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  1. I've got it bad. :(

    My Shishkov is so good that it shut off my desire for more guitars like a spigot....including other Shishkovs.
  2. The vast majority of guys who ask for a guitar's weight will never play the guitar standing up. Instead they'll be plinking away at Tom Petty tunes while seated in their mancaves (on the rare occasion the guitar isn't on a wall hanger).
  3. Question asked and answered. Again.
  4. And the guys who want you to get a set of calipers out never get their wallets out.
  5. Only $6699: https://www.guitarworld.com/gear/gibson-celebrates-chinese-new-year-with-year-of-the-dog-les-paul
  6. Anyone who is drawn in by the words "Private Label" automatically qualifies for the Open Field Contingency™. Contact myself or @kizanski to arrange a time and place to carry out your OFC.
  7. New Judas Priest album

    Ricky Warwick addressed the sound thing on Twitter. I'm bummed that they're not included on the bill at the show I'm seeing in April; BSR was the main reason why I bought a ticket. But it's never a bad thing to see a legend like Halford in action.
  8. Happy Birthday Ted!

    That's what happens when you stop having conversations and start actually doing things.
  9. Happy Birthday Ted!

    Now that you finally met @kizanski you can die a happy man! HBD!
  10. This guy paid attention during GC sales dood training.
  11. People couldn't have conversations because of the volume....
  12. Oh please. There probably isn't a single one of us on here who doesn't have a story about how we were treated like shit by some cooler-than-thou musical instrument store employee when we were younger and the guitar business was booming. Hank should be sacked for this partial deflection of accountability alone.
  13. Yet another example of answering a question nobody asked. Probably something he created in conjunction with that jackass Michael Angelo Batio. If so, you can be assured that it's garbage and utterly pointless.