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  1. MCChris

    Kotzen for the win

    Great stuff, and definitely more toward his technical side. I prefer when he rolls back on that a bit:
  2. MCChris

    Tech/Features You Wish Hamer Had

    There's also this: https://reverb.com/item/1242622-nik-huber-jr-tv-yellow
  3. MCChris

    Any MXR Micro Amp Users

    Mine got a fair amount of use back in the day. Then about 10 years ago I brought it to a friend's place to hack around on some amps and left it there. We both forgot about it until I went over there again a few months ago. I should hook it up through my current setup sometime but I'm pretty satisfied with the TC Electronic Spark Boost.
  4. Indeed, pretty much all of us here are on a level of public performance where shit sound will be a given. Gotta expect it and have your end of it locked down.
  5. All you can really do is lock in with the drummer. Wouldn't have helped with the start of your encore tune though, but you do your best and try to trust that the FOH sound is on point.
  6. MCChris


    Damn, that is outstanding!
  7. MCChris

    Hamer Monaco Subtone

    Wow, that's cool! Just when you think you've seen them all....
  8. MCChris

    Elixir strings

    That was my main gripe with Elixirs. I'm back to using Ernie Balls.
  9. This one was the inspiration for the color of my Shishkov. I knew I wanted red, but this was the shade. GLWTS!
  10. MCChris

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    There were many times during my tenure at GC when, toward the end of a prolonged pissing match over price, I would ask my counterpart, "so was that fun for you?" As a customer I always derived excitement and pleasure from the actual instrument I was purchasing, not the prospect of "winning" a haggling session.
  11. MCChris

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    That post count represents my selfless service over the past 20 years. You people need my wit and pearls of wisdom, whether you realize it or not. Also, probably 12K of those posts were "eBay sucks" so those didn't take me much time at all.
  12. MCChris

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    That could be true. I'm basing my stance on observing the conduct of petulant man-children on guitar nerd message boards. That crowd could only represent a small fraction of the guitar gear buying public. That said, returning something simply because you didn't like it (and doing so weeks or months after the purchase) is horseshit IMO. If it doesn't work or has a manufacturing flaw, sure. But because the mids weren't haunting enough? Take the hit and sell that shit on the secondary market.
  13. MCChris

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    Ultimately it depends on what value you place on your time and energy.
  14. MCChris

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    ^^^^ With all due respect, going through all that rigmarole simply to save a few bucks on a used luxury items seems to go way beyond the point of diminishing returns.
  15. MCChris

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    Not for the company or anyone who works there. It also absolves the consumer from any semblance of personal accountability, which is detrimental to society at large.