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  1. Frozen Jam: Saturday, Feb. 24

    We're a week away. Anyone else want to stop by? For you out-of-towners, if you need a place to sleep, I can usually find a spare couch or sleeping pad. Feel free to stay overnight if you'd like.
  2. I see your coffee mug, and raise you a bottle opener.
  3. Here's my Music In The Zoo mug, front and back, courtesy of BadgerDave's hospitality suite at the Dwight Yoakam show a number of years ago, I think?
  4. I really like the songs I've listened to. Great work, and congrats on the CD release. I'll wait for a CD. I'm old school that way. Can I get it autographed by the band? Wish I could make your CD release show. I've got numerous friends in the Charlotte area and I've been looking for a good excuse to visit. I'll pay attention to your FB page and perhaps make it to one of your upcoming shows.
  5. I work in shipping for a tennis shop, so I'm on the UPS & FedEx websites every day. It amuses me to no end to read what I call their "excuse of the day." This takes the form of a colored or flashing banner at the top of the screen which highlights the flood-or-fire of the moment, or perhaps a large named storm of some sort, hurricane, vortex, blizzard or otherwise. Said disaster is supposedly responsible for shipping delays to/from YOUR area. They've got a lot of excuses for missing or delayed packages. That said, their service is generally pretty good for small businesses that deal in high volume. Even the boxes that do show up exploded and re-packaged tend to have all the expected content. It's really amazing the package volume in which these companies deal. Oh, and the UPS guy and I love to commiserate about the FedEx guy. I call him Mr. Happy because of his generally dour disposition. He's most talkative and animated when he's had some sort of confrontation with a customer or someone else driving a vehicle. Last week, after being locked out of a delivery address for over 10 minutes, he was particularly animated, and threatened to give them a bad review if this keeps occurring, and then he won't have to deliver there anymore. And then he said, "Technically, they're not my customer anyway, if you know what I mean." "No, I don't know what you mean," I prompted. "Well, they're not the ones paying the freight. Technically, the shipper is the one I'm working for." Huh?
  6. I do still have that hat. It's got a few gutter-stains on it, but functional nonetheless. Perhaps I'll use it to guard my pate at the next 4-3-2-1 gathering. It's nearly as useful as a riot helmet.
  7. Frozen Jam: Saturday, Feb. 24

    There's always riot gear. It's readily available in the event of riots.
  8. The Hamer import sounds like an interesting option. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm still shopping around. My friend has been bugging me for over a year, but I'm not sure if he's ever going to buy anything. It's funny the effect that shopping has on a guy though. I keep telling myself that they're WANTS, not NEEDS. I know myself, though. If I can find something nice and light, I'll probably end up with a short scale for myself by the end of the year. And then I'll need new Gravelin pickups for it.
  9. Sweet! Both of mine have been getting a bit of action recently. Great guitars!
  10. Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    I needed to work on BOC's Career Of Evil tonight. What better setup than WPS#5 through a Marshall 5 in the living room. This guitar rocks! The 4-3-2-1 is gearing for a jam session on Feb. 24. You local guys need to get over here for your photo op with this fine instrument. You out-of-towners too!
  11. Frozen Jam: Saturday, Feb. 24

    It's looking like Saturday, Feb. 24 is the preferred date. Let's work with that.
  12. Today's heavy snowfall inspired this pic while shoveling, and has also inspired me to pick a date for the Frozen Jam. Saturday, Feb. 24 looks like the date. Any brave travelers?
  13. Blue Oyster Cult - Dec. '73 Wilco - Nov. '17 Nothing scheduled for the next show yet, but I was reading the First Avenue calendar yesterday, and a likely one is Valerie June in February. Another one that I saw posted yesterday that piqued my interest was the Ike Willis Project at the Turf Club.
  14. I played the Waterstone Indra at Vig Guitars, and it was very nice. Good fit and finish, and strung with flatwounds which were very appealing. It seems heavy to me for a short scale hollowbody (single F-hole), but now I sound like I'm shopping for myself. ha. Here's a link to the guitar on my local craigslist if you're interested in what it looks like: Craigslist Mpls: Waterstone Indra at Vig Guitars
  15. Thanks for all the info, guys. I appreciate it! I'm still shopping, and hope to go out to try a few models at some of my local stores this weekend. Does any have any experience with the Waterstone brand? In particular the Waterstone Indra. Also, there's an Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat listed locally. Both these look like nice guitars. Any opinions?