loop set w/ a vol/EQ boost and slapback delay, plus I use the pitch shifter on a few RATM tunes we cover). Wish it was black instead of tweed covered, but not a deal breaker. Pairs up nicely w/ an oversized mesa 112 w/ a V30. I stuck an old school pointy Peavey logo badge on it for nostalgia sake.
  5. me too; just now I went to the photobucket pic, did a screen grab, saved it on my computer then used HFCs choose file paperclip thingy for my post above
  6. Mahogany Jap made Ibby S540LTD Saber, Tomato red w/ a dime sized chunk missing in the finish & in pretty bad need of a setup, in a pawn shop at the beach, $75. I added EMGs, Stike put the blue sparkle on it. Neck was too thin even for me and I like Wizard necks. But a real nice shredder.
  7. New Beer Day

    Geoff still waiting for that duotone family pic, bro
  8. New Guitar

  9. Songs that change genres while being played

    @ 6:37 is a pretty drastic change;
  10. he sold baker guitars, and keith roscoe needed someone who could program a CNC machine
  11. Met Gene Baker today, got a factory tour; https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/met-gene-baker-got-a-roscoe-b3-guitars-factory-tour.1925096/
  12. Mesa 1x12 cab question

    Picked this up this week, sounds real good, good bass and nice crunch.
  13. Ibby Prestige RGA121, best guitar I've owned
  14. We've made the death list kids.

    Add moderate booze consumption and monogamous sex and that's all I got left too, ha
  15. Trying to remember the last arena show I saw. Maybe Van Halen in 2012. I like theaters or big clubs, I've seen Scofield, Aristocrats, Kings X, and Clutch/Wino the last couple years.