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  1. I use two amps - Yamaha THR-10, and a Mesa/Boogie Royal Atlantic 2x12 combo. But wait, that second one is a 100 watt 4xEL34 windowbreaker, isn't it, and therefore completely out of place here? Not with each channel having an attenuator it isn't. Kind of a trip to be able to dime the master volume, with little to moderate preamp gain, and hear power tubes singing...without blowing eardrums or having irate neighbors calling the cops on you.
  2. 90s USA B12L basses - fake? wtf??

    1999 - that's the year I was trying to remember. What I didn't know...the 34" scale 12 string bass didn't debut until '92?? I've played a CH-12 in a music store. Not bad and definitely usable, but any of us here could tell the difference blindfolded, without even plugging in, even with both instruments set up with the same string gauges and actions set identically. To be honest, as I was trying to save money (always a futile effort but one can keep trying), and I was painfully missing the B12S I had sold and dropped off at the HFC Chicago jam in 2011, I was shopping around for a CH-12 when my B12L showed up on eBay for a steal. Six years later I still can't figure out why the seller let it go at a sub-$1k price; it's dead mint and is probably the best preserved example in my instrument stash of an Arlington Heights Hamer in practically new condition.
  3. Someone at a music store told me that Hamer did not make B12L Chap 12 string basses in the 90s. I said au contraire buddy, I've got a '94 sitting at home, and it's definitely a USA. It's the little things - the truss rods, the screws holding the back plate in, the soldering...I've been poking around Hamers for nearly 20 years now (jesus, I remember most of y'all way back in the late 90s!! where the fuck did the time go???) I think I know a USA Hamer when I see one. Guy says he's the store's appraiser and said nope, you've got a fake. Someone back me up here; I'm too old to give a shit about ignorant folk 99% of the time, but this one just kinda stuck in my craw.
  4. oh well, I'm so immersed in classical music these days that my project to learn how to play the Nashville Sound (chicken picking with the Tele sound, etc) has well and truly fallen by the wayside. hope you're loving it; it felt pretty good in the hand when I checked it out!
  5. I'd rather have Hamer's "Super Bowl" Studio they built for Prince to try out.
  6. An HFCer in King Arthurs Court

    IF you can finger it cleanly. Getting notes up there to sustain any longer than a banjo is a challenge. Weird to see "my" Virt in pics, but of course, it's its twin. If I travel to England I'll have to bring my Virt along and visit David, just for the reunion of the twins
  7. NHD - something different

    obviously makes me think of Duran Duran. While they were mainstream pop, there's some really damned good playing on a lot of their cuts. Try playing the bass line from "Rio" for example.... one of the best graphic Hamers I've ever seen, original or not. I would pay real money for that.
  8. tobereeno

  9. Semi-Hollows?

    well, I now know what I'm going to ask for my 2nd Shishkov order!!
  10. 2017 Challenge

    I'm working on a boatload of classical pieces, 2/3rds of which are Bach. My basic guidelines are - if it was written for the violin, use that score, and if it's become part of standard classical guitar repertoire, I have to use something different. No "classical crossover" crap with a techno drum beat, and use distortion whenever possible. But to be specific about a project - 1st movement, Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major. I will have to master some picking techniques I suck at, like sweep arpeggios. Where I'm at now, I estimate the difficulty as being something part "Cliffs of Dover" and part "Through the Fire and Flames".....I'm giving myself 50/50 odds at finishing it by the end of the year.
  11. 0050 "Super C"

    that is hands down the sexiest guitar in the history of ever. given that DBraz and I have virtually identical tastes in guitars....I've already gotten blank check approval from my wife, so I'd expect to see something similar come up again....
  12. 0058

    doesn't matter where I live, I'll fly out and pick it up in person. Especially now that the TSA allows instruments as carryon luggage.
  13. 0050 "Super C"

    some technical questions regarding wood choice: - I'm very accustomed to the standard Hamer formula of maple neck/mahogany body. How does wenge sound, comparatively? Especially when mated to an ebony fretboard? And wenge is as strong/stable as maple? - that solid maple body is shockingly stunning. pure wood porn. I'm concerned however about general reports of the sound of maple-bodied Californians - they're beautiful, but owners on the HFC seemed to have moved them along. On the one hand, I tend to sound the same no matter what I play, but on the other hand...I don't have any maple-bodied guitars. Mike and I are in the idea stage at this point. Apparently, if I select wenge, it'll be twice the pain in the ass.....