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  1. RIP Pat DiNizio (Smithereens)

    This TDC stinks! I have enjoyed the bands tunes since first hearing/seeing them 30+ years ago. Tampa Bay radio played them well. Seen a couple great Smithereens shows here too. RIP Pat. We dug the tunes! Thank you sir.
  2. Silver and gold Hamers

    Yeah I was expecting a Christmas themed shot of some Silver and Gold. Only Gold here and no Hamers at that. I did take this shot about 4 years ago with the holidaze in mind.
  3. Actually those "korina" XTs are not all that bad of guitars and IIRC, those are USA Duncans in them. First Lefty I have seen in years.
  4. Hope you like what we have done with your guitar Bil.
  5. Thank Jack Douglas for a lot of that I'm sure.
  6. KISS a couple of weeks after St. Paul. Are You and Steve there Chris. Elduave?
  7. While to many not the best stuff and granted they were very very FUBAR at this point I dig this album and bought it the first weekend it was out. Funny thing is tomorrow will be the 40th anniversary of seeing KISS in St. Paul. What a weekend that was. Draw The Line is 40 today.
  8. Only reason I gave it a sad face is cause it ain't mine! That is a sweetie! Here is Elvis cause it arrived on Elvis's Birthday. Plus it made me go Whoa Mama! when I opened the packaging. 2005 Studio Custom Custom ordered. All kinda funn with 2 push/pull pots just to begin with. Korina too.
  9. HEL Custom Order

    That ride is coming along well. Can't wait to see the final product. World of Explorers on Facepage would love it.
  10. Knew that guitar would be a good time there.