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  1. Life IS Good! Play it well. Irma seems about right for a name in this case. On another semi-related note, if you get NASCAR on TV Tomorrow's race is at Talladega. Can't wait to see it!
  2. Mountian

    Planning on having Mississippi Queen in the Dean Owners Jam set this year here in Tampa Nov. 3rd and 4th.
  3. Special FMs are sweet. Not a bad price. Does it have a case? This first one below is a '97 and the pair in Natural are '94 and '95s.
  4. Welcome! First Hamer too? Hide your wallet. That looks lkie a Lubritrak to me. Interesting chip there wonder how that one happened.
  5. Sounds like you have made a fair offer. What was it? The guitar, not the offer.
  6. WOW! Great guitar for that money.
  7. Last USA Hamers?

    Dang they couldn't make 7 more and end on a Cool number huh?
  8. Unexpected Hamer Sighting

    Never seen or heard of the show but cool use of a Hamer. Rental or prop department buy?
  9. Yeah man that's sweet. Nice 2001!
  10. birthday?

    That listing disappeared when Ted switched the board a while back and was gone at least all of 2016. It came back about a week or so ago when he did that last tweak.
  11. RIP Dave Hlubek

    Rest Well Dave. Thanks for the tunes.
  12. Flight-case grey foam

    Towel was a older light Blue towel. I was told it was the foam and the glue used to hold the foam and they were "gassing" off fumes that were interacting with the original finish of the CruiseBass.