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  1. I'm most happy with your new avatar!
  2. Those LPC and Standard clones are very impressive.
  3. As long as I've lived here, I've never been there, but everyone raves about the Jackson House. Hope things are well with you too Brian and yes, Butcher has impeccable home decorating taste!!!
  4. I had a most pleasant surprise at the office today in the form of a visit from the lovely and talented HFC's own Butcher. He showed me some pretty mind-blowing photos of his latest builds, including a stunning flametopped Standard/Explorer, a black 3-pickup LP Custom clone (I could not tell it wasn't an original vintage Gibson) as well as some original designs and even a '62 LP/SG Standard clone with sideways vibrola. Not only can this guy play the snot out of a guitar, but he makes a pretty mean one (or several) too! Was great to see him and catch up a little as he was on his way to meet up with Hangman. The HFC has such awesome members!!
  5. Wow. Again!
  6. That's a factory graphic, not someone's 'customized' one.
  7. I've found most of those 'cheap guitar' groups are a collection of flaming pompous and ignorant assholes. They are often militant in extolling the virtues of or how awesome a complete shite Hondo II is and how it blows away Custom Shop Fenders or Gibsons (which I'm pretty confident none of these posers have ever seen in the flesh). The level of hipster-douchebaggery is off the charts.
  8. ^^^This. If so, you did fine, if rounded corners and no USA, you overpaid double for an import case.
  9. I have no words for this. "Wow!!!" maybe, but that's about all I can squeak out as my jaw is on the floor.
  10. I believe it started up in late 1995 or early 1996. I joined up when I got my first internet access in June of 1996 and it was here. The first page I joined was the Telecaster Discussion Page (original version) and I joined here the same week.
  11. I used 45-105s for years on my 80s Hamer basses with zero issues.
  12. The fact that they've become so anti-seller makes selling there nearly impossible. There is zero recourse for impulse buys or when idiot buyers change their minds after the fact. In addition to fees, sellers get screwed on shipping, etc which can be a ton of money. Not worth doing.
  13. Here's the Hamer Bass w/BTS circuit:
  14. Sadly, I have just about everything except the Mirage II. Does this work (I know the M2 has master volume and master tone).
  15. And for anyone with the other (later) Sustainiac circuit, I have this: