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  1. The FBIV had been signed all across the front by the members of Cheap Trick. As much as I love Cheap Trick, I'm glad Jay removed the sigs.
  2. True, I remembered that right after I posted... For years, my grail was an FBIV. One finally showed up on ebay, but "Ed Rechts" beat me out (still can't believe no one else was bidding on it). I emailed him after the auction and told him congrats, let me know if he ever wanted to sell it. He said he would. We struck up a friendship (that included such craziness as having a couple beers in Ocean City MD, and then him asking me if his Impala SS was as fast as my Corvette as he handed me the keys... Spoiler alert - It was). Fast forward a few years, and on Christmas morning one year, my wife told me she almost forgot one of my gifts, and proceeds to bring a Thunderbird case in from the other room. I opened it, and there was the FBIV. I was speechless (first time, I think). Jay had sent an email asking if I still wanted to buy it, and my wife had intercepted the email (we shared an account at the time) and bought it from him for me. For exactly what he paid for it. And if I remember correctly, he didn't even have the check in hand before he sent the bass. So yeah, I've gotten lucky on at least one of my grails... LOL!
  3. A Standard Custom. Should have snagged one back when you could buy them all day on ebay for $1000 - $1200... As far as basses, that grail sailed. Had a Standard bass sold out from under me for something like $600 at a show back around 1997 or so. Back then, I wasn't even fully aware of what it was, but I was sick about it. Tried to find it numerous times over the years, before it finally surfaced about 40 miles from me for $1200 through a post on this board a couple of years ago. Someone beat me to it, and immediately flipped it on ebay for $600 or so more than he paid for it; the ebay winner then immediately stuck it back on ebay for almost twice what he paid for it. I'd still like to have it, but not enough to pay a $3000 premium for it - LOL!
  4. Along the Gibson line. Maybe.

    (After a day of dumpster diving) "These appear to be some kind of factory special edition guitars, maybe a Guitar Center special edition that were glued together to give them a cool "relic" vibe... Definitely a bit of a mystery, but definitely THE BEST guitars I've ever played, by far. Really HATE to part with them, but I will let them go for $1500 each".
  5. Absolutely. I simply meant by "apparent" he is saying you can't see it as clearly visible, which you can't, because it's been painted over. It's the same as saying the guitar is "virtually" undamaged. Agree he's still dishonest.
  6. Technically he's not lying, but his clever use of semantics makes him a tool.
  7. How did you get to the HFC?

    Don't even remember - Always was intrigued by Hamers thanks mainly to Cheap Trick, stumbled upon the HFC in 96 or 97 back when the internet was new to me, bought a new Cruisebass, and here I am 20+ years later. I think my first HFC Open House was 1999.
  8. The TGP Thread

    I could be way off, but my guess is the OP doesn't care so much about other members advice as he does bragging about the fact he's having a hard time deciding how to spend his $3K and raising his TGP Cred. .
  9. Tampa HFC Jam

    Can't make the jam, but I'll flick a pick in the general direction of Florida for ya
  10. First: ACDC/UFO/Nazareth/Heart, 1979 Last: I think it was Roger Waters' The Wall Next: None planned. The only "current" bands I have any interest in going to see are Foo Fighters or Kid Rock. I did see that Weezer is touring with Foo Fighters in NZ - THAT would be a cool show....
  11. Maybe the materials didn't work, and he's just raising funds to pay for it.
  12. Thanks, Chris - I did not see that before, but do now. There are definitely differences between the two.
  13. Besides the J/J configuration, I don't see anything that makes this a Standard and not a Blitz. The serial number would be from late 83 to early 84, which is during the time they were making Blitz basses. There's no binding, no flame top. And the gold hardware can be found on regular Blitz basses. Honestly, to me it just looks like it got a four digit serial number due to the J/J custom order. Just my .02.