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  1. my favorite bass, hands down.
  2. I'm gonna guess that one ain't hanging on the wall for anyone to play...
  3. seems to use the same general engineering concept as the mechanical headstock-mounted Sustainer that was made a couple decades ago?
  4. tobereeno

    Virtuoso info...

    I'd have to say it's the 12 string bass that's Hamer's most original contribution to guitardom.
  5. tobereeno

    The worst hamer usa

    aesthetics can be argued. but I will swear up and down that every USA Hamer I've played had a certain feel - and by feel I mean the mechanical aspect of plucking strings - that was distinctive, consistent, and excellent.
  6. tobereeno

    Virtuoso info...

    KK Downing's Virtuoso has a Kahler. Most have Floyd Roses but you've got the handful of Kahlers and a few with Sustain Block bridges. 2-3 dozen made, most of them were configured differently - different finishes, hardware, etc. All of them got Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickups (I think; maybe a couple got OBLs?) All except 1, maybe 2, had scalloped maple fretboards - the exceptions had ebony scalloped fretboards. Last one just sold for $5000.
  7. Happy to report that the Virtuoso has successfully made it to its new owner in one piece. Still a bit sad that it went, but I had a great 16 year run with it and I just honestly wasn't playing it anymore. So it actually feels good that the new owner is stoked and is playing the hell out of it tonight
  8. tobereeno

    What attenuators do you like?

    I should add that in a band setting the attenuators were shut off; I'm not sure if it was a volume or tone thing, but using them kept me from coming through in the mix. But at home they're a godsend.
  9. tobereeno

    What attenuators do you like?

    I'm not sure what kind of attenuators Mesa/Boogie uses in the Royal Atlantic, but with each channel having its own attenuator, you can't beat the convenience! It's too bad they discontinued the line; each channel having its own attenuator was a huge selling point for me.
  10. Took a lot of work but I was happy with the result~
  11. they're out there, but are probably among the rarest Hamers.
  12. Well she is on her way; I dropped off the package at FedEx a couple hours ago. No regrets. Well, almost no regrets. lol
  13. This is a very pretty guitar that I just never got along with due to the 24.75" scale. Tweaks I've done were to install Sperzels, Dunlop flushmount straplocks, and it currently sports Lace "Deathbuckers" which ironically sound nothing like death metal and are fairly twangy - this was set up to be my "Nashville Tele". The complete original electronics will be reinstalled, unless you really, really want these Deathbuckers. The other couple tweaks are the Graphtech saddles, custom sized to fit on the sustain block (original saddles of course are included). The chrome sustain block was refinished in black but can be reversed with the right paint thinner. Finally, the pickup switch cover was cut from ebony, which is a lot nicer than plastic. The neck was refretted by the master tech Murkat, who also buffed the finish, so the neck is buzz free and as perfect as can be. The back has some belt rash but the top really benefitted from the finish buffing. $1000.