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  1. 0071

    I knew the specs of this build and all but damn.. that is one HOT piece of Shishkov action. Soli'd, those pickups are some of my handiwork. Fractal and I had a great phone conversation that covered a lot of topics including pickups he loved and was used to, effects, amps, music played ...and Mike gave me the aesthetic direction, envisioning a late 40's/early 50's vintage microphone vibe for the look of things. I immediately thought "RCA! the Shure 'Elvis' mic!" and pretty much went to town with it: gold plated steel mesh with a backing of 1/32" tight-weave black felt, and some most excellent nickel-silver, nickel plated radiator style covers. These were a blast to make and again, what an amazing guitar! One of those and a jazz burst Shishkov double-cut too for me please.
  2. Thanks guys! So, an update: Set 3 and Single 4 have left the building. #6 is gone too - in transit to Japan at the moment, which I think is super cool! I'm going to be adding more pieces shortly so stay tuned.
  3. HFC! It's been a minute, but I still love you and here's proof: big discounts on some pickups that have superficial blemishes on the bobbins, covers, etc. but are 100% fresh and most excellent hand-wound pieces. The blemishes and flaws: mild scratches on parts. That's it. If these pickups were in your guitars for a few weeks/gigs/string changes, they'd look about the same: this is mild stuff. Light Relic? Mildly Aged? Call it whatever you want. All are new winds, fully tested, and ready to drop into your guitar straight away. Set 1: 49.2mm spaced, 7.5k A4 neck, 8.0k A5 bridge, buffed solid raw nickel silver covers, long leg frames, finshed with push-back vintage braided lead wires. If you're familiar with the Seth Lover PAF Patent drawings from 1955, these are about right. This is a low-output, bright, vintage set of pickups with a serious P90 edge to the sound that would be ideal for any music that requires full-range, shimmering clean tones, Rockabilly, Jazz, Blues - dynamic, expressive, touch sensitive, particularly in a 24.75" scale semi-hollow or full hollow guitar. Got a Bigsby? You're all set! $208.00, shipping/insurance in the USA included. Set 2: 49.2mm spaced, 8.8k A5 bridge, 7.55k A2 neck with buffed raw nickel silver cover, 42 PE and vintage PAF steel throughout on both, long leg vintage frames, finished with push-back vintage braided lead wires. A calibrated "hot vintage" PAF set: clean, warm, mud-free neck that's great for all manners of jazz, blues, and rock combined with a higher output bridge that has all the shimmer and chime, but with some extra punch in the mids: big, blooming notes clean or distorted, and sounds just right for all manners of rock, blues, and jazz. Will transform any 24.75" scale solid-body guitar into a serious rock and roll machine. $208.00, shipping/insurance in the USA included. Set 3: -- SOLD! -- Single 4: -- SOLD! -- Single 5: 50mm, A5 13.4k double-screw bridge pickup with a Chrome partial ring. This is a dressed up and slightly tweaked recreation of one of my favorite Mighty Mite pickups - a very hot, slightly 'brown' sounding PAF-type but with screws all around. Killer in 24.75" solid body guitars, huge stadium rawk tone, pick squeals and harmonics galore, splits great, and cleans up nice like a real gentleman. Yes, it's ok to turn that Marshall up. $108.00, shipping/insurance included in the USA. Single 6: -- SOLD! -- Single 7: For Precision bass owners with the 7.25" fingerboard radius fingerboards (authentic early-issue Ps, Fender CIJ, and similar reissues), this is the pickup. 8.5k, Alnico 5 poles with original '51 stagger, this badboy is packed full of wire for an authoritative, fat, ballsy single coil sound. Juicy and extra special, perfect for your blues and early 70s rock tones. $90.00, shipping/insurance included in the USA. I built these today and they are ready to ship. PayPal yes. Send a message and make it yours! ♥ HFC ♥
  4. I'm very pleased to announce a batch run of the current Shishkov Guitars USA pickups to be built specifically for the HFC crew. All of these are the standard models that can be found in the current Shishkov guitars and will only be available here, for a limited time, discounted for HFC Supporting Members. If you're not a paid-in HFC member, I would encourage you to join up, support the HFC, and get a great deal on these Shishkov Approved tone generators! We've planned for 12 Charlotte HB Sets, 12 Charlotte Bridge pickups (50mm standard, 53mm optional), 6 P90 sets, and 6 ST neck single coils. Humbuckers feature 4 conductor output leads, P90s feature single conductor pushback braided output leads, and the ST neck single coils use modern PVC coated lead wires. Prices for HFC Supporting Members are $115.00 ea. for humbuckers, $85 ea. for P90s, and $70.00 ea. for the ST single coils. There are a few options available so please take note before you order. Shipping is $8.00 for the continental USA. Shipping elsewhere is no problem: please contact me for the cost. Some info on the pickups: Charlotte 11k A5u Bridge / 7.9k A2 Neck / 42 and 43 PE A medium-output modern hybrid set that retains much of the desireable PAF sonic characteristics but with higher output gain and a more contemporary voicing. As people have already attested to, this is an extremely versatile set that does all flavors of blues, rock, shred, and down-tuned chunk with ease - modern tones for modern music! Think Gary Moore in the neck, and a full, agressive "rock!" voiced bridge pickup that lights up high gain amplifiers just right. These were designed to provide convincing single coil split sounds as well, which is why all Charlottes come with 4 conductor output leads as standard. Bridge pickup is available alone in 50mm or 53mm and is the ideal upgrade for current Shishkov Ultimate owners, as well as anyone else who wants an extremely versatile modern/vintage flavored "mid-gain" rocker in the back. Zebra (Ivory/Black) is standard, but I will accept requests for other bobbin color combinations within reason. $230 a set / $115 single bridge. *Nickel, Chrome, and raw unplated German Nickel Silver covers are available for an additional $15 each. Ivory or Black mounting rings +$4.00/set. Mounting screws and springs included. SP90s 9.1k A5 Bridge / 7.8k A2 Neck / 42 SPN With a hotter vintage style in the bridge and a slightly underwound neck pickup, all the classic P90 tones are on tap with this set. From old blues, country, rockabilly to Woodstock-era Santana, Townsend Live at Leeds, Leslie West/Mountain- authentic P90 tones abound. The SP90s feature single conductor pushback braided lead wire and your choice of Black or Ivory covers. Mounting screws and springs included. $170 a set / $85 single ST Single 6.1k A5 / 42H This Neck position single coil pickup serves up heaps of hot 50's Strat tone: balanced lows, distinct and authorative mids, and an open, airy top. There's a serious Gilmour/SRV thing going on here which mates up very nicely with the slug coil from the Charlotte bridge pickup for those with that setup- sounds killer! As is, it will retrofit any strat, and most S/S/H or H/S/H equipped guitars. Black cover included, uncovered with cloth tape wrap option. $70 each. A complete, matched set is available if you ask for it. -- Payment must be paid in full via PayPal or US Postal Money Order to reserve your set. Please contact me with your preferences in HB bobbin colors/cover or cover choice on the SP90/S-Type Single and include the address you'd like them shipped to. I'll reply with my PayPal or mailing address for your PO Money Order. Simple and easy, just like last time! I expect shipping to begin in approximately 3-4 weeks, with the potential for special requests to take slightly longer. I'm really excited to be able to offer these special pickups and am looking forward to getting to work. Working with Mike, Trish, Chris, Ted, and all of you - it's a real pleasure and an honor. Questions? I'm here, paying attention, and will reply quickly. Here we go!
  5. NGD # 60 Comes Home

    Blam. There it IS!! That's just perfect.
  6. If you like the overall tone of the bridge pickup, swapping the neck pickup magnets from Alnico 2 to Alnico 3 will balance things right out and provide some pretty excellent 50's-era P90 sounds. You'll notice a leaner bass response, a slight peak in the mids and a little more shimmery harmonic action on top. For a lot of players who like vintage tones, Alnico 3 in a neck pos. P90 is hard to beat. If you like the overall tone of the neck pickup and want more output gain from the bridge, swapping the bridge pickup magnets to Alnico 4 or 5 would bump up the output and balance out better with the stock Alnico 2 in the neck. If memory serves, the Phatcat bridge pickup is in the 8.6k range - med. 'vintage' output and a great candidate for swapping to magnets with higher gauss. I can help with this if you like and it'll cost a lot less than buying anyones new hb-sized P90. You may be handy with an iron and can do it yourself, in which case I'd be happy to supply magnets. If there's anything I can do to assist, get in touch!
  7. I don't care, Rob a friggin bank

    Wooo! That's badass. What's the neck like? Is it purple all over or just the top? Also, tell us about the switch and what it does? Again, that's just so cool. Congrats!!
  8. JGravelin

  9. Gorch, a digital station provides a more consistent temp, heats up faster, allows for precise temp programming and usually has assignable presets for specific temps... it's good stuff. When my old Weller finally gave up the ghost, I went with a Hakko. It looks like a toy, but it's serious business. This one specifically: http://www.all-spec.com/Catalog/Soldering-Rework/Soldering-Stations-Accessories/Soldering-Stations/FX888D-3021?gclid=CMjdmKzf1tMCFUUaaQodl0oODQ I keep my temp at 750F. It heats the joint so fast, touch it with some solder - hit it and quit it! Rodi, for amp work I'd recommend 60w+. I haven't seen too many used stations for sale anywhere, but I'll keep my eyes open.
  10. Shipping tomorrow morning, Kiz. Thank you!
  11. More pickups added to my original post.
  12. Yes, very close Jay... That's the LP they ended up in? Dammmmnnnnn.
  13. I was having a small issue with the photo uploads but i think i've got it sorted now. Confining these to the HFC is exactly the right choice in my opinion: you guys deserve good deals. I'll be putting a bunch of neck humbuckers up shortly, as well as some P and J bass pickups. Some refurbished Dano lipsticks too. Stay tuned!
  14. I mentioned that there would be more, and I definitely wasn't kidding. I would have posted these weeks ago had it not been for the battery in my 2008 digital camera going bad. At any rate, to you lovely HFC'rs I present the following tone machines: all tested electronically as well as play-tested in my trusty Shishkov Ultimate prototype. #1: SOLD #2: BSTOCK - Lester Standard Bridge, 8.45k, A5 magnet, single braided pushback lead, 42 Plain Enamel wire, vintage-correct unplated slugs and screws, Nickel partial cover - a classic uncovered PAF type here, and it sounds excellent: a touch more high frequency detail and shimmer than #1 but not at all "too bright!". Classic tones here and a very versatile pickup for those who know and love those sounds. A very, very small scratch on one of the bobbins makes it B-stock but most would never notice. $115.00 #3: SOLD #4: SOLD #5: REFURB Bridge. 8.71k, A5. This thing was up previously, decided to hang around, and I revisited it just for kicks and man does it sound nice. Refurbished 50mm bobbins and nickel silver frame, fresh 42 PE, unplated steel, and 4 conductor leads. If you'd prefer the magnet to be an Alnico 2 instead, I'll swap 'em out before I ship. As is, it's a medium hot PAF - slightly aggressive/raunchy mids, full clean lows, great detail and attack on top - good stuff here on the cheap. $85.00 #6: NEW BUILD Stratocaster Bridge pickup with Steel backplate. 11k, Alnico 5 and 43 SPN coil wire wound up like some of those acclaimed 50's high resistance Tele bridge pickups. There's a definite Telecaster personality to it, nice girth, and an edge to the upper mids/low treble that sounds great under all levels of gain. I gave the backplate it's own ground-wire so you can phase reverse on a mini-switch or push/pull pot with ease. Rips! $85.00 #7 NEW BUILD Neck pickup. A2, 7.51k, Nickel plated cover, 4 conductor leads, and made with all the right metals and 42 PE wire. Sounds killer - big, full-range notes, clear, clean...add some dirt and blues out all day/night long. $120.00 #8: REFURB Neck, A2, 7.56k, lightly polished raw nickel silver cover, and again made with all the right metals and 42 PE wire. 2 conductor lead wire so you can get your P. Green on if you like. The pickup mounting holes were not threaded properly on the frame so I rethreaded them using the next screw size up. The pickup mounting/height screw heads are slightly oversized with this one. So you don't have to mod/muck up your own pickup rings, I'm including both an Ivory and a Black one: both of which are drilled to the perfect size. $90.00 #9: NEW BUILD Lester Std Neck, A2, 7.46k, lightly polished raw nickel silver cover, all the right metals and 42 PE, long legs and single pushback vintage style braided lead wire. Clean, clear, warm...no mud, no flub here. Really excellent PAF neck pickup! $120.00 #10: SOLD #11: SOLD