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  1. Sweet! The one I had when I was a kid had dots and was more yellow maple than this one as it looks more amber to me... Love that brass nut too, as that was the vogue thing to do back in the day and definitely could help with the tone. What a beauty and GLWS!
  2. GuitarGuy65

    major reconstructive surgery on a Les Paul

    Totally cool... Great work! 😎
  3. GuitarGuy65


  4. I'd love to see some pics of the '79 Sunburst as my first Hamer was a natural Sunburst with dots... Man, wish I still had it! I may be interested in this one too. Sorry about the situation and do your best to keep at least one fiddle... Best of luck with everything!
  5. GuitarGuy65

    Random Music Licensing Ad Fail

    That first Knack album ("Get the Knack") was absolutely killer if you love good power pop... Great tunes and musicianship! Takes me back to being a teenager again... 😎
  6. GuitarGuy65

    Saw Cheap Trick Last Night

    I saw them in Denver a few weeks ago and I was amazed at the Quad Bass as well as I've never seen Tom play that one before... He played it for a good portion of the set too! It had a different sound for sure than his Gretsch 12er, and I personally thought it was cutting thru the mix a bit better (although the Gretsch has great tone for a 12 string bass IMHO). I remember back in the late 1980's someone here in Denver had a Quad Bass for sale and I tried to convince our bassist at the time to get it, as they are very rare birds indeed! Needless to say he ignored my pleas...
  7. My true love is vintage PRSi, as I have a few '86s and '87s that just kill, and I've also got a 2010 Custom 24 with a Floyd, sweet switch, and original 5-way rotary (with cocked wah!) that was part of a 10 guitar run for Martin Music out of Memphis that is unbelievable... Other than PRS and Hamer, I'd say Jacksons and Gibsons, although I recently picked up a Fender Custom Shop 1960 heavy relic Strat with a compound radius board that I'm totally attached to right now, as it's the most resonant solid body electric I think I've ever played! I also play in a popular Beatles Tribute band so I've got a full set of "George" guitars, including a Gretsch Tennessee Rose, Rickenbacker 360/12V63, Epi Casino with Bigsby, Fender Rocky Synth Strat, Gibson '57 reissue Cloud 9 Lester in Lucy Red, and a Fender Japan Rosewood "Veneer" Tele. I've got more guitars than talent, but I sure love to play all of them!
  8. I actually met the guitarist on a flight a few years ago as he had a Gibson case that had "Lettuce" stenciled on the outside. I'd never heard of them so I asked if he had a green Les Paul in the case and he explained that he played in the band and they had a show in the Denver area that evening... We chatted for a moment and come to find out they were playing at Red Rocks later that year! After that I did some research and liked what I heard... 😀
  9. GuitarGuy65

    OGD - Been in the case a while

    Very cool! I remember those from a few years back... Good timing too!
  10. Cheap Trick at #107... Not too shabby! Of course, I'd have them in the top 100 but YMMV... 😎
  11. GuitarGuy65

    The Vapors come to America!

    Man, that first album was amazing! "Trains" is one of my favorite 80s tunes, and "60 second intervals" is another great one... The 2nd album, not so much outside of "Jimmie Jones". I'll have to see if they are going to tour around the country as I'd like to hear what they sound like today. 😎
  12. Or it could have faded over time as well depending on sun exposure, etc...
  13. I've got one of them, and mine's an '81... 😎
  14. I've been a fan since the late '80s too, and saw them at a bar in east Denver back in Feb. 1989... They were absolutely awesome and I love Vernon's style! I recall they were having monitor problems and stopped in the early part of the set and talked with the crowd for a few until the issues got straightened out... I listen to Vivid regularly, as well as the 2nd album. Just a great, great band!!!
  15. GuitarGuy65

    List all the Hamer models you have owned

    I've had a few over the years: Late 70s Sunburst in Natural (when I was 16, thanks to Cheap Trick!) 4 digit bound and crowned Standard (it was near mint too, damn!) Early 80s Special in Amber Orange (I covered it in checkerboard tape when I was in high school) Scarab in Blue Zulu finish Steve Stevens 1 in Gunmetal Gray Diablo in Trans Green Daytona in Sea Foam Green Early 90s Sunburst Archtop (wish I hadn't moved that one!) in blue burst with quilt top, trem, and crème EMGs from the factory 90s Special FM - Amber And I've still got a 1996 Duotone in Natural and a beautiful 1981 bound burst Vector that is as clean as they come! I've got some other brands too... 😉