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  1. That G-Lab wah is really wonderful. But I don't need another delay. I don't need another delay. I don't need another delay. I don't need another delay. I don't need another delay.
  2. Oh my goodness. Look at that inlay work.
  3. Menehune

    Rig Rundown: Robin Trower

    I don't know what Joe B. is doing now, but there was a time he was using a handful of stomp boxes powered by batteries, and a couple of Bassman amps miked and cranked behind Plexiglass baffles. But that's not minimalist enough. I think these back-to-basics guys are inspiring even further de-gadgetizing. For instance, who needs a reverb unit? Make a box from eight 4 x 8 sheets of ply faced on their insides with hard plastic tiles (if you have lots of roadies and a forklift, just make the panels out of braced MDF, and forego the tiles), that when assembled make an 8' x 8' x 4'' high chamber. Put your amp in one corner, a mic in the opposite, and you have a Natural Reverb Chamber. Put a 2' x 2' vane mounted on a variable speed motor platform that you position in the chamber to create a Natural Chorus Reverb Chamber. Two mics? Stereo Chorus! And why not three mics, or four mics? Or two vanes? You can create novel sounds unheard of in modern electronic whizbangery. This is the product that deserve to bear the name "Way Huge".
  4. Great rock! The linocut album cover art is really cool, too.
  5. Menehune

    Scary, Scary, fret wire!

    More than a handful is a waste. And those are more than a handful.
  6. The Monaco all day, every day. It's glorious to play and hear. The Hamer is also nicer -looking, and let's face it: If you're out on a musical date, would you rather arrive in a Model T or in a Cord?
  7. And it was likely Insecure Gary's intent to gut you. From all the stories I've read of people's first-hand experiences with Gary Moore, he's been described as everything from a person "who could be difficult" to "a f*cking a**hole". Accounts of his behavior have me convinced he was a dyed-in-the-wool narcissist, and a bully to boot. Kinda takes the paint off his talent for me.
  8. Menehune

    Diary from a Time Machine

    That means I wasn't paying attention when watching the video. After seeing it again, I take it all back.
  9. Menehune

    Diary from a Time Machine

    I couldn't help but notice the only ones in this video with good fashion sense, real dancing, and smiling, are the black couple.
  10. Menehune

    Diary from a Time Machine

    You'll have yourself some fun. Please share the video, or at least the audio.
  11. I suspect this is another one of those experiments out of the London School of Economics Department of Sociology.