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  1. I have been touring vegas pawn shops but when I got to the pawn stars place & saw the line around the block I bailed, nothing has popped on craigslist or ebay. Someday my guitars will surface, I'm vigilant.
  2. Thanks y'all. I appreciate your concern, advice & general agreement on suck. They got 5 guitars. 1970 Les Paul black beauty, 1997 Strat Plus, Takamine acoustic & a Reverend PA-1. Insured thankfully but still want revenge & retribution.
  3. Stolen in Las Vegas this one off V made for Jeff Watson of Night Ranger & gifted to me by Jeff. 1980's made in USA. Red Hamer Jeff Watson Signature VRed Headstock, Red Neck, Red BodyCream lettered logoBlack truss rod cover with white edgeChrome pickup coversCream pickup ringsBlack knobsDual HumbuckerDot Neck, Roswood or Ebony FretboardChrome Tuners