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  1. How'd you get into Hamer?

    Cheap Trick for sure... The Budokan album had all those sweet photos of the first Standard and Tom's killer basses, and when Enola made an appearance on the back cover of Dream Police I was a goner. There was a music store in the Denver area called ProSound and they carried Hamers starting in the late 1970's and I recall getting a bunch of literature from them that I still have stashed somewhere.
  2. Dang, where was this a month ago as I just bought one and I'm local to you Ernie! I sure love mine, most versatile amp I've ever used and it's 100% a tube amp. I used to have a Line 6 Spider Valve that, while not bad, still sounded digital to me whereas these sound like a great tube amp with killer studio effects thrown in! Best of luck with the sale and you shouldn't have a hard time moving it at that price and condition!
  3. NHD - Pawn shop find - Part II

    Congrats on an incredible find! Gotta love those pawn shop scores!!!
  4. I've got a Hofner Ignition series Beatle Bass and it's great! Nice and light and still has the warm Hofner style tone... Very easy to play and stays in tune too! Great figured sides and back as well...
  5. Muscle Cars

    My first posting is about cars, go figure... I've got a 2014 Porsche Cayman and love it! The maintenance costs may be a bit higher (can't imagine they'd be much more than a Vette), but the cars are second to none in quality and sheer fun! I bought mine as a 6 month old car and saved some serious $$$, and there is nothing else like a Porsche. I did lots of research and knew about the tire costs, general maintenance, etc. before I took the plunge. So far I've only had it at the dealer for it's yearly maintenance with no issues. Had an Audi TT before that which was a great car, but it's not a Porsche. Mid-engine cars are the SH*T when it comes to handling and the car is very smooth riding for a sports car. Haven't had a single mechanical issue so far and the few very minor cosmetic issues (I'm picky) that have arisen were repaired under the Certified Pre-owned warranty. I do have a car to drive in crappier weather too (or band functions) so the Porsche stays inside. YMMV...