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  1. Michael_B

    What's Spinnin' ..

    I've heard lots of covers of this tune, and never a bad one. Moments ago, I heard Roger Creager cover it. It's an indestructable classic.
  2. I recently got my first tube amp (Friedman Runt 20). I find I still use my Mustang III, more often. It sounds almost as good, at the volumes that I play, and it was ~1/4 the cost. As you mentioned, no need for investing in pedals or attenuator. BIAS F/X through an audio interface, is worth checking out with their free trial. I miss the Helix; that was best that I've used.
  3. Michael_B

    Tally Wiring Pic, Please.

    I think it means the guy at Seymour Duncan wasn't as familiar with Double-D pickups, as he thought he was. He said the problem would be that the ground and the shield were wound together; I imagined something exotic. I didn't think to check the actual pick-ups that I have before asking for pics.
  4. Very nice guitar that I picked up to round out a trade. Despite the claims of the marketing blurb (below), it absolutely smashes funk, while also being able to muster a pretty warm tone. It seems to be, a great all around guitar that covers a lot of terrain, while still having it's own, generally bright, voice. Body shape is evocative of a Tele. Marketing Info: Reverend Guitars and Railhammer Pickups have joined forces with guitarist extraordinaire Reeves Gabrels from The Cure. Loaded with the revolutionary Railhammer Chisel bridge and neck pickups, this versatile solidbody can cover everything from high-gain shred to avant-garde rock to heavy blues. Unique features include: toggle-style switch that can be rotated to different angles, up-route underneath the tremolo for extra travel, and push-pull phase switch (in the tone control) to push the sonic boundaries. A traditional-meets-modern powerhouse! RAILHAMMER PICKUPS - Rails under the wound strings for tight lows. Poles under the plain strings for fat highs. This revolutionary design from Reverend founder Joe Naylor delivers exceptional clarity and punch, that will get you heard loud and clear! ROASTED MAPLE NECK - Roasted Maple is heat treated at over 300° F to remove sugars, moisture, and impurities. This maple is lighter, more stable, and has a beautiful caramel color. The result is an exceptional maple neck that will require less seasonal adjustment, and boasts a rich vintage look! KORINA BODY - Korina (aka White Limba) is a medium-light weight wood, highly prized for consistency and tonal qualities. Often found in boutique and vintage instruments, all Reverends feature Korina bodies. A highly resonant wood, Korina is a key factor to producing our lively, responsive instruments that are rich in harmonics. BASS CONTOUR - This passive bass roll-off is great for tightening up the low end, or re-voicing the pickups. It can make a humbucker sound like a single-coil, or give a P-90 that classic twang. Variable pickup voicing at your fingertips! ANGLED NECK HEEL - All Reverend solidbody guitars in the Bolt-On series feature a low profile, angled neck heel. This improves comfort and hand access when you’re reaching for those high notes! PIN-LOCK TUNERS - A thumbwheel under the tuner pushes a steel pin up through the post, locking the string in place for exceptional tuning stability and super-fast string changes. MORE MARKETING INFO Since I'm still trying to keep my collection small and distilled, I have no place for it. Asking: $1150 w/ free shipping to Lower 48.
  5. Michael_B

    Tally Wiring Pic, Please.

    Thanks, @Montelovesco
  6. I called SD to get wiring instructions for the Double-D pickups with a 4-way switch, for my Tele-Dega. They told me that it can't be done. If someone with a Tally would send me a pic of the guitar's wiring, I'd appreciate it.
  7. Michael_B

    Worth $10K

    This $10k Hamer has been hanging around the (very) outside of the market for ten years.
  8. It looks like HFC came through, already. Thanks for the offer, though.
  9. I stumbled into a trade for a Friedman Runt 20 head. This will be my first tube amp and I've been blissfully ignorant, until now. It's my understanding that I'll want an attenuator, since I live in an apartment. I've seen Dr. Z airbrake and Suhr reactive load attenuators in the $300 ballpark. I'd welcome thoughts on a good value, transparent attenuator. I'll probably want to get a multi-effects board. Any recommendations on good value xFX boards would be welcome. The counter-trader threw in a 1x12 Egnator cab with Celestion Creamback, which he valued at $100. So, I may be looking for a "better" cab. I haven't completed the trade. It's pending ATF approval of transfering my trade bait. While getting into tube amps is at odds with my drive to declutter my life, better guitar stuff than little used guns. BTW, if anyone else wants to take me to the cleaners on a guns for guitar gear trade, shoot me a PM.
  10. It's a beauty. I've always been intrigued by the Phantom. Sadly, it's just not the right time/place for me, right now. I'm already envious of the ultimate buyer and, herewith, call "dibs".
  11. I believe you're right. I figured that there was a decent chance an HFCer had one collecting dust.
  12. If anyone has one, I've a wild-hare idea to build a Tele with a 2Tek and Double-D pickups. Kind of a poor-man's Tally, I suppose.
  13. The guitar set-up guy that I visit in Colorado Springs is a 63-year old, long-time jazz performer and long-time guitar tech. He's told me, pridefully, that he's not a guitar-hound, still playing the same guitar that he's had for 35 years. Yesterday, upon returning a NEWPRO to me, he asked to buy it. He lavished praise on the guitar... and on the other Hamers that I have brought to him. It was a fun and gratifying experience to see this guy, who's always been cool towards guitars, show such enthusiasm and appreciation for Hamer. My plans to "walk the earth" have been postponed, due to divorce delays. I committed the NEWPRO to him, when that time comes. I'm very happy to get it into his hands and convert an old-dog into a Hamer enthusiast.
  14. Michael_B

    Guitars That Catch Your Eye

    Don stole that Embrace; I had been the only other watcher on eBay. I love the embrace, too. Don's Junico, which had been briefly been in my hands, was one of my favorites. Alas, my guitars gotta go.
  15. Michael_B

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    Beautiful, Don. Enjoy it for many years, in excellent health and with wonderful people.