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  1. I have a swamp ash body I got here on the board. It was orange with some finish damage and extra holes. If I recall it was mighty mite body. Sanded down and Filled the holes, primered and then applied Surf green reranch nitro and about 5 coats of clear so far amateurly applied by me. Has a Couple spots I nicked the paint and the primer shows through. Still needs more clear. And the orange peel sanded. Would be a good candidate to start over or just build a player. Also so have a new gfs black bridge with brass block that fits it.
  2. #72 in the house!

    That is awesome. How do you like the Faber bridge? I’ve got one like it but with 2 brass bars and I’m really diggin it.
  3. NGD sorta.....

    Also the amount of sanding I did before finishing was mostly needed because of grain filling and staining the top. So out of the box it wouldn’t need anything if you were gonna leave it open pored and not use dye, but the doing these other steps required quite a bit of sanding. The grain filler needed to be knocked down smooth, and the dye process caused some lifted wood grain that had to be sanded smooth.
  4. NGD sorta.....

    I would rate the kit as great. Neck was a perfect fit out of the box. It was pretty well sanded out of the box. I will be ordering another kit from them for sure. All the flaws I can see on the guitar now that it is done, were caused by my poor handling and amateur finishing skills.
  5. NGD sorta.....

    Thanks all. I am enjoying it quite a bit, but it does make me really appreciate the real craftsmen who build great guitars like my studio custom
  6. Bought this as a kit a little over a year ago. Finally finished it up a couple weeks back. Between a sprained thumb and crap weather, I’m just sitting on the couch so I thought I’d share this. Got a custom junior kit from Precision guitars. Awesome kits with quality wood and great detail Plain maple capped mahogany body with maple neck and ebony board Schaller tuners (from Caddie if I remember correctly) duncan custom bridge and jazz neck Faber wraparound compensated bridge Finished it off with tru oil since I could do it inside during the wet winter. Lost count but somewhere between 20-25 coats. Still an extremely thin finish. I’ll just go witht nitro next time A bit easier in my experience than trying to get gloss from the tru oil . I ended up sanding back an re-staining a few times Still not a professional level finish but good enough for me . Also rocks like a mofo. Extremely happy with the the end result. Wish I had thought to ask for it with just 2 controls though.
  7. How'd you get into Hamer?

    I played a new vanguard at GC Hollywood when I was in college. It was awesome but I was in college and broke. Fast forward to 2 years ago and I see an excellent silver hamer studio for sale on Craigslist. I decide to go look at it and the extremely nice gentleman who owns it (django49) also let’s me play a vanguard he has also and a cherry red mahogany artist or studio. I left with the silver studio and have had 2 more hamers since. Unfortunately I sold the first one. Wish I hadn’t. The studio custom I have now is awesome and it’s already seen a few gigs. The quality of every USA hamer I’ve seen has caused me to have no problems buying one sight unseen.
  8. Mesa 1x12 cab question

    Yes. If I recall they were made to be the same width as the 50w rectoverb combo
  9. 96 Studio incoming

    Awesome guitar. Doesn’t see many that color around
  10. NHD - Pawn shop find - Part II

    Badass. Studios are awesome.
  11. Ive had 2 Korean schecters I loved. A lot of schecters came with a great setup and good hardware. Still have one it is usually the guitar I drag to most gigs. I Put an old jb in the bridge and this one screams. Problem is so many of their models look ridiculous to me Ive stumbled on both of mine in used music stores This is one I have definitely cops an sg look, but more of a les paul special or studio sound and feel
  12. 30K Hamer

    I guess this makes the 9k standard on reverb look like a steal. Hamer Standard 1981 Sunburst https://reverb.com/item/9706247-hamer-standard-1981-sunburst
  13. NGD partscaster fun

    Also in case anyone ever wonders I believe warmoth's surf green isnot quite the same as most others I've seen. It's a little darker. Doesn't bother me though I like all the hues. Here it is next to a reranch surf green mighty mite body I sprayed last week. It isn't buffed out yet, it needs to cure but the color difference is notable.