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  1. stonge

    Ampeg is now a brand of Yamaha

    My 'Madison square basement' bass rig is a Markbass Little Mark 800 (6 lbs, fits in my backpack) into a SVT 8-10 (135 lbs, does not fit in backpack). Only problem is the 8 ohm jack on the cab is broken so I use the 4 ohm jack but the Mark delivers 750 watts at 4 ohms so I can't turn it up past 3. The B12L sure sounds nice though. The other immovable item in the basement is an early Ampeg VT-22 with a pair of reconed Altec 417s. Non master volume but it sounds great about 3/4 of full volume when it sounds about as loud as a jet taking off (weighs about the same too). Whoever buys the house someday will likely get both items because I'm not hauling them back upstairs lol.
  2. I just sold one of those in the black/gold iridescent finish; I'm not sure if it was an official model name but I've heard them called Chap Elite 90 as those h/s/h trembucker models were built in 1990. That seems like a fair price imho.
  3. 25th Anniversary Archtop Custom Archtop GT P90 Artist wraptail Artist Custom Artist Korina P90 Artist Korina (humbuckers) Artist Ultimate B12S B12L Blades Bass (B4S?) lefty Blitz (3x3 and 6 in-line) Blitzbass Californian Californian Elite Californian Custom Centaura Centaura Deluxe Chap bass Chap 5 bass Chap setneck (3 switches) Chap bolt-on Chap Elite 90 Chap Sustainiac Cruisebass (1st gen) Cruisebass 2Tek (fretted and fretless) Diablo Daytona Duotone Eclipse FM Special Impact bass Korina Jr Miller High Life Monaco Newport Newport 12 BE Phantom Phantom A5 Phantom Custom Phantom Custom sustainblock Prototype Rick Nielsen sig Standard Standard B8S Special SS-1 (Nancy Wilson) Sunburst T-51 Triple Threat Vector Vintage S Virtuoso I might have forgotten a couple. The bigger question is how many do I still have (or can I find lol). This board has been a bad influence lol... (thanks Ted)
  4. I've only had it a few years, but it's a lot older than that. My "sunday morning drinking coffee in the front room playing music" guitar. '46 L7.
  5. stonge

    More fun with selling gear.

    "Darwin miscalculated..."
  6. stonge

    Mini reunion of HFCers

    it was cool seeing everyone; Darc and I got lost in gear at his place and showed up after lunch. Better stuff at his house than the show lol.
  7. stonge

    Finish fading

    Hamer green seems to be prone to fading (I've seen a few early ones that did that). I keep mine out of direct sunlight just in case. Ron's Guitars in Groton hung a new SS1 in screaming pink in the front window of store, where it promptly faded out.
  8. prices (asking and paying) seem to have gone up in the last year or two. the made-in-Mexico Brad Paisley tele is priced above that Vector and even the Indonesian shredders (Jackson etc) are street priced for $900 and up. Imagine how much that Vector would cost if Henry J. sold it. as much as we wish we could find them, the days of $350 USA Hamers is pretty much over. The Hamer imports sell for that now. Kills me to think that I'll have to sell at least 3 Hamer shredders (Diablo and 2 Centauras) to get a new USA Jackson SL2T Soloist, or basically swap a clean Artist Custom for that MIM BP tele. Hamers are still a deal imho.
  9. I might try breaking out the 8 string at the next band practice; we're playing "progressive irish" and I might just tell the boys it's just a large bouzuki lol...
  10. green, you say? maybe...
  11. stonge

    I think I am close to the end.

    "Well, when you ask it THAT way..." "Oh, were you asking about guitars? My bad..."
  12. I use a Fret Guru 2 setup gauge: [ https://www.amazon.com/FretGuru-Precision-Evaluation-guitarist-ADVANCED/dp/B00HG29EYI/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1517678417&sr=8-10&keywords=guitar+setup+tool ] It can be used for a lot of different things like looking for uneven frets, but I just use it for setting string height over the fingerboard and pickup height. it's pretty easy to see the height even with my aging eyes. I usually tweak the high strings a little lower to make them easier to play. I tried using those cutout radius gauges from the Earlewine book, but all I managed to do was get the strings on the correct radius somewhat unevenly over the fretboard lol. The radius of the strings isn't the same as the string height over the fretboard lol - imagine two straight lines in parallel at a given constant height. Tip the top one a little, and it's still a straight line but now one end is higher than the other. Same thing with a radius gauge - I can get those crooked pretty easily lol. --edited to add Murkat's right - ultimately it's what you want the guitar to play like (and a little of what the guitar can do too without professional help lol). My shredders are set up lower than I prefer my telecasters and strats. Different tools for different jobs.
  13. stonge

    The 'new' Gibson Flying V at CES

    Henry has to be the most prolific turdmonger in the history of musical instrument design. You'd think that after swinging and missing that many times someone would take the bat (or crayons) away from him but nooo...