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  1. I am working to move this to the East Coast soon. PM if interested.
  2. Zorrow post a shot of you at the Dean Jam. I know you have one the wife took that we are both in. I can not find it. It was the one the left the Amber one and yes that is Tatianna.
  3. I HATED that Dean headstock from 1978 until I bought my first Dean in 2003 a Czech made V. There are actually 3 sizes over the years. Series I is the original ones and some custom orders and runs of recent. Series II are like my Czech made V and Zs and Zorrows Schenker and Goldtop V. A third I am not sure of the period right off the top of my head, it was almost the same as a Series II IIRC, and the Baby headstocks of course. It has been suggested by more than one person that the Baby headstock is mearly the big one with it's ears clipped and the tuners mounted differently. The V headstock, to me, gives the illusion it is bigger than it is and I always thought that the stings hit the tuners and strings before them on the way to their tuners but they do not. Duh on my part. I have a '79 Z that is a lil tune happy at times and only good for a couple tunes before retuning. Great with new strings but after a week only a couple songs. My Czech stuff is real reliable and my USA Deans are all 1996 and newer and very reliable. I however must say I ony get to play out a couple times a year and am by no means a measure of what needs you might have. Wanna talk about reliable, I REALLY wanna show up at the next Dean deal with my Shishkov. I will respect that as a paid performer, and in need of a reliable tool to make your craft, a good tuning guitar must be sought above all else. Bunch of USA, Korean, and Czech here. ETA: Czech Deans made 1997 to about 2000. Pair of Czech V cuties Tanya and Tatiana.
  4. New Judas Priest album

    Interesting to me Andy chose a Black Explorer for his guitar. Shades of Hell and a history of Black Standards. I thought he played Vs. Guess twin Vs were not a thought.
  5. Happy Birthday Ted!

    Big Happy Happys!
  6. Can not recall any names at the moment but I remember reading a few interviews in the guitar magazines and a few guitarists mentioning getting started with that after seeing the Beatles and some other inspiring guitar guru.
  7. I was just thinking how cool it would be with my Trans Red Shishkov!
  8. Gibson The Paul?

    The neck tone with both the Tones rolled back to 8 and both the Volumes on 8.5... Oh YEAH. I have put this guitar in others hands and it rips. In mine it just does the power chords real nice. Rock you Like A Hurricane Rythmn sound is right there though with a nice Gain channel. OP have we derailed your thread enough. Hope we at least gave you some info. Thanks for making me get out an old friend. I got it out last night and plan a new set of strings and some playing tomorrow. Ol' Brown Dog thanks ya too.
  9. Gibson The Paul?

    I I have a '79 The Paul. The Walnut version. Liked the one I had and sold in 1979 that I bought the current one when I found it in '96. That looks like a newer version with the same moniker. Looks like a good price for what it is though.
  10. WyldBil did it.
  11. I use the trophy emoticon not to say Thanks but to say what a prize that looks to be. Enjoy it well.
  12. So work on it! Y'all got 8 months plus to put a trip together!!!! Dean ownership not required to attend.
  13. Alright folks we are going to get this up and going a little earlier so we can give people a little more time to think and prepare to attend should you feel inclined. Dean has a few cool things going on and always throws a good party. Past two Open House parties have been at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa but they are talking maybe somewhere else in Tampa this year. Dean Owners Association Open House at Dean Guitars HQ weekend is November 8th, 9th, and 10th this year. Much more info coming.