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  1. HamerDave

    Billy at Darryl's

    Love that show. Hasn’t been on much.
  2. HamerDave

    Eddie Van Halen in Bad Shape

    You damn click baiting #@%*&$# ! Now to go get this hook outa my lip. 🙃
  3. HamerDave


    Well it looks cool to me. I’ve never owned, or wanted to own, an SG so I can’t speak to how cool or not they are.
  4. HamerDave


    A guy I know has a late 70s SG labeled as “The SG” and it’s got a couple cool items like the edge mount jack and harmonica bridge. like this one.
  5. HamerDave

    List all the Hamer models you have owned

    Studio wrapper TLE-ish Duotone Daytona I’ve never sold or traded a Hamer that I purchased. They’re all keepers and get played/gigged regularly.
  6. He is truly the King of bubble wrap. Dude must own the patent or something...
  7. HamerDave

    Deal Breakers

    True that. Can’t tell you how many nights Seger’s Night Moves was sung as Nice Boobs. Nobody noticed, nobody cared.
  8. HamerDave

    Deal Breakers

    We just tell ‘em to drop a Benjamin in the tip bucket if they want to hear us play that one. No refunds.
  9. HamerDave

    Deal Breakers

    While I don’t get any enjoyment from playing songs like Mustang Sally or Hang On Sloopy, our audience freakin loves them. I’m there to entertain and to provide the sound track to a fun night out so I can’t have a deal breaker in that regard. You won’t catch me playing those, or any Skynrd, Michael Jackson, or many other songs on my own time though.
  10. HamerDave

    What's Your Personal Grail Guitar?

    My grail would be a Strat born in the same month I was. Feb. 1965. Oh, and it’d be super cool if I could actually afford to buy it..
  11. HamerDave

    Tremolo Tubing: It really DOES work!

    Yaaaaaas! And the all have to be the same kind and color matched to the rest of the hardware..
  12. HamerDave

    You're never too old

    Same here man. Until we added a 29 year old singer I was the baby in the band at 53. She and I are still the only members under 60.
  13. HamerDave

    NGD BDay Present

    You got yourself a keeper. But you already knew that. Congratulations and happy birthday!
  14. HamerDave

    You're never too old

    Speaking as a member of that over 50 demographic, I’d like to remind the young’uns that just because there’s snow on the roof, it don’t mean there isn’t still a fire in the furnace.
  15. This one is posted or Reverb too. Local pickup only.