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  1. 1/8" shaft pot knob source?

    How about an electronics company like Digikey or Mouser? https://www.digikey.com/products/en/hardware-fasteners-accessories/knobs/568?k=knob https://www.mouser.com/Electromechanical/Knobs-Dials/_/N-5g22
  2. TonePros AVT-II intonatable wraptail bridge with locking studs. $40 shipped in the US
  3. NGD was actually the day before Thanksgiving, but I just got around to being able to take some decent pics. 96 Artist wraptail. Great condition for a 20+ year old guitar. A couple small dents and some fret wear. Came with a TonePros intonatable wraptail installed plus the stock bridge. I swapped that out for a TonePros plain wraptail. Cleaner look and a smoother feel. Appropriately pictured next to my Valvetech since I got it from valvetechamps
  4. If I ever saw my Twin Reverb for sale I would buy it back without a second thought. Too big, too loud and too heavy, but I loved playing through that amp.
  5. Plus one on the Lil' '59. I've got one in the bridge position of a couple Strats. Makes them very versatile guitars. I've got them wired so they're split in the bridge/middle position to keep the Strat in-between sound. Full humbucker in the bridge position. I also have the second tone control on the bridge pickup.
  6. RichF

  7. I agree with all the others about how great the wraptail Studios are. Should never have sold the one I had.
  8. A while back I did this conversion. http://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/55948-this-old-hamer/
  9. 1990 Centaura Sparkle finish, reverse headstock, offset dots, Floyd. Numerous chips and dings. Frets and fretboard in nice shape. No trem cavity cover. None of the electronics are original. Mini toggle hole has been filled in. Pickups are a Duncan 59 in the bridge and Fender '65 Stratocaster' in the neck and middle. (That's '65 Strat' as in a current production imitation of 65 Strat pickups, not pickups from a real 65 Strat). Comes with a Kaces gig bag. $575 shipped in the continental US. Would prefer a straight sale, but I am open to trades. More pics at http://s175.photobucket.com/user/rforziati/slideshow/Centaura
  10. D'Addario guitar strap. Green and blue stripes. Brand new. Free to the first person in the US that responds.

    USA Custom body and neck. Reranch nitro finish.
  12. I'm Such a Fanboi

    Saw them in Boston a few weeks ago. Fantastic show from beginning to end.