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  1. 30 seconds of "Sam I Am" would be all that's necessary to send that disc out the window like a Supertramp cassette.
  2. Tell me about it, a local guy wants 2 bills for his.
  3. Is that the "Funky Fuck Song" effect, or was that the Digitech Synth Wah?
  4. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    Original New Originals, 1991. Obligatory brick wall shot.
  5. Now on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/7660211-g-l-asat-deluxe-2015-orange-metal-flake
  6. GC CS Sucks

  7. Bump. It's the holiday season so I might be feeling charitable. Make me an offer?
  8. Or Arianrhod! Switched back to a BBE Soul Vibe as I'm not really after dead nuts Hendrix/Trower/Sayce tones. But if you are, this is the pedal!
  9. Uni-vibe clone with all of the functionality of the original plus the ability to ramp the speed up and back down like a Leslie by holding down and releasing the switch (was that original functionality too?) as well as the Tone Print stuff. Works perfectly, VG cosmetic condition. Minimal velcro added to the bottom. Includes box, manual, sticker and Tone Print cable. U.S. sales only, no trades. Email is the quickest way to get at me: hereinliestherub at hotmail dot com
  10. Literally impossible to cram any oven knobs into those control cavities, but if anyone can do it, @BadgerDavecan!
  11. David Cassidy In Hospital

    You might say he's in bad shape.
  12. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/former-faith-no-more-singer-chuck-mosley-dead-at-57/