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  1. Funky Chicken

    #87 Super-C

  2. Funky Chicken


    I've got a Pro series T1 in Sonic Blue with Rosewood. My Tele search is over. It's a little more of a "rock" T style than a "country" one-more Page than Paisley. I don't personally care for Suhr's more modern/shredder stuff but their S and T styles are just killer-their best work.
  3. Funky Chicken

    #73 has landed

    A few more observations/comments. The final build sheet lists the finish as "violin burst/vintage natural". I am guessing that the vintage natural tint went on over the burst to provide the subtle aging. I am getting progressively more flabbergasted as I spend time with this instrument as to how well it suits me and even moreso as to how my limited input to Mike translated so well regarding neck shape and finish. A couple of quick phone conversations with him went a long way. I am a pretty good sized control freak. The idea of laying back and trusting the builder and the process was really alien to me. I jumped into this order very quickly, something I really don't do. Many of you inadvertently helped me along the way thru your posts-watching other guitars get completed and seeing the new owners pretty much uniformly thrilled was a calming influence. I am now reevaluating all of my current guitars to determine what Mike can build for me to replace at least two guitars that see little play time. l
  4. Funky Chicken

    #73 has landed

    This guitar was ordered very early in 2016, as he was finishing the initial run of Ultimates and just after he unveiled the Maverick and Cobra prototypes. That's all I know. Dana V's #63 is the only other Ultimate built after the initial run that I am aware of.
  5. Funky Chicken

    #73 has landed

    Thanks for these, Mike! I can't thank you enough. I feel like a little kid on Christmas today.
  6. Funky Chicken

    #73 has landed

    Arrived safely here at my place of employment. Snuck it into a conference room for a peek. Please excuse the iphone photos. First impressions-I am blown away. Everything about it seems "elevated" from every other guitar I have played/owned. Light, loud, arrived nearly in tune. Headstock is ebony/unbound. Body binding is the same material Rickenbacker uses on their 600 series guitars. Neck binding is the outer layer of the same material, which forced frets over binding (a choice I was making anyway). Volume pots reversed to put the bridge volume closest to the bridge. This build started with my plan being Natural or Orange. As time passed and the body came together we realized that a burst would better serve the overall aesthetics. I told Mike what I didn't want in a burst and this is the result. He also found a way to age the body binding to soften the white tones inherent in the material. What it looks like to me is simply a well aged guitar. Neck is medium, profile more C than D, soft V from 7th fret to nut. That's all I told Mike, and he nailed it. I'll work on getting some better photos up.
  7. Funky Chicken

    #73 has landed

    Out for delivery
  8. Funky Chicken

    #73 has landed

    In transit, due to arrive tomorrow.
  9. Funky Chicken


  10. Funky Chicken

    #81, a different but cool build

    So cool to see a few more getting close.
  11. Funky Chicken

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Maybe one pickup? Esquire with 3 way switch? It's fun to speculate...
  12. Funky Chicken

    NGD Hamer Phantom with Images.

    Maybe the couple of parts it needs to put it back together are a neck and a body.
  13. Funky Chicken

    RIP Fender MIM

    There are a few bazllion MIM Fenders on CL right now.
  14. Jeepers. That's stunning. Always loved the Lemonburst. If I wasn't into Mike S. for a pile of dough.......
  15. Funky Chicken

    Any MXR Micro Amp Users

    I have a pretty good MXR Micro Amp story. When I was 14 or 15 my parents asked me for a Christmas list to distribute to family who didn't know what I would like to receive. I filled the list with pedals, which at the time were pretty damned expensive. I didn't expect to get any or all of them, but since they asked, I would be a greedy teenager. My Grandmother got a hold of the list and called Jack's Music in Red Bank, N.J. to see if they had any of the things on the list in stock. The guy on the phone said they had the Micro Amp in stock, it was $79 plus tax, and he would put it to the side for her to pick up. She got in the car and picked up her sister to help her carry it. When she got to the store she backed her Oldsmobile 98 up to the loading dock and opened the trunk so they wouldn't have to carry it too far. The guy came out of the back door holding the MXR box. My grandmother immediately assumed they were trying to rip her off because there was no reason anything that size should cost that much. Eventually they managed to convince her that in fact this was the requested item. We had a good laugh when she told us the story after I opened it on Christmas Day.