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  1. 0075...

    God! The grain on that beautiful board! Mike never disappoints. Damn! Looks incredible, imagine with some metal on there!
  2. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all my Hamer brothers, I hate ya and love y'all at the same time. Actually love wins in the end. Love you guys! Just wish you weren't all enabling MFer's like we all are! Merry Christmas All! And Thanks by the way for being you. Happy New Year!
  3. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Un-Fricken-Real! Congratulations! Once again - WOW!!!
  4. Anybody in the area to check it out and an assist if all is good?
  5. # 0067

    Oh my!!! Congratulations! WOW!!!
  6. What the fuck PEOPLE! Dude! You guys are killing me!
  7. I'm, lost! But I am brain dead and own. P-90 upgraded P-90 pick-ups Vanguard. Please just some more info! Hopefully you get what you want but I guess I drink too much! Love mine! Upgraded pickups and all!
  8. 78 SUNBURST

    I have realized I'm not retiring soon so WTF!!!
  9. 78 SUNBURST

    Yeah, my wife has probably been close to stabbing me in the heart while sleeping or deal with the kids college education. What can I say I'm a child at heart and then some!
  10. Please put me on the list behind A. bandini. Nice get!
  11. 78 SUNBURST

    Yeah, he may have one laying around. Go figure!
  12. 78 SUNBURST

    Sent the seller an email. Will see what and if I get a response.
  13. 78 SUNBURST

    Thanks Bubs! I got time. Even though I would be good with 3/4 to 7/8ths of a body if it broke off! Realizing I need a medium to preferred thick neck. It's the right color and who knows, thrown my money away on lesser things I've bought. Guess I'll see how it shakes out. Thanks again.
  14. 78 SUNBURST

    Great. I've seen the 80's + guitars have the thinner neck and my Korina Special Jr. has me ascared of a thin neck. Really love to own an older sustain block Sunburst!