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  1. Texsunburst59

    My Pink Paisley Tele in action!!!

    For sure Steve. How could you NOT spot that Pink Paisley. That guitar is like a beacon in all that mayhem on stage. With that Pink Tele, you'll never be able just to blend in on stage.
  2. Texsunburst59

    My son singing "Another Brick in the Wall" !!!

    Thanks Steve. I had no idea that Cooper tagged ABITW at the end of Schools Out. I had to look it up on Youtube.
  3. The was done as a promotional video to promote the local college where the Sound Recording Technology Studio is located. My son went in a few days before the band and tracked his vocals to the original recording and then the band went in together to track the instruments. I think is came out pretty good. I would have liked it better with all the additional facts being shown throughout the video. Here it is: https://youtu.be/QgRAlAQaVoE
  4. My son used my recently modded Fender Pink Paisley Tele this weekend for Church service. The performed a parody of the song " The Greatest Show" He's also a videographer, and he recorded some footage earlier this week, which he edited in with the live performance video. Here's the video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kokyyosx56priem/The Greatest Show_Music Video_1.mp4?dl=0
  5. Texsunburst59

    NOGD - Pepto Pink Paisley Tele Score!!!!!!

    Thanks. That pedal would go GREAT with my guitar. Actually I'd rather find a Blue Floral Tell to go with that Keeley pedal Then I'd really be coordinated properly.
  6. Texsunburst59

    NOGD - Pepto Pink Paisley Tele Score!!!!!!

    Well I got my Tele back today with a few mods. 1) new nut 2) Lollar Vintage T bridge, and Royal T neck 3) brass saddles 4) new upgraded pots, wiring and caps. 5) mini toggle series switch. The guitar sounds amazing . Both pickups sound nice and full without being mushy sounding. There's a lot of definition in the notes. The neck has a really nice almost fat strat sound to it. The series switch is a really nice addition. It had more volume, adds more mids and bottom end when you need some extra kick. I really like the way this guitar turned out. Here's some pics of the guitar with the new mods. The 1st pic was from the tech before I picked it up.
  7. Texsunburst59

    NOGD - Pepto Pink Paisley Tele Score!!!!!!

    Thanks Gary. I guess if there's are contemporary artist today that makes the Pink Paisley guitar acceptable is Brad. I still think you have have the live chops to pull it off. I think I'm borderline, so I may have to woodshed a bit before playing out
  8. Texsunburst59

    NOGD - Pepto Pink Paisley Tele Score!!!!!!

    You're probably right, but I bet those that did were big huge burly men who would have no problem defending themselves. Sometimes guitars like this can be very polarizing,but I'm sure that was the whole reason they were made in the 1st place. You want attention, then you got it, and everything positive or negative that goes with it.
  9. Texsunburst59

    NOGD - Pepto Pink Paisley Tele Score!!!!!!

    Thanks Jon. That's too funny!!!! I'm not sure I agree with Kiz though, as here in my neck of the woods, the rednecks and bikers kinda stay within their own. I'm sure there's a little overlap, but not much. I'm not sure which group would be more tolerant ,and which group I rather try to defend the guitar with. Either way, I'm not sure I'll have to find out any time soon.
  10. Well first of all, I really need for you guys to assure me that this guitar is "MANLY" enough to play in a redneck or biker bar. Yesterday I found this very loud '85 Fender MIJ '69 Reissue Pink Paisley Tele at one of my regular stop pawnshops for a really good price. It came with a period correct 80's Fender Embossed USA road case, which was a nice little bonus. As far as I can tell the guitar is all original except for the EMG's that are in it right how. and I'll be pulling those here pretty quickly. I'm really amazed how great a shape this guitar is in for being 33 yrs. old. I hardly has any marks on it at all and you'd have to look pretty hard to find any. I'm assuming who ever owned it played it for a very short period before sticking it under the bed or a closet for most of its life. The neck on this guitar feels amazing and it's not a really heavy guitar at all. I'm going to be spending some time on youtube researching possible replacements. Anyway, here's some pics of my PPPT guitar:
  11. Texsunburst59

    Killer Gibby LP Pawnshop Score!!!

    Thanks for the info. If it's an '08 like mine, then they might have decided to do run of these Red LP's some part of that year. Mine does look like yours,but yours looks a bit brighter/"hotter", hence the name.
  12. Texsunburst59

    Killer Gibby LP Pawnshop Score!!!

    OK. You're now 1st in line on the Dibs notebook. I will say that 3Fitty will not apply to this guitar though.
  13. Texsunburst59

    Killer Gibby LP Pawnshop Score!!!

    This is a VERY nice top you've got there Diablo, and my does look a lot like yours. Out of curiosity, what year is you Access?
  14. Texsunburst59

    Killer Gibby LP Pawnshop Score!!!

    Thanks Gary. Yea Gary, I got a really good deal on this one. I hope you've been doing well. I'm still up to my old tricks and still hitting the pawnshops religiously. I'm worried this might get worse when I retire, but the reduced income might curb my obsession. I'll have to wait another few years to find out.
  15. Texsunburst59

    Killer Gibby LP Pawnshop Score!!!

    Well Jon, I don't know about King, but I'll settle for Prince. I hope you and yours have been doing OK Jon. I myself have been really busy at work ,when I'm not at pawnshops.