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  1. At least another 800.
  2. Yeah man, they put crazy price on a lot of stuff. I'm sure u've seen the Hamer SSll custom they have too. It's been on sale for over a year. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/Steve-Stevens-Custom-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-112071623.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWMWXGP&gclid=CKP2kf6D99ICFdiKswodFM8IBQ&kwid=productads-adid^66736785762-device^m-plaid^175803432762-sku^112071623@ADL4GC-adType^PLA
  3. I think it's a fuckery. I'm pretty sure on that.
  4. The guy has it on reverb now. Hamer highly modded californian? really modded out extended range shredder! 100BC crazy amber tint a https://reverb.com/item/4722686-hamer-highly-modded-californian-really-modded-out-extended-range-shredder-100bc-crazy-amber-tint-a
  5. No affiliation..... Thank god. It's been modified a little.. https://rochester.craigslist.org/msg/6049181149.html
  6. SS beater

    Hello studiocustom if u read this. Do u have a SS model with a 24 pin Roland 700 system built in? If so how much can I get it for? Pm me.
  7. SS beater

    I would think that a new ebony fret board with pearl inlay costs more than that. Either way, I'm sure a HFCer has a white SS beast they could deal on. Where's the SS guy?
  8. SS beater

    Dave, don't buy that. Unless he's gonna sell it for a hundo. I guarantee u there is something wrong with the neck.
  9. WTB Hamer Firebird

    Yeah that thing was the tits.
  10. WTB Hamer Firebird

    Ow my god! I think I just filled the cup.... How much and can we get more pics
  11. WTB Hamer Firebird

    Yeah buddy. That brown one on Facebook the other day was legit. Maybe that one?
  12. WTB Hamer Firebird

    Ay Dave if u find one I'll arm wrestle u for it.
  13. I own an LTD Axxion guit and the neck profile is thin and that thing is killer. I'd still prefer the ESP stuff just because. but for a player to travel with, and not worry too much about dinging it up it's perfect.
  14. No affiliation...... this thing slays. https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/msg/5935144449.html