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  1. that looks great. Epiphone is doing some very nice stuff lately, (55 black beauty with a chunky neck, vintage style thunderbird, and new flying v's were very cool) weird how they dialed into cool stuff and Gibson is whiffing on so many things...
  2. nice enough... think PRS does a very nice job on imports too... but the headstock on these.... ooofffaaa!! whatever the hell that means, howard stern used to say it.
  3. Hi, yes, cleaned it up and restrung it last night, lovin it... before I did, I kind of poked around the insides, there wasn't enough bare wood to really get great view... but here's a couple pics the wood, looks lighter than normal... korina? I don't know... this guitar was on reverb a year or so ago and the seller used the term "hand selected for it's weight" but when I asked him, he basically said, it was a year ago, never played it... can't speak for it... guess he thought I was trying to return it or something... lol . DaveH Agree puzzling, Kind of blew my mind but thankfully they filled the box completely with bubble wrap
  4. One of the guys at my local store explained that there is a glitch in their inventory software that doesn’t properly track the cases. That said. Wierd that someone would look at this guitar and not think it had a case. Yes I’ve bought some of those $5 and $10 cases in the past. Nice deal. Edit. Sorry typing at the same time as Chris. Wow That helps explain it the case hijinks.
  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. ohsc arrived... hmmm... isn't that interesting? checked the control cavity and white paint covering most of it, but I can see the wiring channel which goes to the pickup... bare wood looks lighter than you'd typically expect for mahogany. had to leave, but going to take a closer look tonight...
  6. lotta talk about Gibson... here's a few shots of a 2013 (or 14) Gibson Custom Shop 58 explorer full neck, 7 lbs 1 oz... Aspen white, believe it was a limited run of 15-20. Had been watching it for a couple months on the GC used section, and jumped on it when the price dropped... As with any GC transaction... It was a little bit of a white knuckle ride. when it shipped the package weighed 13 lbs... yikes, they forgot the case. thankfully, they used a good box with tons of bubble wrap... case arriving today. Plays and sounds great, beautiful action... possibly the world's oldest strings... lol nice and raw, custom buckers I believe... very happy. for all the crap Gibson is getting, when they get it right, they knock it out of the park. pics, enjoy...
  7. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    Direct to market may sound petty sweet to Gibson... but a made to order sounds like a nice way of saying non cancellable, non returnable... fine for a high end custom order, but a stock Gibson SG? doubt they'll stick around for a non returnable SG at MAP pricing.
  8. Nice... very cool. looks nicely done. Have both Jetboy major label slabs from the 80's... follow Billy Rowe a little bit, he paints every single guitar some 60's color over vintage sunburst. He must have had a lot of cancelled orders for vintage sunburst or something... lol
  9. Very nice. Suggestion. Consider bumping the volume on the swells (notes?) as it gets closer to the chorusy part. Maybe bump guitar during the chorusy part too. I work in a cubicle do take that for what it’s worth. Lol.
  10. Stoopid music stories

    1st job out of college, my punk band had a 6 week tour of Europe (gee, there's a real future career full of potential!!) instead of putting in a request for a 6 week leave of absence I quit job, this was 91... they got 100 resume's in three days... and your first job out of college, you don't exactly have a STRONG resume... so maybe a leave of absence would have been better. re: above punk band with crazy lyrics (swears, misogyny, drug references)... possibly might have been a good idea to call myself Johnny Trash or something, instead of my real name, which 25 years on, possibly will show up in employers google searches... thankfully, I haven't had to deal with that..... traded an 81 les paul custom for a dean ML bass... a Dean ML bass is huge and even today, is a tough sell. began a series of trades and ended up with a washburn A-20 so basically traded a $3000 guitar in todays dollars, for $150 in 1985 dollars. traded an AWESOME 1994 Aztec Gold FM special which looked cool, sounded great (still have some multitrack recordings of it, sounded nice) traded it plus $100 for a sunburst fm special at the boston guitar show, the sb was an absolute dog (Hamer dogs can exist, sorry to say). Never trade your good sounding guitar for one in the better color unless you are absolutely sure it sounds good on it's own. that goes for nice flame tops too.
  11. Oh Henry, Just STFU

    Yeah poor poor mom and pops like daddy’s junky music who grinded customers on trade ins when they were the only game in town. Not shedding a tear because we wised up. And f amazon too. Think that’s the reason everyone pays 70 to ship a guitar when it used to be $40. We are subsidizing Jeff Bezos under market deal with ups. And Henry screwed up in 2015 taking a massive loss on metal nuts and mini tune. Hubris the sin of pride. Pretty much behind every cluster f in human history. Rant over for now lol.
  12. Count me as someone who though es-335's were for hippies. Never knew how much they could rock... Love em.
  13. I like how he doesn't come right out and says it, but hints at an alternative theory that the finish is shaded like that just for the heck of it... did they do it to cover up some ancient hieroglyphics? maybe, you have to buy it to find out!