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  1. Dave Scepter

    New acquisition: 2 Scepter

    Geeat score!... oh and Dibs! 😆
  2. Dave Scepter

    major reconstructive surgery on a Les Paul

    Mind blown!.. awesome job!
  3. Yeah Baby!.. Brown chicken brown cow~
  4. Dave Scepter

    News From The Bench

    This Tony the Tiger theme reminds me of my 67 Goats license plate... I had an extra so I mounted it on my best friend Gibson's K9 Kruiser Kart... Arizona's streets get extremely hot in the summer so I made him this cart to take him from my house to the park without fear of burning his paws... he just recently passed away at 15... boy I sure do miss him
  5. Dave Scepter

    What's Spinnin' ..

    Congratulations to the new Hall of Fame inductees~
  6. Dave Scepter

    What's Spinnin' ..

    If I'm high on a hillShe'd still been looking down at me
  7. Dave Scepter

    Worth The Wait (NGD: Hamer Content)

  8. Dave Scepter

    Worth The Wait (NGD: Hamer Content)

  9. Dave Scepter

    BOOGIE Mark II Users?