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  1. Dana_V

    Oh the Horror!

    I just saw this on a listing for a 2010 Firebird on Reverb. Mint condition! Well, except for that headstock repair. But other than that...mint! "Gibson Firebird V 2010. In mint condition -- EXCEPT headstock broke at connection of headstock and neck (guitar fell off stand). Perfect repair. Guitar plays and looks perfect but for repaired crack (clean repair)."
  2. Dana_V

    Any MXR Micro Amp Users

    I've had the same MXR Micro Amp on my pedalboard since about 1980. My pedalboard has changed over time but that little guy stays the same. It's on all the time and I never touch it, it just gives a slight boost to the signal before it traverses the 20' of cable back to my amp.
  3. Dana_V

    Surprise Hamer sighting...

    Shane Theriot also does a podcast called The Riff Raff.
  4. Result: A classic British stack like a Marshall or Hiwatt. Nothing against Marshall or Hiwatt, but I've never owned either of those. I'm guessing I got this result because I said I play blues and classic rock and "I have a small pedalboard." Even thought I'd love to play at ridiculously loud volume like I did in the 70s, these days I have to keep it down. So I answered "moderate" to the volume question. Add in "playing 20+ years" and I really thought it would say Fender Blues Junior or something like that. For the record, Reverb, I'm a Mesa/Boogie man. Mark V with the rock band and the Mark V plus a 1953 Magnatone with the blues band. Oh well. It's just clickbait anyway. 😏
  5. Dana_V

    Show us your Shishkov in action.

    Maybe. 😁
  6. Dana_V

    Show us your Shishkov in action.

    Slightly bigger stage this time.
  7. Dana_V

    Overheard on Facetube

    As long as it's the 16-ounce Jimmy Dean wiring and not that wimpy 12-ounce Jimmy Dean wiring.
  8. Dana_V

    Bill Bartlett's Guitar.

    Bill Bartlett addressed it a little in an article he wrote about his 6/12 Mosrite. I thought I remember reading something else about it but I can't find it now. Also I wanted to rebuild my 1954 Gibson Les Paul which had become worn out. Using hand-held power tool, I chipped the crappy wood (hidden under the god paint) of the top; with a chisel and fashioned a birdseye plank for the new top. The P-90's went to the octave neck and neck position of the Mosrite I was working on simultaneously. The modified Les Paul was used to cut “Black Betty” in 1975 with my band “Starstruck”. This original track was edited in a major way to become the well known Ram Jam version. The guitar can be seen in the numerous You Tube videos. I assume by "god paint" he meant "gold paint." 😉 http://www.bobsyouruncle.net/TNM_Guitars/News/NewsExtra.htm
  9. 25th Anniversary Edition Artist (1998) Archtop P-90 Goldtop (1990) Blitz (1983) Californian Custom (1990) Duotone (1996) Eclipse-12 (1993) Korina Artist P-90 (2005) Newport Pro (2005) Special (1980, 1981) Special FM (1993) Special Korina Junior (2005) Special P-90 (1992, 1993) Standard (1996) Studio Wraptail (1995) Sunburst (1978) Vector (1981)
  10. Dana_V

    The worst hamer usa

    ...but some of us consider that to be their BEST quality.
  11. Dana_V

    Hamer Socks

    She's slowly adding guitar to her ukulele skills. She also plays alto sax and sings in the school choir, so she already has a good understanding of music. I figure full-on guitar playing can't be too far away.
  12. Dana_V

    Hamer Socks

    Thought y'all might like to see a picture of my daughter's latest socks.
  13. Dana_V


    To paraphrase a Weird Al song, file that in the dictionary under KA-BLAM.
  14. Dana_V

    Experienced wait time?

    I approved my spec sheet in January of 2016 and picked up the guitar in July of 2017. There was a lot of waiting involved, but I knew there would be. Anytime I communicated with Mike or Trish I always made sure they knew I wasn't trying to rush them. Quality takes time. And, in fact, I was hoping it would be ready during a time when I could pick it up in person. Right before the finish went on, I asked Trish to keep taking pictures but don't send them to me - I wanted to be surprised. So sometimes you wait a long time. And then you drive halfway across the country. It was a long trip, and that drive from the hotel to Shishkov HQ seems to take forever. But then you meet Mike and his family and they're the nicest, most gracious people you could ever hope to meet. You're standing in his house. There's a guitar case on a little table in the front room. You open the case. You pick up the guitar and hold it for the first time. And that's when you realize that it was totally, 100%, worth the wait.
  15. Dana_V

    Player-Grade Hamer Pics

    I know I just posted pictures of my beloved '81 Special on the Everybody posts about their new guitars..... thread, but I think it pretty much fits the definition of player grade. I've never intentionally abused it -- in fact I've always been careful with it - but things happen over the course of 3+ decades. Like that time in 2007 when my strap came apart and the guitar went crashing down onto my pedalboard. One of the vertical edges of the 'board caught the neck just behind the nut and put a good-sized gouge in it. And considering how incredibly thin the neck is to begin with, I'm really surprised it didn't snap the headstock right off. But it didn't. So it's got quite a few battle scars.