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  1. Ooh, I might be able to make that. My son has a hockey game in Raleigh on Friday, but it looks possible...
  2. Kickass photo of #666

    Looks like he's humping a little amp.
  3. Pinnick Gales Pridgen

    Meh. I haven't enjoyed any of Dug's other bands. I wish King's X would put out one more album.
  4. Rage is a stone cold 1st ballot lock.
  5. I remember when that one came up for sale one morning about ten years ago for a steal. I snost and lost and still regret it. What's beauty!
  6. I've always loved that one - especially the inlays.
  7. Amazing! I love that guitar.
  8. I bought my first Hamer at Fat Sound - a candy green Eclipse. I lived a couple miles away back in the '90s.
  9. So anyone digging Danko Jones ?

    Been meaning to listen to them for years. What's a good cd to start with?
  10. Volume knob

    I love the idea of first testing the bleed kit with alligator clips. Thanks!
  11. Volume knob

    Wow, thanks for posting that pic, Chris! I had lost it. He's now taller than I am!
  12. Volume knob

    I have a P90 Duotone that I love. It sounds great when its volume knob is on full. When I turn down the knob, the tone cleans up but gets muddy. Same with my HB guitars. I used to have a Vanguard P90 that cleaned up well when the volume knob was dipped, and it stayed bright and nice sounding. Anyone understand why the Vanguatd did this better and what I can do to make the a Duotone work the same way?
  13. Sounds like fun. I also saw Ace in a club on the tour when White Lion opened. Pretty sure it was 1987.
  14. I drunk downloaded it on Friday when a friend told me it was released that day. Underwhelming on first listen, but I'll give it a shot.
  15. "Adios" - Glen Campbell

    Thanks for the link. A sad story but it I'm really thankful,for having read it. Not my style of music but I want the album now.