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  1. I was going to say: I have a chrome slide I bought from a friend in 1975 (for $2.00) that's still my main slide. I've acquired others along that way, but that one's still my #1. I think if I ever lost it it would be like when Austin Powers lost his mojo. I also still regularly use the original Heet Sound EBow I got for my 16th birthday in 1977, and there's an MXR Micro Amp on my pedalboard that I've had since 1980. But then I read this... ...and realized Uncle Thor's Hamer has a good point. Those things I mentioned (as well as my 1953 Magnatone amp I'll be using at tomorrow night's gig) are old but not outdated. So, with that in mind, I suppose the most outdated things I use are setlists and lyric sheets printed on paper and taped to my floor monitor.
  2. Then your 8th grade was WAY cooler than mine!
  3. Yeah, they were off to a great start, had a deal with Geffen...then all of a sudden major record companies were only interested in bands that looked and sounded like Nirvana. The mid-to-late-90s stuff they did on Metal Blade is still cool, though. I don't know about the back catalog, but the new album IS available on vinyl through their website.
  4. (Loose connection to Hamer content: Monty used to play Hamer basses - including a 12 - back in the 90s.) I saw Galactic Cowboys at Fitzgerald's in Houston last Friday and they CRUSHED it. I've been a fan since the first album in '91 and have seen them a few times over the years. Friday was the release party for their new album, Long Way Back to the Moon - their first new material since 2000 and the first with the original lineup since Space in Your Face in 1993. The band was super-tight and sounded MASSIVE. Heavy riffs and soaring harmonies - my favorite combination. Hopefully they'll do some more dates in 2018. Highly recommended.
  5. My '95 Studio, bought from a former HFC member right before he was permanently banned. Fortunately, he didn't have it long enough to subject it to his electric drill buffing process.
  6. Boogie woogie piano. Any time, any place, all day, all night.
  7. Imagine Dragons

    In a similar vein, my son and his girlfriend (both age 21) just went to see Hippo Campus with opening act Bleachers. I told him to let me know if anyone shouted “GIT-TAR” before a ripping guitar solo or if any of their songs contained the word “mama.” (@MCChris will understand.) He sent me a couple of short video clips and a few pictures. When I saw the thumbnail for the first video I thought, “Whoa! Two handed tapping! Maybe I was wrong! Maybe somebody DID bust out with an Eddie Van Halen-style guitar solo!” But…no. I can’t figure out how to insert his video here (it wasn’t the whole song anyway), so here’s Hippo Campus playing the song “Traveler” at a different show. Note the two-handed tapping. So…yeah. At least they’re playing actual instruments - guitars, even - instead of laptops, I suppose, so there’s that. And I try very hard to keep an open mind and not be one of those “My generation’s music was great, yours is terrible” parents. But Hippo Campus, Bleachers, et al, does nothing for me. It’s just so, for lack of a better word, wimpy.
  8. Paul Gilbert - guitar teacher?

    Here's an article about it from 2012: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/Shred_Your_Enthusiasm_For_Those_About_to_Rock
  9. Paul Gilbert - guitar teacher?

    Paul was an Open Counselor when I was at GIT in ’87 - ’88. Open counselors didn’t necessarily teach in a classroom; rather, they would be in a small room at a specified time every week (say, 1:00 - 3:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, something like that). Students could come and go at will, ask questions or just listen. His room was always pretty crowded. He was always friendly and would answer any question or demonstrate any technique without being condescending. It was also interesting to see which of his many custom Ibanezes he would show up with on any given day. And even though I didn’t hang around his room enough to say I “got to know him,” I CAN say that he was (and, I assume, still is) a super-cool guy and a great teacher. Frank Gambale was an OC that year too. Seeing him do what he does at point-blank range -- and have him personally explain it to you -- was pretty mind blowing.
  10. HB, Mike Shishkov

    Happy birthday from Allie and me!
  11. Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    "The guitars are weight-relieved and have a comfort-carve belly on the rear." Well of course. Can we also assume they come with a "deluxe gig bag"?
  12. Need your help- website testing

    Looks great (Windows 7 Enterprise / Firefox 56.0.1). LOVE all the photos. I especially like the Ultimate page; it’s really cool to see (almost) all the Ultimates in one place. Feel free to include my 0063 if you’d like to include the post-initial run COs. But since you asked: “…each Ultimate ended up being as unique as it’s new owner.” Gotta lose that apostrophe (“it’s” = “it is” or “it has”): “…each Ultimate ended up being as unique as its new owner.” Also, you might consider making the Gravelin link open a new tab as opposed to navigating away from the page. And maybe add a link to the Shishkov Guitars Facebook page, if you want.
  13. 0064

    ^^^ What he said.
  14. Good ol' Shure SM57. Hard to go wrong with that one.
  15. Carvin Audio Closes Factory

    Carvin memories: my gear, 1982. The X-100B was brand new; this was the first year of the knobs-on-the-bottom (Marshall) look. Celestion G12M speakers in the cabs. Some of the stuff in this picture (like that 49MHz Nady wireless system) hasn't been used in years, but I still have it. I was using the Carvin for rehearsal (in the 60W mode and only one cab) recently and it still sounds awesome.