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  1. If anyone spare Newport-size, Hamer case that they would part with, please let me know. Otherwise, I'd welcome recommendations for other cases that might fit.
  2. What's Spinnin' ..

    The guitar was so fine, I had to look it up. George Benson.
  3. After my Artist P-90 (with low-wind Fralins), my #1 would be my EJ Strat. The stock pickups are just the sound that I'm looking for and the neck is outstanding. I picked up an Music Man Albert Lee HH, shortly before hitting the road for the past 2 months, and brought it with me. After surviving a truck roll-over with me, and a few hours in deep sub-freezing temps, it's fast become a favorite. The waxed, rosewood neck is sublime, the smaller body/lighter weight feels great, I love the esthetics and the five-way switch, which splits the humbuckers, give it a bit of added tonal versatility. I'm not thrilled with the stock pickups, which run a little hot and dark, for my tastes. I like the guitar enough that I'm kicking around the idea of getting one in SSS. Having that EJ , I'm not sure what I'd be hoping to accomplish. Let me ask the experts here, is there any reason to own more than one SSS guitar?
  4. I believe, in that video, she uses GarageBand for vocal parts and then sings/plays uke live into her phone/camera. She's still dipping a toe into GarageBand. I believe her mic is a low-end Blue. I'm haunted by this vague feeling that I should know because I may have bought it for her. Damn, I'm so forgetful @Ting Ho Dung.
  5. Me, too. I've known her since she was 8 and I am incredibly proud of her. Which is strange, since I have no reason to feel pride in her accomplishments. She's a beautiful and sensitive person with low self-esteem. That she's putting herself on YouTube where her school peers (or others) can tear into her, is such a huge step for her.
  6. The 16-year old daughter of my close friend and HFC lurker, @Stella, is starting to come out of her shell as a musician. Like a lot of teenagers, she struggles with self-esteem concerns and her launching of a youtube channel is a big step for her (risking the viciousness of YouTube critics). I'm very proud of her. She green-lit me to offer her voice to HFC members that might want a female vocal on their recordings. She seemed jazzed by the idea but, at the same time, putting herself out there like that is a bit of a personality stretch (self-confidence)... I suppose that's my way of forewarning that it's possible that she doesn't come through. Here's a sample of an original song of hers, which does a decent job highlighting her voice and harmony abilities. I think recording vocals for others could be a great confidence boost for her and I think it's possible that her vocal tracks could benefit some members' work. If you're interested, just reach out to @Stella.
  7. I was watching Rick Beato break down what makes "Every Little Thing You Do is Magic" a great song. I was curious what tool he used to highlight certain tracks, and learned that multi-track files ("stems") for many popular songs are available on the Net. Since I found this "discovery" interesting, I thought I'd share it.
  8. https://westernmass.craigslist.org/msg/d/hamer-artist-made-in-usa/6446914801.html
  9. I got, literally, nothing. I'd like to live vicariously, what were some of the high points of your Christmas haul?
  10. Looking ahead to 2018.

    I've been obsessing about getting a Baja Tele, due to the fat neck feature; the switching seems pretty cool, too. Unfortunately, the time's not right for me, but GC had them, as recently as yesterday, for $680.
  11. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, everyone. I look forward to hearing about the cool gifts given and received.
  12. Speaking Of Yamaha THR's...

    I'd like my workstation to be that neat.
  13. Well done video. The band sounds great. And the guitar sounds fantastic.
  14. https://billings.craigslist.org/msg/d/hamer-cruse-base/6424685000.html
  15. NPD- Gravelins!!!

    On my Strats, I've installed common shielded wire connectors at the wire-ends, so that I'd have solderless pick-up swapping. I haven't noticed any difference in sound. Is there a good reason not to do that?