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  1. C'mon, that's just a headstock.
  2. TRADED AWAY......on the thin ice of a new day?
  3. scottcald


    I wonder if that guitar is what injured Clapton so he can't play anymore?
  4. scottcald

    Hamer Dimarzio Pups

    The problem was how to get people to buy something you already sold them.
  5. scottcald

    RIP Fender MIM

    They should've looked at this: https://sba.thehartford.com/business-management/60-business-buzzwords-to-delete-from-your-vocabulary/
  6. scottcald


    The intoxicant is that photo I'm assuming.
  7. scottcald

    Duncan Everything Axe Set

    OK, you got me there.
  8. scottcald

    Duncan Everything Axe Set

    You can always go back to it. Two solder points isn't so bad.
  9. Damn, that's in great shape! I'm sure it won't take long to sell.
  10. scottcald

    Shishkov #90

    Maybe a half Floyd/half Bigsby bridge? Wonderbar? Richlite fingerboard? 😀
  11. scottcald

    Quality recording time with 0006

    Good to know, I'd read good things about them.
  12. scottcald

    Duncan Everything Axe Set

    That sounds pretty sweet! I hadn't considered these before, but I would now.
  13. scottcald

    Quality recording time with 0006

    Good to hear about it, if not hearing it yet. What ribbon mic are you using?
  14. Looks cool, congrats, Jeff! Is the strap button placement at a good balance point or just an odd choice?