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  1. Sounds like you're still digging it. You using the ADA foot controller or another MIDI controller? I was thinking about getting one of the ADAs but recently picked up a Helix.
  2. I've never used one of those. You have any tone samples you can share?
  3. Hamer Family Photo

    Cool story on both accounts. I have a Korina Artist I just got about a year ago. It was not free, but definitely worth the money.
  4. Hamer Family Photo

    Cool collection. It kind of looks like you had an open spot and bought the Futura because it fit the best.
  5. That's awesome. The HM-2 was another item I got rid of recently.
  6. That's great! Living the dream.
  7. Very cool. Nice mix on there. But, dude, you need to get the roof fixed.
  8. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    Oh, it makes perfect sense but it's sad that it's not the norm everywhere.
  9. That would be logical.......practial.
  10. I was watching a couple of videos - one where a guy had a rack full of old preamps and effects from the 80s and 90s from the ADA MP-1 to the Peavey Rockmaster etc. and another on Premier Guitar of Mutoid Man and the guy was using an 80s Aria V and a Sunn amp. All this stuff is out of fashion and outdated but they were getting cool sounds from all of it. It got me curious as to what everyone's oldest piece of gear is that you actually use - guitar or amp or effects. For me it's my Peavey T-60 with Duncan 59s. Still sounds good and full especially with the Duncans in it. I recently got rid of an MXR Distortion II from like 1982. I hadn't used it in a long time but it's a cool tone.
  11. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    That just means the frets are exactly right.
  12. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    That's some good praise there! Curse all you giving me more guitars to pine for! Those look cool. Looks like where EBMM got their Axis inspiration when Eddie left them. It's tough for me to pick one. They each have different qualities and sort of point me in different directions when I play them. Artist points me down a different road than Les Paul etc. Maybe that's just my own limitations.