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  1. How did you get to the HFC?

    There used to be a link to the HFC on the Les Paul Forum in the late '90s. It said something like "a cool place to discuss Hamer guitars." I liked the crowd here much more than the LPF folks.
  2. As Chris said, the bass is sold. Had a great time hanging out this morning. It was the highlight of my day. (Of course, the rest of the day involved driving around assholes on the highway for 8 hours...)
  3. NGD: 2013 Gibson SG Original

    I recently got my first SG and I'm kicking myself for not trying one before now. Such great guitars.
  4. Not sure I knew w how to embed YouTube vids. This song features the B12L.
  5. I'm selling my B12L. I've owned it twice. I bought in the early 2000s and used it a couple years, then sold it to Thundernotes here on the board. He replaced the pickups and I bought it back a few years later. I've owned it for the past 12 years or so. It's crazy light for a 12ver. The lightest 12 string I have even played. I sold my custom ordered B12A a few years ago to keep this one. Thundernotes put in passive Duncan bassline pickups and kept the active EQ controls. The passive pickups sound much better and warmer. The high strings with EMGs on 12vers often sound harsh. Not on this bass. It has pearloid tuner buttons on the guitar string tuners which look cool and reduce the weight even more. Bass is in fantastic shape. Some pick marks, but that's about it. I used it for recording. Will try to post some links to songs. Selling for $1,200 with $50 shipping. OHSC included
  6. Semi-Hollows?

    Ok, maybe I'm stupid, but why aren't there any holes for a bridge?
  7. Skynyrd announces final tour

    Rush called it quits and Slayer announced a farewell tour too. Helluva week.
  8. Hamer Eclipse

    I have a love-hate relationship with the Eclipse too. I've had and sold two and still kind of want another. I've never tried different pickups. Would love one with P90s.
  9. Doug Pinnick

    That's the best Dug song I've heard in years.
  10. Cd distribution sites

    I had a good experience with CD Baby. Don't have anything to compare it to, but they did a good job with my disc. They also put it on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and other places, which is pretty cool.
  11. Unfortunately, my kid has a hockey tournament in DC or I'd be there. Sounds like a great time.
  12. It's...a Marshall!

    I love my DSL50. Great amps.
  13. Loved seeing you again, Brooks. The band sounded killer!
  14. Ooh, I might be able to make that. My son has a hockey game in Raleigh on Friday, but it looks possible...