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    My first posting is about cars, go figure... I've got a 2014 Porsche Cayman and love it! The maintenance costs may be a bit higher (can't imagine they'd be much more than a Vette), but the cars are second to none in quality and sheer fun! I bought mine as a 6 month old car and saved some serious $$$, and there is nothing else like a Porsche. I did lots of research and knew about the tire costs, general maintenance, etc. before I took the plunge. So far I've only had it at the dealer for it's yearly maintenance with no issues. Had an Audi TT before that which was a great car, but it's not a Porsche. Mid-engine cars are the SH*T when it comes to handling and the car is very smooth riding for a sports car. Haven't had a single mechanical issue so far and the few very minor cosmetic issues (I'm picky) that have arisen were repaired under the Certified Pre-owned warranty. I do have a car to drive in crappier weather too (or band functions) so the Porsche stays inside. YMMV...