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  1. Thanks. Hahaha!! Good one Ting! These damn Fender "Devil" certificates are going to put me in the poor house.
  2. While hitting pawnshops during one of my out of town business trips, I ran into this 40 yr. old veteran. It was hidden on the wall behind some other instruments. I picked it up, looked at the price, and inspected the whole instrument. I asked for a chord and an amp to audition it. I then too it up to the counted and asked for a cash price. After a little haggling, I was taking home the bass for the price of a new Squier Classic Vibe 70's P-Bass. This bass has been played and has the scars to prove it. They might not all show up in the pics, but in person there are chips, dents, and scratches all over it. This bass was definitely not a case queen. Here's some pics:
  3. Dantzig Guitars Tulsa P90 Review

    That's a good looking guitar that sounds great. The price of $4700 is a little out of my frugal budget. I'm sure he'll find a market for these guitar somewhere.
  4. Ontological guitar question of the day -

    C'mon Kiz. Now that I've got the bass authenticated by Fender, the extra value I've got in the bass now makes the $666 that I spent seem like a $1.
  5. Ontological guitar question of the day -

    Well here's my AVNR Tweed case for my '74 Jazz bass with Vintage 70's stickers on it that are mostly local to the area. By the way, this bass case also has an AVNR Certificate of Authenticity from Fender.
  6. Ontological guitar question of the day -

    I've had this bass verified by Fender as an "Authentic Vintage Natural Relic". All I had to do was send a ton of pictures of the neck and body to Fender. For $666, I get a certificate of authenticity for my Bass. It's now worth WAY more than a Fender Custom Shop Relic. I bought this '74 Jazz bass in a pawnshop for $64.64 out the door back in '2008. I literally have nothing in the bass, but now with the AVNR designation, it's worth so much more than an original '74 Jazz Bass without the Certificate. I've decided now to strategically and methodically ding up and scratch all my older Fender guitars to have them all Certified. Then ALL my older Fender guitars will be worth A LOT more on the open market. The Relic craze is the best thing that's ever happened to electric guitars and basses. Here's a few pics of my AVNR '74 Jazz Bass:
  7. Grammy Material. I don't see it.

    You meant Like Elmer Fudd on Xanax . Right Steve?
  8. Klon & Klones

    I bought it at the right time before they went f'n crazy with the prices. Those pedals are really just big hype that a lot of guys are buying into. I would have been stupid to not trade the Klon for the '69 Vibrolux. You can't plug a guitar into just a Klon and get killer guitar tones, but you can with a Vibrolux.
  9. Klon & Klones

    I had an original Silver horsy Klon that I bought back in 2005 for $175. Had for a couple of years and traded it for a '69 Fender Vibrolux. It took up way too much space on the board, and really didn't impress me as a stand alone overdrive. As a boost, it was just MEH. I did an A/B with a Timmy, and I preferred the Timmy more as an overdrive and boost.
  10. NHD - Pawn shop find - Part II

    AWESOME score!!!!! That's one beautiful score right there. If I were you, I'd keep hitting the pawnshops. If you make the rounds to all the surrounding pawnshops in your area on a VERY regular basis, you'll eventually score killer guitars on a regular basis. I hit pawnshops all day 5 days a week, and it's paid off with killer scores every year without fail. It does take time and commitment,but the results are worth it. Congrats again on a real beauty!!!!
  11. Ripper Delivers the Goods

    Glen Tipton is a killer guitar player. I don't know if his tone sounds like this all the time,but in this video, it sounds like he's playing through a cheap distortion pedal. To me it his guitar tone sounds terrible. I don't remember hearing him sound like that back in the mid 70's Maybe all the highs in his hearing are gone and he has to turn up the mids and highs in his rig to get the balance right.
  12. New Schenk!

    MS was my favorite guitar player throughout the 70's and 80's. I always loved this cocked wah tone and his fluid melodic runs. Glad he's still kicking @$$
  13. Stratocaster Pron Needed.

    That's a beauty CM. Is that a Dick Dale Sig.?
  14. Stratocaster Pron Needed.

    Thanks Shankyboy. The '79 Fender Antigua was the first "Real" guitar I got. My dad took me to the music store so I could pick out a guitar. The reason I picked this strat was because when it was new, the color was grayish and looked like shark skin to me, and I thought that was so cool. The finish now looks goldish from all the exposure to smoke from playing in bars all those years.
  15. Stratocaster Pron Needed.

    Thx. It's a cool color called Ebony Frost. I think Fender only offered it for a few years in the early 90's . This guitar is a 1990 Strat Plus .