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  1. How hilarious would it be for a North Korean guitar company to start making guitars in the USA in the interests of "Global Harmony".
  2. An excellent observation sir. Yes, Jap guitars with their parent co in Japan and making guitars elsewhere would constitute imports, HOWEVER, lets face it we are USA and UK members here and thus my earlier post still applies. Australians don't count of course because their geography means all their guitars are build upside down.
  3. Hmmm. The word import I think means a guitar whose parent company is American, but who produce a cheaper range elsewhere (Mexico, Korea etc). Ergo, IMO, Ibanez, Yamaha, Yiari and Tokai are Japanese and made in Japan so I wouldn't rank them as imports (although customs will disagree). Epiphone, Squire, Hamer Slammer, BC Rich Platinum series etc etc all count. Anyway, I have a Mexican strat with the fastest neck I have ever had and I am proud to say I've had American BC Riches, American Hamers, and other quality guitars known for speed playing. However, the pickups on my strat are pretty crappy and feedback to eaorly. But the guitar has a pucka Floyd on it. There you go, let the abuse begin.
  4. Is it possible to learn the drums at 48?

    It is NOT possible to learn ANY instrument at 48. Some years ago I used to teach guitar, my young pupils put in the practice and therefore made ground so week on week they were slightly more advanced, my adult (30/40 plus years of age) students had other family and work commitments which meant that practice was either always interrupted or not done so week on week no advancement was made. Plus, at 48 your expectation will be too exaggerated and after a couple of months you'll give up after not achieving your goal and your drum kit will end up on Craig's list. Best to tell it like it is.
  5. Scalloped Fret boards

    Hey dude, I have two. A Tokai VC75 (27 fret fully scalloped) and a BC Rich ST111 scalloped from the 12th to the 22nd. VV happy with both, it doesn't make any difference to your playing style, if you are light fingered (left hand) then it may be better for you but either way you will feel at home.
  6. Pedal board suggestions ...

    Real men don't use pedals. I plug my guitar into an amp made of granite, that has speakers made of barbed wire and machine gun ammo. But its not great at clean jazzy tones.
  7. Tell Me About Your Christmas Haul

    Well I got 3 1959 Les Paul's, a couple of '62 sunburst strats, a 1958 flying V, Eddie's original Frankenstrat that he built in the '70's and finally an early Martin D-45 with a Gibson SJ-200 thrown in just for the weekends. Who wants to come round to mine for a jam?
  8. Happy New Year

    Tomorrow evening I, along with others I dare say, will be otherwise engaged so I will take the opportunity now to wish all the members a happy new year, with all the trappings that each of us desire. I hope that 2018 is an excellent year for all of you, us. As my old Latin teacher used to say, rockus onus". God Bless.
  9. NGD: Hamer Centaura metal flake

    C'mon David, you must know her big hit, "Flake it off" . BTW please don't accidentally leave it anywhere this weekend, it might be a devil to find afterwards.
  10. NGD: Hamer Centaura metal flake

    That guitar is an absolute beauty David, and it's little wonder why a gold flake Centura is Taylor Swifts favorite axe on the road.
  11. Cali Body Size?

    I don't think we are at odds with each other, a 7/8 Cali only makes sense as a size, if there is an 8/8 Cali. For instance Dan Spitz (Anthrax) was a small guy, and he asked Jackson to make smaller their range that he plays because of his stature, this would absolutely be a 7/8 or even 6/8 because there is a larger proper sized model to compare the smaller one to. We don't need to continue this thread, it's not super important and as it happens, I'm right. Happy New Year.
  12. Cali Body Size?

    I cannot imagine that there is a "size ratio" on guitars. A Steinberger, has virtually no body at all, yet full scale neck length. With reference to the Charvel Dinky range, it is merely the "look" that assumes the dinky tag not an actual reference to it's size. This, of course, is very different in the wold of acoustics where size does matter because of the way sounds radiates out from the player to the listener.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone on this forum, have a great day and God Bless.
  14. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    My guitar has 27 frets, that last time I played that high, only my neighbors dog could hear it.
  15. New Joe Perry Release Coming

    I for one won't be buying that. I saw Aerosmith in London in 2014, and he was dead on his feet, his playing was off, his timing was off and his day is done. Great in the 70's and 80's (I saw them in '88 and they were great) but his playing is absolutely shot. No place for nostalgia when people are paying good money in the expectation of hearing quality stuff. Say goodnight Joe, and retire respectfully.