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  1. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Wow! That is amazing - so can we order the CM Sig model in green? Or is it the NS model? Either way, damn... Why is it every time I check this forum I keep having to forklift my jaw off the floor?
  2. http://www.samash.com/2020-westbury-flame-top-electric-guitar-s2020tsxx-p same price for the flametop version in tobacco sunburst. I'minsellingmodeanddonotneedanotherguitarI'minsellingmodeanddonotneedanotherguitarI'minsellingmodeanddonotneedanotherguitar...
  3. Any interest in trades? There's an Artist Custom and Nightwolf's Hayseed 30 (I think it's the first one Rob made) gathering dust around here, and maybe some other things that might be available. You could always stop by and we could run the racks in the basement to see if anything suits you lol.
  4. well, i never sell anything so maybe i'm not the most reliable witness lol. if you miss the amp and can get it back for half the money and then dump the randall to cover some more of the cost that makes it easier to justify. if it doesn't wreck the household finances and makes you happy (especially if that would be your only big iron) I'd say go for it.
  5. Wow that's a nice one. Those have been on my short list since they first shipped, but my gear budget right now is on the endangered species list lol. GLWTS!
  6. Leo's New Guitar

    A hollow body shredder with a tele headstock and the frog hole? Nice. I found his cover of Adele's "Hello", then burned several hours watching his other covers on YouTube. There are some pretty good ones up there.
  7. The alder/ebony white Jems looked interesting; I never found one to try in person but that would have been one of the better options. I once played an early 90's ibanez RG that had a mahogany body with a flametop cap in purple, and that was a great sounding guitar that I should have bought (the shop where it was pissed me off, and didn't go back for 5 years or so). I had an early Washburn N4 with the Stephens cutaway that was oiled alder with an ebony fingerboard. It sounded decent but felt really good to play although I could never quite get the setup dialed in where I wanted. It lives with Darc now because it worked better for him than me. I'd like to see what Jeff could whip up in the 'clone with tone' category. That would be a build worth watching.
  8. The set-neck Cali's are a little harder to find than the bolt-on versions; I'd guess it's because 1) Hamer didn't make as many, or 2) folks who find them don't give them up, or 3) both reasons. AFAIK Hamer didn't make any neck-thru Cali's (I think the only neck-thru Hamers made might have been a couple of 5-string Impact basses iirc, but I'd defer to other folks who might know more on that topic).
  9. I have to agree with just about every point you made comparing Cali's to the Jem's; the only thing better about the Ibanez was the marketing and the fact that they signed just about everybody in that era lol. Even my dot-neck mahogany board Cali's were better in just about every category than any Ibanez (save one) that I ever played. Don't know why I still just prefer the Ibanez, other than it is what I am used to. Then again, I prefer my Jackon RR-1 to every setneck Cali I've ever owned or played (3 or 4 so far) so maybe I'm just not a Cali guy lol.
  10. Nice - I had #99 out of the original run but sold it to fund the house. Got to keep a couple others though including an original multicolor UV7. I played Jems long before I discovered California's, and still prefer the Jems even though the Cali's are so much better (then again, I prefer teles over everything so what do I know lol). Cool score!
  11. That answers a whole bunch of questions nobody was bothering to ask lol.
  12. Apologies, Gtrdudes. The T51 is on hold pending pickup. Thanks all for your interest.
  13. one person has passed on it (due to a happy surprise gift), and one local is ahead of you but you are next if they decline.
  14. Local pickup is in Hartford, CT. I am waiting on an inquiry from Washington State though. Thanks, stonge.
  15. Email replied to with photos. Thanks for your inquiry.