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  1. ... at approximately 9:30 a.m., a posse of six law enforcement officers ended Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow's reign of terror on a rural stretch of Highway 154 near Gibsland, Louisiana. Left to right: Prentiss Morel Oakley, Robert F. "Bob" Alcorn, Sheriff Henderson Jordan (pronounced Jerdan), Tedd Cass Hinton, Frank A. Hamer, and Ben Maney Gault.
  2. These guys showed up on my Facebook feed today and I haven't seen mention of them on the board. If you, like me, like the Greta Van Fleet thing more in principle than reality, i.e. I am aching for classic 70s arena rock but I don't necessarily want a 100 percent clone of what's already out there ... these guys may be a better "one to watch" investment of time and interest. They just put out their first record on CD Baby.
  3. To give you an idea of how much that thin tape speeds the masking process ... one 1/4" strip is the exact width as the space between the 23rd and 24th frets on a 25.5 scale neck with jumbo frets. AKA Unless you're dealing with a Cali, a Virt or another extended fretboard axe, you're not cutting tape to width anywhere on the neck.
  4. Jeff R

    Sunburst tone pot

    As would I (500x2), with a .022 cap on the neck pickup and a .015 on the bridge.
  5. Jeff R

    Sunburst tone pot

    Sez who? LOL ^^^^^^^^ CTS offers stacks in 500/500K and 500/250K, btw
  6. Jeff R

    K.K. Downing's Song Rights Up For Sale

    This one made me laugh out loud when I heard about it probably 10 or so years ago. Rock and roll clothing, gifts and lifestyles products for babies, brought to you by Bon Jovi's Tico Torres https://www.rockstarbaby.com/ The idea it's still around 10 or so years later must mean he/they are doing something right!
  7. I have that StewMac set on my bench ... those deeper cup wrenches have another purpose ... they are also great if the nut is so deep on the rod itself that the typical bucket wrench can't bite, or it gets so inadequate bite on the hex nut that you run risk of stripping its edge.
  8. I'm still waiting on either an insurance claim check or a still-undelivered-months-ago set of MJ-wound Duncan Antiquities from UPS. Seymour Duncan's factory packages to dealers are plain brown boxes with tape printed with the pole-pieced "S" logo below. If I had to guess what happened to that package, it crossed paths with an employee who both knew something about guitars and also how to cover his ass and his tracks in their tracking system. Hopefully there's not a "next time," Willie, but if there is, we'll use my shop's LLC and federal, state and local tax IDs to establish me as your noted expert. And whatever they fuck up, I'll put a replacement value of one zillion dollars on it LOL
  9. @tobereeno, did/do you mask the fingerboard when you clean/de-tarnish/polish frets? That wear - especially considering it's a scalloped board - looks like the product of a micro-abrasive over time applied to both frets and the spaces between. On that note, do this (below photo) if and when you clean your frets, kiddos, regardless of your fretboard wood and presence or lack of its finish. Here's a before and after of very overdue fret maintenance on a rosewood-board 1965 Precision Bass. Uline affordably sells masking tape in 1", 3/4", 1/2" and 1/4" widths and those latter thin rolls makes the masking task MUCH, MUCH faster and more effective.
  10. Jeff R

    Everybody Wants Some!

    Never heard of that one, you seen any pix you can share? I want to share them on the EVH Frankenstein Fanboi page, just to set off a frenzy of a hundred freaks freaking out trying to get their shit EXACTLY right.
  11. My money is on import that was "USA'ed."
  12. Jeff R

    Everybody Wants Some!

    That ad above is a Frankie copy. Ed had several Frankie copies, different tunings, backups for gigs, chasing different things via different woods, different pickups, different trems. They were Charvel bodies, Kramer bodies, whatever was handy and whatever he was endorsing at that time. Some are here ... http://www.vintagekramer.com/5150f.htm The real Frankie wore a strat head in most of its incarnations, or a Kramer logo'ed neck in that endorsement era. The link above shows a few versions. Ed would swap necks for a variety of reasons. Fret wear, flavor of the month, no rhyme or reason. Here it is wearing the black painted neck from the black/yellow Charvel on the cover of VHII. Ed didn't like the B/Y guitar, thought it was too bright tonally, so he bounced the neck over to Frankie around the time Frankie went from BW to RBW. Kept the black head paint, scraped the paint off the neck trunk because he didn't like the feel. I'm pretty sure the original neck was put back on the B/Y prior to him bringing it to Dime's funeral. Here's where it wore a Danelectro neck for a VERY brief stint in 1983 for the Brian May Star Fleet project ...
  13. Jeff R

    Best Glue for "Fuzzy" amplifier covering?

    I'd probably use a regular wood or craft glue. Is there a material overage inside one of the cabs that can be torn off and tested on scrap wood? Whatever the glue, I'd use a small paint roller to apply the glue both sparingly thin and uniformly. A random mix of gluey seeping globs and no glue at all and that's where you're gonna run into back-end problems. If the areas are too small to use a roller feasibly, I'd use a paint or sponge brush.
  14. Jeff R


    Nope, no fancy badging on this one, just a couple removable stickers (at least I removed 'em) promoting its being "inspected" in the U.S. haha. I assume it's just a run-of-the-mill G-400 Custom. They're listed as "out of production" on Epi's website. Here's that site's official glamour shot. I figured the TP6 wasn't stock. The guitar's previous owner told me the TP6 was on it when he got it, used. And if you look closely on mine, I already took care of a pet peeve and swapped the OEM pickup mounting screws, pickguard mounting screws and truss rod cover screws with smaller, better looking and less cheap looking screws. Compare the photos and you'll see why - those oversized cheap gold MIC screws make my spine curl. Everything else on mine appears to be either stock or nothing incredibly special in its place. For now at least