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  1. Funky Chicken

    #87 Super-C

    Not to take away from this one, but I love watching them all.
  2. Funky Chicken

    Sturgill Simpson - - anybody?

    You say this like it's a bad thing.
  3. Funky Chicken


    That’s a magical guitar. Psyched for you. Congratulations!
  4. Funky Chicken


    I guess I am going to need another one of these things. Peer pressure, you know.
  5. Funky Chicken


    Here they come!
  6. Funky Chicken

    Everybody Wants Some!

  7. Funky Chicken

    Dunlop Straplocks and Standard/Ultimate body shape

    That's what I thought. Thanks!
  8. If you were to use Dunlop Straplocks with either of the above (or any other instrument where the strap button mounts behind the heel), would it make sense to install the pin and hardware on the strap itself backwards, i.e. with the pin coming out the face of the strap? Anybody doing this? Thx
  9. Funky Chicken

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    I've actually been thinking about this and would like to offer a positive contribution. I could see a bass version of a Super C style with a wenge or solid rosewood neck, or a bass version of a Cobra/DC with neck thru construction and wings (kinda like Pedulla/Spector). High mass(solid brass?) bridge, active electronics with push pull defeat. Volume/Blend/Active tone controls, possibly a series/parallel switch depending on the PU configuration. Both get a 4 or 5 inline headstock with the bevel (headstocks with tuners on both sides get weird with a 5 string). Fretless option (lined or unlined).
  10. Funky Chicken

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    Lived in Fairfield for many years. Have Sisters-In-Law in Monroe and Sandy Hook. Any of you remember Select Guitars on the Post Road in Norwalk? Oddball store, oddball owner, but got a couple of gems there over the years.
  11. Funky Chicken

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    That’s it! Shame on me for forgetting the name. It came out on Thursdays IIRC.
  12. Funky Chicken

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    Actually, this transaction was pre-CL/maybe even pre-internet. I think I found it in one of those “for sale” weekly papers.
  13. Funky Chicken

    Corsa Guitars

    Any crystal lattice happening?
  14. Funky Chicken

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    This thread is improving rapidly now.