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  1. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    yeah, we lost, haha
  2. huh, I've never noticed anything like fret ends popping out due to relative humidity, but i've always kept my guitars in the same environment that I live in. i do tweak the truss rods maybe twice a year.
  3. What's Spinnin' ..

    new Sasquatch; new COC; Just watched a documentary on these guys, didn't know they were proggy on their earlier stuff (radio DJs 1st edited this 12 minute suite into the 3 minute tune we hear today on greatest hits albums), the horns remind me of my old band;
  4. i assume you guys w/ humidifiers have high end acoustics or ???
  5. Tony has some great coked up eye rolls in the concert film Black n Blue
  6. Expanding My Musical Vocab

    yeah if you bought EH organ, synth, & piano pedals it would cost more than a synth
  7. Expanding My Musical Vocab

    I got a B9 organ pedal when I replaced a keyboardist for some gigs, it tracks better than the roland guitar synth I had
  8. 2017 Challenge

    after the holidays now its 15lbs
  9. Anyone into Joe Jackson?

    I have several tunes from Look Sharp on my iPod (my highest endorsement).
  10. That British Thing...

    I was gonna post something along the lines of... when discussing american VS british; besides 6L6 VS EL34, I personally tend to think open back 1x12 jensen VS sealed 4x12 celestions
  11. Brooks rocks.... that is all

    great to see ya steve! wish haynie coulda made it, hopefully we will be back soon. time goes by so fast, crazy.
  12. Peavey classic 20 head w/ Vox multi FX in loop (boost & delay for solos) run thru 2nd bands Laney 4x12, sounded good. How's my Duotone treating ya?
  13. Great to see long lost HFCers Jack & Rockola Steve last night!! Also saw ex-Candy Pig cohort Jimmy & his wife. Good times!!! Jack & me (Steve was busy w/ his harem);