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  1. This one is terrible beauty for me. No aff https://reverb.com/item/10727458-hamer-standard-custom-2006-black-transparent This one and the blue ship
  2. Right now 725 $ ! What u wait? Are u shure at looking an aclipse?. Make him an offer
  3. What u think about this beauty? The best eclipse color, and the seller is in the family. What else you need?
  4. What can tell us the color of the wood?
  5. And dont know what to think about this but i think someone make something very stupid. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-701928757-guitarra-hamer-double-cut-usa-1990-modificada-_JM Here is the translation: It is an American Hamer Double Cut of 1990 Modified I sell it as furniture, its ready to build a guitar that here in Argentina practically did not enter. The modification is on the headstock, the banana handle was made for put a Floyd and the configuration of Mics of Ace Frehley. almost all the electronic pieces are in, pots, keys. (the strap has the "plug" system only comes in some American guitars.) the mics are for decoration, they are Chinese that go as a gift, just place them to be more esthetic, 1990 Ghoto tuners The guitar is a plane, is ready to assemble and leave it like a race car The price is correct due to the modificacion. Anything to consult, everything that is within my reach and I know how to answer it will be taken care of. The last picture is how the guitr was originally if this is real y wanna cry. What u think?
  6. Jajajajaj me hiciste reir ( you make me laugh )
  7. The answer of the seller(I asked him about the serial number ) Hi.As far as I know it's a USA. I just had it refinished and new frets I am waiting he agree the pic where the serial number must be. I think this pic never will appear ( sorry for my english my friends)
  8. Dont laugh. Whats stadium logo ? I wanna lear. Thanks
  9. No aff https://reverb.com/item/7939468-hamer-usa-chaparral-12-1987-white
  10. Not mine https://m.ebay.com/itm/1990s-era-Hamer-Cruise-Bass-Made-in-the-USA-Very-Good-Condition-w-case/152909865685?hash=item239a2362d5:g:wHAAAOSww85ahkcE
  11. Little more price than a ps4 . Crazy price