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  1. That was my main gig guitar for years. Just perfect out of the case every time.
  2. serial


    What is the exact weight and neck profile of each? Also, what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  3. That’s quite a tall tale and the truss rod cover is wrong, but it’s a legit Hamer. Great guitars.
  4. Looking to clear out some stuff-I’m just not getting out to play enough these days and other interests and work are keeping me busy. Here are a few that are great guitars (two were my main gigging guitars for years) that should be played more than I have been playing them. Not really sure how to price everything, so feel free to make an offer. Only trades would be a sunburst 70s LP Std, another Corvette (😆) or vintage firearms. 1986 Chap Custom built for Fernando Von Arb of Krokus-rare Kahler option, original pre-OBLs, AWESOME sky blue pearl. $2100 1978 Lefty Stratocaster (strung righty) Definitely a player-has old Tokai pickups which sound great. I have two of the original pickups and new Fender w/b/w pickguard and other parts. $1200 1978 Telecaster Custom-“Keef” special. Original bridge pickup included (has a rail humbucking Tele now that sounds great). $1978 Not sure about letting this one go-1997 Mahogany Standard also featured in “The Book”, factory-applied Mexican Sun Yellow finish. $2700
  5. It’s listed as a “Short Horn” Phantom in the log books. Came that way from the factory. A little SG-ish. Lots of weirdness on this one for 1986-Floyd on a Phantom, factory EMGs, Slanted fingerboard end, etc...
  6. serial

    Tribute or USA Made

    3-screw truss rod cover too.
  7. serial

    Hamer guitar registry

    It was only in a document on a computer.
  8. serial

    Hamer guitar registry

    Problem is that there is no electronic version existing anymore.
  9. serial

    Hamer guitar registry

    Well I have between 8-10,000 guitars in mine...
  10. serial

    Hamer guitar registry

    The online version was a mess-better to disregard that one even if you can find it.
  11. Guy on the left has a Phantom although he often played a Blitz.
  12. That’s a beauty indeed. I need to get my Vette out of the garage (we had almost a foot of snow here last Thursday!) as well. I should probably sell some guitars too!
  13. Historic FB III-huge neck and light 1982 Gibson Explorer-fun and rocks Historic SG/LP Std.
  14. serial