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  1. Butchery like that should be severely punished.
  2. I thought Lifeson as well...
  3. Agreed-Jol presents each of these with a bit of history and insight into his design ideas for each one, which I think is what these are geared towards. That is a specialized market that does have customers, so I get the appeal, even if it isn't necessarily something I could spring for at present!
  4. This episode was on TV the night before last. Classic.
  5. I stand corrected-BCR did get set 001, but those didn't have the brace case. Agreed w/CM that maybe that was just for the NAMM display as it isn't overly practical.
  6. I find your careless disregard for accuracy regarding Alive II offensive. "There's Paul, big as life...?" Surely you meant to say "Larger Than Life".
  7. Brian-I believe maybe BCR had #005 as I have these serials logged into the Registry (the only #s I have of these) and photographs of one of these sets. I always added serial #s when photographing Hamers. I seem to recall that only the first set had the brace case and that was at the NAMM show. As stated above, there were five sets, both guitars being "Specials", although one was configured as a LP Junior. I recall there being quite a bit of debate at the time as to whose idea these were (the company's or a dealer's). The next serialed guitar after these was Tom Dumont's yellow mahogany Vector and in the same batch was a Newport Baritone made for Billy Corgan.
  8. That went stupid cheap!
  9. And Pelham Blue was not a MM custom color in '66-the guitars were only offered in PB and Red. In '67 they added Burgundy Mist to the MMs.
  10. That was an A5. Is the guy looking for an A7 specifically?
  11. One possible remedy is to tap the arm hole for a collared Floyd Rose bar. The result is far more practical and user-friendly. The arms are probably scarce because people tossed the out of their car windows like a Supertramp tape. They really sucked.
  12. Ha! This made me laugh aloud.
  13. I would ask you to stop showing off, but that would be stupid-please keep showing these off!