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  1. Yeah Baby!.. Brown chicken brown cow~
  2. +1 those 1 watt Marshals are absolutely incredible amps!
  3. Yup a 22w 6v6 Splawn SS & EL34B 50watt Quick Rod with 1/2 power switch... both heads w/ Master Loop level, & for bedroom use, I have a Marshall JVM1H
  4. Delete Initial Post

    Are you using a computer or your phone?
  5. Arrrrrrrrrgh~ you were stationed in San Diego?.. I would have killed for that assignment! I was stationed in Gila Bend "Air Force" in the middle of the frickin desert on an emergency runway where your best friends were Diamondbacks and Gila monsters & where the temperatures exceeded 122 degrees... although I'm kind of glad I wasn't station in San Diego, man I would have gotten myself in all kinds of trouble!
  6. Agreed, very interesting... I was born and raised in California, on one side you have the ocean/beaches, next to that are mountains/trees/lakes then you have the city life, cool temperatures, always something fun to do with an awesome music scene... however, you also have that unrelentless traffic... the traffic alone was the reason I moved out years ago~
  7. Delete Initial Post

    An honest mistake and you deserve to get as much as possible for your guitar... FYI you can easily add a $1,000 to your initial price... glwts
  8. Hahaha!.. yes the death tremolo
  9. Huh?. Why because my integrity is questioned and I'm defending myself? ... I've done absolutely nothing wrong here!..
  10. Hahaha! .. I was planning on installing Boomers, a neck pickup and a 3-way toggle & routing it out for a Floyd. .. jk
  11. First of all this analogy is all wrong to this particular scenario... the rules are the seller sets the price... I agreed to HIS set price... there is no "accepting format" & what gives you the right to call me out on a public forum accusing me of taking advantage of his ignorance?