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  1. Dire Straits - Love Over Gold

    That is one of those albums that triggers really vivid memories of the places I listened to it. Lots of time going up and down I-91 in VT in my old Honda Prelude trying to maintain a long distance college romance with Telegraph Road on repeat.
  2. I've got wood.....

    Me too.
  3. I've got wood.....

    Some of the recent quilt tops have blown me away, but for this guitar I really wanted to see the mineral streaking that runs perpendicular to the flame.
  4. I've got wood.....

    I don't have a lot to share yet, but here is a peek.
  5. I found a Gallien-Krueger 250ML amp (the little lunchbox one) on CL about 5 years ago. It is in brand new shape. I use it all the time for tracking guitars. The sound on its own is way too '80s Rush to be used on its own but I will double a track using it and mix that track real low so it's almost like using it as an effect. It gives a little sparkle to the tracks and in this context nobody guesses what it is. Its also a cool little amp to just jam thru at lower volumes.
  6. 0065

    Fantastic top. I'm trying to curb my enthusiasm because mine is just getting started.
  7. What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    I'm gonna need one of those. The dark one on the maple facing is just ridiculous.
  8. Thorn Grantura ("Empirial" edition)

    I have met Ron and I love his work, but that piece is way too La La Land for me.
  9. I've got wood.....

    Got an email with some tops to pick from last night. Once I get one picked I may post it. I kind of want to keep this one under wraps a little bit, especially when the binding happens...
  10. I've got wood.....

    Yay for me.
  11. Who owns the Ultimate, Ultimate? ;)

    I do come back to that one as well. I also like #s 20 to 23. Some stellar examples in that group.
  12. Who owns the Ultimate, Ultimate? ;)

    Still waiting on mine.
  13. NGD # 60 Comes Home

    Looks like some of us care over there too.
  14. I'd love to pull that out at a gig and do "Mustang Sally".
  15. GCS, Henry's cleaning house.

    Just take in the whole outfit. The too-small denim jacket, the tan pants, the sneakers straight out of the Mel Torme episode of Seinfeld...