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  1. 1979 Hamer Suburst - Assistance Identifying

    Others who are more adept will give you some valuation, but welcome! Sorry for your loss, but what a great gift to remember your friend.
  2. Wow, you might not know this wasn't professionally produced..........unless you have sight.
  3. Why not? It's only......

    I loved Viv's Dio stuff. I kept on through Hysteria. I was getting interested in recording and the songs were put together well and the production was pretty amazing. I also dug the fact that Rick Allen came back against a lot of odds to play again. That was pretty cool.
  4. Thanks guys. Good to know he was included in the Hamer goodness. I completely have no recollection of him with a Hamer. But, back then I only really paid attention to the guitar.
  5. Nice. thanks for posting. Looking at the 80s video made me wonder: Was Ian Hill not interested in playing a Hamer?
  6. I feel it will work out. Sucks though that they are less than helpful. Looking forward to seeing pics or video of you playing it.
  7. Every new band needs a gimmick.

    I just couldn't stop laughing at this.
  8. I've got it bad. :(

    Wouldn't that be SAS?
  9. Anyone heard of these guys?

    I like the song. What's with the double neck mania? Is that their gimmick? In the YT comments someone asked why the vocalist didn't have two mics. Interesting to me that Sheehan isn't doing any singing. I know he's done a bunch in past projects.
  10. NGD--ES Les Paul Studio

    338, 339, whatever it takes.
  11. Surprised they didn't announce and hail it as the first Gibson Les Paul made in China.
  12. You get beaten with Washburns as a kid?
  13. I don't dislike the guy. I don't care where something is made as long as it's good. If I see one around, I may try it out, but I may wait until he has his next company, "No, Really, It's Actually Me This Time, Dean. I'm Over Here Now, Not the Other Companies with My Name." You know, since he's already had a brand or two or three with his name.
  14. Diary from a Time Machine

    Just a still of the any frame of this on the front of the box, and you're all set!