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  1. How'd you get into Hamer?

    First exposure was "Enola" on the back cover of "Dream Police." My 11-year old mind was enamored. First in-person exposure was a used and cosmetically beat to shit boo-berry ice metallic pearl rosewood/dots SS1 years later at a consignment gear store, mid to late 90s. Loved the guitar, loved Steve Stevens, loved Floyds, had $$$ my pocket and always wanted a Hamer so I hit it. I liked it but didn't bond with it (balance on a strap) so I traded it towards a Boogie head about a year later. But I have had Hamers bouncing in and out of my stable ever since. Mostly Floyded superstrats, like the guitars I played during my young formulative years. My favorite for my hands, ears and body have always been Centauras.
  2. I guess the Brent Mason model isn't "stratty" enough for JM ... only the bass side is stratty.
  3. Delayed Gratification

    On a related note to ^^^^ ... before you spend a metric fuck-ton of money and before your arsenal gets to the point of resembling a studio rental facility's inventory, have you considered a Kemper or another modern high-$$$ modeler at least for now? I say that because as much as I appreciate the "real thing," you're throwing so many names/types/styles out there in the OP, seems to me you don't really know what you want or ultimately want to have or keep. Just seems spending fractions of the money on really nice patches in a really nice modeler would be (pardon the pun) a sound starting point without breaking the bank and without amassing a shitload of space-eating high-dollar amps.
  4. Stike strikes again (NHC)

    Gorgeous! Nice to see a more traditional finish from the master, I'm accustomed to seeing the wilder side of things ...
  5. Some of the set-up measurements I'm reading above are pretty much non-attainable as far as fret-out-free and buzz-free performance without a truly level fret bed. You guys with older guitars and/or with a lot of miles on the frets, keep that in mind if you're trying to hit liquid low action with your set-ups. Harder to manipulate and adjust, however, is the height of the frets as they relate to each other. Simply put, the more uniform the height of the frets, the lower the string action can go. Because you can’t turn screws to adjust fret height, most set-ups are dictated by how “level” the frets’ heights sit. That “level” is a make-or-break point on how low an instrument’s action can go: The more fret heights vary, the higher the action must ultimately be in order for the guitar to function properly, i.e. clear and clean feeling and sounding notes up and down the entire neck. Even very slight fret height variances (hundreds to thousands of an inch) are significant. http://www.thefretshack.com/blog/fretleveling
  6. I still have and actively use my HFC-inspired "KSFM" (King Shit of Fuck Mountain) coffee mug. I think BruceM still has the matching hat.
  7. I think relic guitars are absolutely ingenious. They debuted during the peak of the vintage craze, meaning you could buy a vintage reissue that looked 30 hellacious years old at that time but pristine frets, unscratchy pots and switches, etc., like a new guitar ... at a fraction of what you'd pay for actual pre-CBS. The FCS pieces weren't cheap, but an incredible bargain in comparison. Even more ingenious ... pristine clean body or neck on the regular production floor falls victim to simple human error, like a slipping screwdriver or a flying fret file, or dropped, or flung by the buffer. It's subsequently moved to the "relic" side of the factory and gets "real" aging alongside the factory mishap to conceal it. It's now no longer a factory second or bandsawed and written off material waste ... it's ironically now destined to be an up-charge FCS guitar. I love them too. Here's my most recent electric piece for the shop, which I immediately upon completion deemed "not for sale" and sold my main tele of 12 years to help pay for it.
  8. Fender Texas Special Pickups

    I haven't noticed any difference in older versus newer Texas Specials in basic test-drives (I have a lot of TS-equipped guitars come through) but I've never A/B'ed two guitars with them to gauge apparent differences. My opinion on TSes are they aren't bad and if I had a guitar I liked that already had them, great, but they aren't anything I'd particularly seek out or go buy if I was investing in an upgrade project. There are a lot of stratty things out there I like much better. Duncan Antiquity Texas Hots remind me of TSes, only better for my tastes, and that's just one quick example off the top of my head that's readily available and affordable. If you're looking to upgrade with a Fender single coil, I just installed an Eric Johnson sig set in a guy's American Standard and those pickups were STELLAR for my ears and hands - light years better than TSes for classic strat sounds and the best modern Fender pickups I've ever heard IMHO. They actually caught me off guard they were so tasty. And that was a direct drop fit into the existing AS circuit - no pot upgrades, cap upgrade, etc.
  9. 2018 Charvels- Strat heads!

    I have a MIM Charvel strat head in our den - bought it for the wife last year at the Dallas vintage show. It is a badass little ride to put it simply. An Asian-to-German OFR swap is really all I want or can do to it in the upgrade department - it is THAT good from tip to tip, not one weak link to be found.
  10. newport or artist? what ya think

    My vote is for a 25th Anniversary Artist, or its all mahogany equivalent without the "anniversary" tag. You'll get the small semi-hollow thing going on with a little more earthy warmth and a pleasant midrange throat, AKA more Newport'ey voice, compared to a maple-topped Artist. A 25AA can also handle a sizable amount of gain without going apeshit under your hands. I know from experience
  11. The 'new' Gibson Flying V at CES

    The only "pointy" shapes I've ever seen GL actually play are stars and that was rare. "His" Kamikaze Star (ESP gave him one after he saw Japanese ESP endorser/artist Anchang with a KS he custom spec'ed) in a KXM video ... ... and a Charvel Star in 1979 when he played with Xciter, which in this case was possibly a loaner because he was mostly playing his green burst bengal Sandoval around this time.
  12. Pickup selector issue

    Probably half of the "broken" switches that come to me are fixed with either Deoxit, Murkat Jay's sandpaper method in the case of toggles, or sometimes just aggressively switching the switch a couple dozen times and manually working out or off any contact point corrosion or crud.
  13. guitar wall hangers

    My shop's display wall has eight of 'em and I love them. Highly, highly recommended. Kiz recommended them to me - I think he has a wall covered with them as well.
  14. The 'new' Gibson Flying V at CES

    That Flying A fuckstick would have been better served and received if they would have re-tooled it and marketed it as an electric thrash cello, because the only way it's comfy is to wedge it straight into your seated crotch Excalibur style. A friend bought one in 2011 for practically "pocket change" because that's all anyone was willing to pay its owner for it, and he let me test-drive it to get my feedback. I told him I would have gotten more satisfaction putting that pocket change in soda and vending machines.
  15. First: Kiss, Dynasty tour, 1979, my Dad the trooper took me and a few friends. Last: Slash solo tour w/Myles Kennedy on vocals, HOB NOLA, 2015. The bill was "Slash and The Conspirators featuring Myles Kennedy" or something like that but Von and I went to see MK and his backing band that happened to feature a notable guitarist. We were front row, Myles delivered the goods as expected, and Slash's stacks were apparently not stage dummies because not only did my ears ring for two straight days, my chest ached and my feet were numb from standing in one place for hours on end to hold our front row position. I'm getting too old for that shit. Next: No clue here either.