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  1. I’d jump on this if my wife hadn’t bought me a Hakko for my birthday. Just unboxed it.
  2. My head is starting to hurt. A pox on all of you for making me think on a Saturday morning.
  3. Klon & Klones

    +1 for the Tumnus. I have no idea what a Klon is supposed to be but I love my little gold tone monster.
  4. Totally forgot about the “Taco Casters” I have a MIM Deluxe Players Strat that’s off the chain. Replaced the pickups and electronics but the construction is awesome.
  5. I’ve been favorably impressed with the consistent quality of Reverend guitars. Made in Korea. Cool designs and funky concepts. Not my cuppa but good stuff. My son just bought a Chinese made Squire Jazz Bass. Way better built than I expected to see. Great quality to dollar value.
  6. NGD partscaster fun

    Nice job man!
  7. AC/DC. James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt (Fenway Park!). TBD, I really have no idea who’s next.
  8. ^^^What he said^^^
  9. Wow. That blue one in CMATTHES’ post gives me the idea of The One to look for. If anyone needs me I’ll be in the shower.......
  10. I didn’t even know Hamer made hardtail Daytonas. Priced above my max and modified but still pretty cool. No affiliation. https://reverb.com/item/8817769-hamer-usa-daytona-hardtail-1996-black-super-rare
  11. First full-band gig in ~20 years

    It’s fun ain’t it? Careful. I didn’t play for 15 years then had an afternoon jam with an old band buddy. Now I’m completely out of control gigging a couple times a month, going to open jams and playing in two local bands. It’s an addiction man!
  12. I play all of my guitars at home and rotate though them frequently. I have some on stands scattered throughout the house for spur of the moment noodling. Gigging is a different story. I use my Daytona almost exclusively. I have a Strat that I decked out like my Hamer that I use as a backup. I do that because it fits the band and the music we’re playing. The other guitar player in the group is rocking a PRS with humbuckers so my Lollar loaded Daytona is a nice contrasting voice.
  13. Don’t ya love the tremolo on that thing. Soooooo rich.
  14. Congrats! You’re going to love it. Gary designed a killer circuit in those tiny monsters.
  15. Best pedal board cables?

    I’m using George L’s and haven’t had any problems with them. I’ve used Lava (crap) and Planet Waves previously. The Planet Waves are reasonably priced and very reliable. I find them a bit bulky for my board. Can’t go wrong with a well made soldered cable though.