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  1. It seems like the red shows off the curly maple a bit more. I like it.
  2. NAD - Mesa Royal Atlantic

    I really want one of these. And I know of one for sale locally. I can't complain about the 18 years of solid service from my current Mesa.
  3. Temporary cures for GAS

    Mockup before the varnish.
  4. Temporary cures for GAS

    Updates. Busy year and not enough to time for guitar projects. But finally I have time. Since it's the rainy 3/4 of the year I decided to just go for a full tru oil finish. Been doing a coat a day the past week. I think this photo is after 7. I'm planning in 20 then I will buff it out.
  5. Sweeeetttt. A new white whale to chase.
  6. Damn. This is better than expected. Purple studio with single coil neck and a Floyd rose! Quilted top and super tight flame natural studios! Blue teal burst studios! Black with creme binding! Redwood! Triple threat! Keep this going guys.
  7. And a thick necked silver studio with Ebony board i sold. Wish I hadn't. Though I do like the current hamer more fits my hand better. One of django49's purge guitars
  8. Funny how the color changes depending on lighting
  9. Now that's my kind of guitar. Don't know that I've seen a black studio like that before.
  10. Nothing lowly about a studio.
  11. Well since so many threads on here were ruined by photobucket, how about a new one showing you're sweet studio customs.ill show you mine if you show me yours
  12. NHD

    That one was too nice for me to mess up. glad you like it.
  13. It's tobacco burst and it's a hamer. But it's not a studio. If i wasn't on a spending freeze it would be mine Hamer Monaco Super Pro 2005 Tobacco Burst https://reverb.com/item/6971081-hamer-monaco-super-pro-2005-tobacco-burst