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  1. Oh baby oh! Nice one. Cheers!
  2. Brother I feel your pain. Be well my friend. Cheers!
  3. Just how do guitars like this sit so long? This model is REALLY cool if you like to tinker with your tones. I have one of them and love playing through all the settings. Very unique indeed. If I wasn't a bum now I would be all over it. Cheers and good luck with the sale.
  4. As much as it sucks to lose Night fire I am very glad it is going back to the man who dreamt it up. Cheers!
  5. Thanks guys. Yeah, never in a million years thought it would come to this. Even my Harley is for sale. If you know me, you know the world is ending with that alone. Day by day ya'll! Cheers? Someone buy this thing already!
  6. Well as much as it seriously pains me it has gotten bad enough that I have to put "Nightfire" up for sale. Medical bills are piling up and the cupboards are bare. So, here it is.... Yeah, its a lot of money but it is a one of a kind and arguably one of the nicest custom Hamers ever and the only one I am aware of with abalone victory inlays. I am asking 5k Shipped and insured. Here are a couple of photos to start the drooling process. For a lot more information, photos and build info please visit http://www.hamerguitaraddict.com/the--nightfire--talladega.html I wasn't able to post the full resolution photos here. IF you want any other information or photos please let me know. Cheers! Nightfire is only posted here for now. I will give it as long as I can and then it will go to Reverb. I would greatly prefer it stayed in the family. In respect of our soldiers and Memorial Day I will discount $200 for active or retired military folks. Thank you for your service! Cheers!