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  2. mctofuburger

    Hamer Eclipse pickup replacement

    Yes, the neck almost feels like they measured my hand before they carved it. I wish I could find some Lollars for $90!! Good score.
  3. mctofuburger

    Hamer Eclipse pickup replacement

    I am going back and forth between the Antiquity mini hum non-firebirds and the Dimarzio dp240/241 set. The Dimarzio are ceramic and firebird style, but apparently sound somewhere in between a single coil and a mini hum. A little background, so way back when, a guitar player in an old band of mine had a 73 Les Paul Deluxe. That was my favorite guitar to play back then. So I figured I would try to pick up a guitar with mini hums. I realize the Eclipse will not sound like the Les Paul, but I'm just looking to get somewhere in the ballpark. I play in a funk band through an 83 Acoustic G100t (kind of a Mesa Boogie Mark III sound). The amp has a lot of high end sparkle... it goes over to ice pick zone with my Strat. So I was looking for a guitar with a little more mid presence to tame those highs. The Dimarzio get really good praise and have a slight mid spike and cost almost half what the Antiquities cost.
  4. mctofuburger

    Hamer Eclipse pickup replacement

    Does anyone know if the SD Antiquity mini humbuckers (not the FB style) will fit directly in the pickup mounting rings on a Korean Eclipse? I picked up this Eclipse for $150 on Reverb and I like the neck so much I want to treat it to some nice pickups. The stock ones are OK, but i figured since I got it for such a steal, I might as well upgrade.