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  1. IDK, the Akira idea is sweet but this is too. Shot of Eddie I took from St. Paul, Mn. for you to consider.
  2. Nice rescore Kiz! Noticed my Korina Vector is 4 numbers before it.
  3. Deans, Gibbys, Ibanezs, and Charvels probably would have came my way more often. That said, I must propose that with no Hamer maybe Dean might not have happened. I would like to know how much Dean followed Paul Hamer's lead, was he a visitor/ customer of Paul's music store saw what was going on and got the bug to build guitars/the company, or were they just two guys in the same area headed in the same direction miles and ages apart? IIRC, Paul is older than Dean Z. by a couple or more years.
  4. Open House tour will be November 9th this year. Plan early to attend. More info if you need it.
  5. Evan Rubinson is head of Armadillo music the company he inherited last year from his father. Class guy with education in business and a Lambo by the front door. Got his taste for cars from dad too. Great photos.
  6. That is Pat Baker. Nice shot of Eliott Easton's one off Dean from back in the day.
  7. In several shades and stages of build.
  8. DBraz is in the area and arranged to stop by today. Always cool to get together with a new HFC guy. If some of you out there had burning ears today we might have been talking about you. In a Good way of course ya know. We drove over to Tampa and met up with Mathman and Thorn and went on a tour at Dean Guitars factory. Pat Baker head of Dean's USA Custom shop took us through the place for an extended 3 hour tour. I love some Hamers but the Dean guys are so into the guitars as much as Mike Shishkov and many of the other guys that have built all the great Hamers and I so love it's a hometown brand. Being lucky enough they are a hometown brand and liked enough by them to invade the work day there, I was glad I could take our guys there and get a personal tour of all the details. Can't speak for Mathman and Dbraz but Thorn was tempted by a couple and there is a trio of Vintage Deans in that building that need to be MINE!!!! I took no photos even though I had a camera in my pocket. I will let the others chime in with some shots. They took a bunch.
  9. When I first hit Evilbay back in the day Frank always showed up in my searches for Hamers.
  10. BTMN

    Looking for Help (Bellingham, WA)

    Check with Kofseattle maybe.
  11. BTMN

    Historic 4 digit restore.

    Looks like it might have been a Sustain Block Standard at that!
  12. BTMN

    NGD sorta.....

    Looks like time well spent. Enjoy it well.
  13. What is that exactly?