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  1. I suspect this is another one of those experiments out of the London School of Economics Department of Sociology.
  2. Absolutely. What's better for your band - buy from you, or CD Baby?
  3. What a sweet-looking top. Lucky you who are still under your GAS budgets. https://hartford.craigslist.org/msg/d/hamer-korina-artist/6444218199.html
  4. Pricing is ambitious, but the drollness is delicious. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mesa-Boogie-Subway-Blues-20W-spring-reverb-Raging-Cajun-10-tube-amp/292266104369?hash=item440c6ad631:g:JIsAAOSwQm9ZxWVQ
  5. NAD!

    That IS cool.
  6. "well played USA made Hamer Cruisebass," eh? I'd say so.
  7. C'mon, kids. Let's help the man get his Miller on. I'm useless, living no where near 'Frisco. But who's there? San Mateo? Oakland? Berkeley? And yes, I wrote " 'Frisco " just to piss off the natives and goad them into action.
  8. I think this is a good price. All instances I've come across on the Internet are road-worn - the white graphics damaged, verdigris crept into the gold paint on the back and neck, dings and dents. One this pristine, with an original case that appears from what shows of it to be in great condition, and with the warranty card, is a collectible piece of Hamer history. It also has at least one famous fan. https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/21771-esoterica-electrica-the-long-term-implications-of-short-term-thinking
  9. Diary from a Time Machine

    Who the heck were The Sweet?
  10. I double-blinked hearing a wee child singing some of those lyrics. But then, wee children have been singing the dirty, suggestive lyrics of blues and rock tunes now for over five generations.
  11. We get it. You really don't want to sell her.
  12. INCOMING!!

    The sound must be extra sparkly given all that glitter!
  13. Healing Finish Cracks

    My T-51 has two finish stress cracks in its neck pocket, each emanating from the inner pocket corner. Can I wet the cracks with lacquer thinner applied with a fine artists brush to heal them (and thereafter scrape and polish the repair), or is lacquer thinner not an appropriate solvent for that enamel Hamer used?