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  1. Why not? It's only......

    My part of that gig was everything pre-paint, all the structural/player stuff, and then making it all come together post paint. Spray gun for that gig was Shannon at HEL. He did a sweet job.
  2. Why not? It's only......

    Been there, done that, down to the big ass crack in the top ... Arrival: Departure: Insider tip: You'll save a pretty penny if you sidestep the pro-caliber buillion gold refin and let me just rattlecan that fucker "Viv black."
  3. Why not? It's only......

    I'm pretty sure the recent Slash sigs have the Duncan Slash sig pickups, which are incredible I might add.
  4. Why not? It's only......

    If they were serious about a Viv sig LP, they would have cut a Deluxe for humbuckers and rattlecanned that fucker black. Maybe I'm a tad against the grain of the target fanbase, but I don't want a Viv Def Leppard LP ... I want Viv fucking DIO LP!
  5. Another cool effect of the metallic gold top finish is that you can tell it's an arched top from a mile away, and no matter from which angle you're viewing the guitar. I figured that was intentional. And shiny, sparkly gold goes hand in hand with elite, upper-echelon, the Cadillac of the 1950s guitar world ... the image Gibson surely wanted to purvey with their entry into the solidbody market. I always thought those points above, an educated guess along with the ability to conceal flaws or flat out hide plain Jane maple, were the reasons behind buillion gold.
  6. Ed, a guitar nut is in essence a zero fret, but utilizing the latter saves time in construction and set-up. It's not a lot of extra effort and time to add a zero fret to a collective fret bed you are seating, beveling, leveling, crowning and polishing. At the same time, you eliminate not only the time but the margin of error that comes with cutting/routing a clean, level nut slot, shaping a nut, seating a nut (don't forget curing time for the glue) and slotting a nut to perfection.
  7. Jackson beat 'em to the punch on that years ago ... On the new Gibson ... I laughed with a friend on Facebook about Gibson's issuing a dog Les Paul ... thanks to their cross-eyed quality control, hit-and-miss approach to craftsmanship and their WTF mentality when it comes to new and/or innovative models or options, probably half the Les Pauls that have been made since the Norlin era have had a dog component. Which makes one wonder, does this new Les Paul commemorate a world culture, or does it commemorate Gibson's institutional M.O.? LOL
  8. 1/8" shaft pot knob source?

    I don't think the owner wants to spend an arm and a leg to keep it original, plus I don't necessarily trust 50-year old knobs for things like dry rot, eroded knurls in the shaft holes, etc. Keep in mind the original knobs are missing off my client's guitar for exactly those kinds of reasons haha. My hunch is that his love for normal sized amber top hats will ultimately lead to me reaming and re-harnessing the guitar with modern pots and components. But I've sent him the Digikey link and a couple other options I've identified, so it's in his court now.
  9. 1/8" shaft pot knob source?

    Those pages above, when you try to search by the 1/8" shaft size, very, very little if anything comes up and what they're showing I'm not confident to order blind. I think I'm going to try to convert some small modern knobs to smaller shafts via doweling, cork material or whatever else might work. Compounding the small diameter shafts are VERY short shaft heights - there's very little material for any knob to grab onto. There's also the option of pulling the entire old harness, opening the body's control holes and re-harnessing it with modern components. I'm reluctant to do that because a.) the old stuff works shockingly well and noise free, and b.) it's a semi-hollow electric and re-harnessing any guitar through the F-holes and pickup cavities is a pain in the ass. Here's an informational pic on what I'm talking about. From left: Mounted 1/8" diameter shaft pot, standard 250K pot; mounted 1/8" diameter shaft pot, standard strat knob. The gold knob in the back is the lone original knob I have. It's about the size of the cap on a travel tube of toothpaste.
  10. I have a client's old Harmony electric I'm trying to get functional again. 60s and early 70s Harmony guitars used tiny pots with tiny shafts - 1/8". So tiny it's very hard to turn the shaft without "a" pot on it. Normal knobs, even with tensioning screws, won't work - shaft too tiny. I haven't attempted to improvise the existing pots to take standard knobs yet - they are still functional and quiet so I don't want to damage or disrupt them via improv if at all possible. I can't find a source for ANY knobs for those tiny shafts but I'm looking at guitar parts suppliers, effects pedal knob suppliers, etc. Any of you guys who have other electronic hobbies/interests have items with these tiny pots and know of a source for knobs? In the case of my client's old Harmony, we really don't care if the knobs look vintage or period correct, if they are plastic or metal, etc., at this point. We just want to be able to turn the damn pots for now. Thanks in advance for any tips/leads!
  11. NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    From 72 through 76 or so, he mostly played Gibson stuff. And who can forget his most famous Gibson copy guitar ... the heavily modified Ibanez Destroyer known as "The Shark"!
  12. Not a Pearly Gates humbucker, but the single-coil sized footprint made by the Duncan Custom Shop? I'm getting ready to (yet again) overhaul my '96 G&L Legacy's guts and this intrigues me for the bridge position. I used an early-generation JB Jr. in the Legacy forever, literally until it broke from rot, and I absolutely loved it. If it hadn't crapped out, it would still be there. In turn, I had a Fender Lone Star Strat with a full-sized PG I gigged hard in the mid-1990s and loved its bridge sound - and to date it was the only guitar I've ever heard, Les Paul or otherwise, with a Pearly Gates I liked. I like most anything A2 usually, and a single-sized bucker A2 mag and 11.2K output sounds right up my alley compared to the JB Jr.'s ceramic and 15.2K output. Anyone? http://customshop.seymourduncan.com/pearly-gates-for-strat/
  13. Looking for tips on learning bass guitar

    Train your ear and mind when you're not in the books or in multi-media learning. Find a good Motown or classic soul station on your car radio dial and leave it there. To "play" a bass, you have to start "thinking" bass. Pay attention to not only the lines, the runs and grooves, but to the interaction with the kick. THAT'S what makes a bassist versus a guy who can play a bass.
  14. NGD- Hamer Content

    That switch is a midrange boost and it might be useful if you are using the singles in clean settings and seek a touch more subtle honk. Emphasis on "might" and "subtle" based on my runs with stock Centauras over the years. You can surely find a more usable use for that control hole. I can think of two or three uses I'd get more mileage out of myself. Love the metallic red, wear and all, but I'm a little biased in the case of red sparkly guitars
  15. How deep is a boomer?

    D-U-N done! Ebony dust/epoxy patch area detail