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  1. I drove by a Guitar Center today, and wasn't even tempted to go in. I'll be driving that way again a little later this week. I'll make myself stop, just for the experience. I also drive by one of the smaller local stores, Twin Town, on a daily basis and I do occasionally stop in there and buy stuff I actually need, cables and strings and stuff. I'm rarely tempted to even look to see what they've got on their guitar wall though. It's good to be guitar rich, so to speak, with a stable of usable and versatile Hamers. Oh, and that Shishkov in the corner too. Life is good!
  2. Just when I thought you were going to come up for air, Muse would prod you in the back again. aiiyaiiyaiiiiiii
  3. SirDaniel and I have decided to make road trip to IL the weekend of April 7-9, and we're hoping to run into a few of the Chicago HFC members while there. We'll be staying in the western suburbs on Friday night, and head into the city sometime on Saturday. We're planning on attending a Talking Heads tribute at Martyr's on Saturday night. Anyone else want to join us? Here's a few links to the nightclub and to the Start Making Sense band's website: Martyrs Calendar of Events Start Making Sense Band Website You can find ticket info at both places, with a $15 admission fee. We don't have any other big plans on Saturday, but we'll probably check out a music store somewhere in the city and grab a bite somewhere. Who's in?
  4. And then there's these guys, the Fruit Flyz. Fruit Flyz at Wild Tymes, FB event
  5. It's almost time for more of this. All Hamers all the time! 4321 All-Stars at the Wild Tymes, Facebook Event
  6. Here's a link to the Facebook event for the 4321 All-Stars: 4321 All-Stars at the Wild Tymes 13 years ago, in June, 2003, I hosted the first HFC Jam at my house, affectionately know as the 4-3-2-1 Club. A few of the guys in this band were among the faithful that have continued to rock out at the 4-3-2-1 since then, along with a wide cast of other nefarious characters. We're excited to take this show on the road once again, and we've added a lead singer, David, that brings the average age of our band down by 10 whole years! He's also convinced us to perform a hip-hop song. You won't want to miss this! Hope to see a few of you local guys out on Saturday.
  7. I like it! One of my bandmates speaks fluent German, as he used to teach high school German. I'll have to play this for him, and who knows, perhaps we'll have to cover one of your songs. That would be fun!
  8. In case you haven't figured it out from the guitars and the backing tracks and the playing style, David is quite the Steve Vai fan and emulator. Joe Satriani too. Steve has given a shout-out to Mrs. Smith, and posted some of her videos on his own FB feed. Fun stuff.
  9. If I didn't already have two pink Cruise basses, I'd be all over this one, and I might even drive to the end of the earth to pick it up. Very nice!
  10. After my 60th birthday bash at the Wild Tymes last October, a number of the groups that participated have wanted to go back and play longer sets. Well, that's about to happen! Next Saturday, March 18, the following groups will once again grace the stage at the Wild Tymes in downtown Saint Paul. If you're local, come on out and hang out with us: Saturday, March 18, 8:00 PM The Palace Stage at the Wild Tymes 33 7th Place West Saint Paul, MN 8:00 - Famous Volcanoes 9:15 - Hearing Horns 10:30 - Fruit Flyz 11:45 - 4321 All-Stars I'll post additional posts, including FB events, below. Hope to see some of you guys out and about next week!
  11. And right on cue, Mrs. Smith showed up in a Gucci eyeware ad this morning. This is really surreal to me. David had a trip to Hungary last fall for this video shoot. Work hard, kittens! Hamer content?: Billy Idol's Eyes Without a Face is the song used in this video: The Surreal Voyage
  12. Mrs. Smith and the Eventide H9 pedal I've got to give a shout out to my friend David, aka Mrs. Smith. I met David when he lived here in Minneapolis a few years back, and I had the pleasure of listening to him shred in the comfort of the 4-3-2-1 Club. Since then he's moved to NYC to seek his fame and fortune as a shredding dowager known as Mrs. Smith. I got a real kick out of this promotional video for the Eventide H9 pedal. If you find this as amusing as I do, take the time to look up a few of Mrs. Smith's busking videos from Central Park and other areas of NYC. She's a hoot, and is rapidly gaining notoriety.
  13. Same for me. I don't get too nervous onstage anymore, but when I do, it's fleeting. Performing is also a way different experience, in terms of what actually goes through your mind while playing all your muscle memory songs. I like to interact with the audience, but I also have to be careful not to lose my way within a song while onstage. Famous Volcanoes had an interesting recording experience last night. We've been rehearsing and also playing live a suite of songs, all in the same order (an album, if you will), in our bluegrass format for the last two years. We've had a goal of a live full-band recording, without an audience, so that we could get it all "in the can" and move on to our next project. Robb is a relentless song writer, and I consider myself lucky to play in his band! So we got ourselves set up and ready last night. We're always very well rehearsed. We could do a full two hour set right now, in either electric or bluegrass format, without having to think too much about it. With the exception of the bass and pedal steel, all other instruments (mandolin, guitar and banjo) were unplugged. We used a single mic to record the room, and we've been practicing recording (and performing live) this way for awhile. So, when the time came to press record and launch into the songs, I was surprised at the nervous energy in the room with just the 5 players present. We even had breaks built in for tuning, refreshments, etc. After an hour of recording, we stopped, and the overriding comment was something like, "wow, everything felt really fast." We didn't switch tempos mid-song, but we were definitely playing up-tempo due to nervous energy. We had planned to record twice, so we launched into our second time. The second time through was definitely way more relaxed, and felt more locked in, to me. Of course, everyone wants a do over. I'm not sure if we will or not, but we did sit and listen to our 2nd run-through after we were done. It turned out surprisingly well, in spite of the nerves of knowing that "this is it." Fun times! We're also taking this show on the road in two weeks. We're traveling four hours North to the little towns of Isabella and Finland, MN, on the North shore of Superior. I've got friends up there and spend lots of time there, so I've gotten us gigs at the Knotted Pine, which is a little hole-in-the-wall-in-the-middle-of-nowhere bar which caters to a huge snowmobile tourism crowd at this time of year. The following day, we're in Finland at the Clair Nelson Center, performing onstage during the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, which has a checkpoint for the dogs and mushers there. We'll be playing in front of a way different audience than we're used to, so it'll be a trial by fire experience. I don't really think we'll be too nervous. We'll see. Here's links to the facebook events: Famous Volcanoes at the Knotted Pine Famous Volcanoes in Finland
  14. It wouldn't be a proper 4-3-2-1 Club party without the gratuitous SwirlyGig shout out. We love SwirlyGigs! America's Favorite Drink Holder!
  15. And of course, yours truly gets in on the action.