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  1. JGravelin

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    The more I think about it: a Jack Casady-esque shape, 32' scale, 12" radius rosewood fb, chambered mahogany with 'hog top, two Thunderbird pickups - or even a single one in the middle, and a nice tobacco burst or black would be truly outstanding. Mike, please send the prototype asap!! 😎
  2. JGravelin

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    Oh, Electronics. East preamps for those that want active battery-powered tone shaping onboard because that's the best stuff out there, period. For purist guys like me tho, I'll stick with 250/500k pots passive because that's how I roll.
  3. JGravelin

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    Mike and I have discussed this a few times. Single cut shape but sized up about 2" or so all the way around, 32" scale (or 30.5" if it's for me!), 1.65" at the nut (1.75" if it's for me) - pickups could be anything. I can definitely see Single Coil P, Dual Coil P, or Jazz bass pickups working here. I'm getting my stuff straight with Thunderbird pickups now (finding the right parts for this has been a pain) and am doing investigative work on having some custom, solid top/no holes P90 covers made specific for bass pickups for a custom bass builder so those could soon be an option too. If it's a double cutaway, some Shishkov'd variation on the Epiphone Jack Casady/LP bass would would fit in with the Shishkov style perfectly! Those Hamer DC basses are cool but for a tall fella like me, they look stupid when I wear them so that body shape gets a thumbs down. An "Ultimate" bass tho: 34" scale. Please. And thank you. Tuners: Hipshot or Schaller Bridge: Hipshot or Babicz. Side-to-side string spacing adjustment is a must. My .02
  4. JGravelin

    Pickups repair

    You guys are the best! Thanks for the recommendations and positive feedback on my work. I've rewound, fixed, and/or refurbished at least 100 DiMarzio Super Ds, PAFs, and Dual Sounds over the years and know those pickups inside and out right down to the coil turn counts. I only rewind if absolutely necessary and in many cases have been able to resurrect old, non-working pickups by reflowing soldered connections and/or reattaching in coil wire leads internally. If I can preserve the originality and historic value of the pickup while saving the customer money ..I'm all for it. Larry DiMarzio made some fantastic pickups and still does. It's an honor for me to keep those great sounding old ones out in the world and rocking forth! Last year there was a Super Distortion that landed on my bench and one of the coils did not work - a broken 'start' lead wire connection. I couldn't save it, had to rewind, and in disassembling the pickup I found an interesting choice in 'parts' inside: a purposefully shaped/ground down steel NAIL. You can see in the background in this photo, upper left. I laughed!! Sometimes we gotta work with what we have, right? Great talking to you JustKid. I'm glad to assist in any way I can.
  5. I'd keep it if I didn't have a bass amplifier in dire need of repair: transformer replacement, new caps, and a new quad set of 6L6s...it all adds up quick. This lapsteel is a real beauty in all respects and I would really like to 'keep it in the family' and sell it here on the HFC.
  6. This is a super rare bird which I purchased from the original owner 6 years ago. There's essentially zero information on these on the internet but from what I have been able to dig up, these were made by Regal and in very low numbers as a specialty, premium off-brand model. I have no idea what the body and neck woods are but am certain it's got a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and a funky piece of it at that! Dyed Pear bridge with a thin brass saddle, just like the Regals. The backstory: the old feller I bought it from played this instrument daily for years and years and it never left the house. Beyond the lovely natural playing wear on the back of the neck and top and some light scuffs and scratches as one would expect from an 80 year old instrument, the only 'flaw' i see is a 6" long mild crack on the back. According to him, the top started to separate in a couple of spot and he glued them back himself in the late 70s. I thought about gluing that crack on the back myself but since the guitar doesn't rattle or buzz because of it, I chose to simply leave it alone. If you want to work some wood glue into the crack, go for it but as is the instrument is stable and has a throaty, rich, complex, and remarkable tone. The only modifications I've made to it were to install a new set of Med. gauge bronze acoustic guitar strings. It's tuned to open E right now but the neck is solid and it will handle a heavier gauge tuned to open D just fine. Beyond that I've not cleaned, polished, or modded this guitar in any way. All original. This isn't one for touring with due to it's age and rarity, but for light gigging and session work you'd be hard-pressed to find a more authentic and beautiful sound. Aim a ribbon mic or condenser at it and make gold records. The guitar comes with the original case. I'm sure some of the dust on it is as old as the guitar. $400.00 + actual shipping/insurance costs to where ever you are in the USA. I will not ship overseas due to CITES. Sorry. If you have questions or would like to see higher resolution photos, please get in touch. Thank you!
  7. A wolfie with a floyd no less! I heard that EB has a headless 7 string fanned fret Jack White model in the works. With a Kahler!
  8. JGravelin

    Sunburst Pickup Tweak?

    " If you're handy with a soldering iron,, you could replace the tone control with a 1 Meg pot and/or experiment with different values for the capacitor. " - good idea, aknapp. And to take it a step further, the one place that manufacturers will skimp - especially on import guitars - is with the quality of the electronics. Upgrading to brass shaft CTS Vintage Taper 500k pots, a .022uF cap, and 50s wiring would be my first move.
  9. JGravelin

    #81, a different but cool build

    PTM, here's a little something to whet your whistle.
  10. JGravelin

    Which USA Hamer should I get?

    Those Special FMs are golden. I had a '94 for a number of years: perfect neck, killer tone straight up ...never should have sold it. Regerts!
  11. JGravelin

    Sunburst Pickup Tweak?

    Lowering the pickup height and raising the screw poles up so that about 1/2 of the head is exposed above the bobbin could very well get you where you're wanting to go. Another option: there's a couple different grades of steel commonly used as pole screws, one of which will definitely lend some extended treble response and 'zing' to things. Shoot me your address again and I'll send you some!
  12. JGravelin

    Microphonic Minihums

    With those thin mini hb bobbins and butyrate hb bobbins, I pot at 140F. Once the wax has melted to temp: cut a piece of paper and put that in the bottom of the wax pot so that your shiny cover doesn't get scratched up if it bumps the bottom. Submerge the pickup and agitate it by gently wiggling the pickup back and forth/up and down with the lead wire. 10 - 20 minutes should do the trick - or until no more air bubbles are streaming out. When you pull the pickup out, use a clean rag to wipe up excess wax off the exterior and then let the pickup cool down with the front of the pickup face down so that the excess wax inside will collect and harden where the cover meets the bobbins. Let it sit for 2 hours and you should be good to go!
  13. JGravelin

    DiMarzio Question

    Check the values of the potentiometers also. If there's 250k pots in there, that could be the issue.
  14. Soli'd: yes! And thank you. Update: Set #1 has sold, going into an HFC'ers Newport! Set #2, Single #5, and Single #7 are still available. Also, if there's a specific pickup or aesthetic look you're wanting, be like Soli'd and send me a message. I have lots of B-stock humbucker bobbins and it's much more fun to wind them to suit your needs.