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  1. That's saucy! Great pics too
  2. Newport Pro Refret Cost?

    tip, if you're going to make an item not as described claim refund, partial refund, make sure you do it within 5 days... reverb will help on "not as described" cases even if it's a "no returns" item but you have to bring up the issue promptly. and I would do using their messaging system, so they can view the correspondence.
  3. I like those marshall mini (or is it micro) stacks. look cool and sound decent enough. I used to have both the plexi and jubilee style which were great, but I thought they were valued more on ebay than their utilitarian value as a practice amp so off they went. I have the standard mini stack (the ones that are like $150-$175 used)
  4. Dave, if the neck was not disclosed, I think you should return it. I have had a couple instances where I negotiated an adjustment for undisclosed issues and opted for an adjustment rather than ship back... took it in the shorts both times. I also don't think weasely people should be let off the hook
  5. Happy birthday .

    Happy birthday Trish. Very proud of you guys. I'm even more impressed with what's gone on after the initial run was built.
  6. I believe those prices are in turkish lire because no one could possibly think their 90's tv special is worth $2000!
  7. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    Nice, I always loved the Killer Vintage ad with Oswald rockin out
  8. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    If you follow Rock Candy magazine on Facebook they've been sharing promo shots of obscure and unknown metal hard rock bands from the 80's. You could almost tell which year the shot was taken depending on which fashion faux pa sp? the band was committing. hilarious.
  9. 1995 Hamer Special P-90 guitar is actually quite clean, frets are excellent, has a couple of issues... the original nut was removed and replaced by original owner (see pics), I did buy a bone as well as a black pre slotted tusq nut to install but never got around to it (will include). At one point it had different tuners, I restored the guitar to the standard schallers however low E has an extra screw hole right on the edge. not very noticeable imho The guitar otherwise plays nice, frets are in excellent condition and for the age the finish is in nice shape. It also has the preferable (IMHO) mid 90's profile which is a little bit fuller than the slim profile of the 1993 specials. Comes with SKB case which is a nice case but the handle went MIA is leather (I believe skb sells the handle for $10 or). It's otherwise a nice strong case. $625 firm paypalled delivered in east of miss, $640 west of... full set of pics can be seen here, I set them so you can see full size. any questions let me know. https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-Tz6sKV V shaped mark on back from certain angles the whole isn't that visible, but it's there
  10. I like baritone guitars had a USA ovation elite baritone that rocked but there are much cheaper options given that its not something you'll play on every tune. Well unless you're in some kind of 90's alt rock time warp which isn't exactly the worst place to be lol
  11. GC CS Sucks

    GC.com really needs to start picking it up a notch, because they're being left in the dust...
  12. Wait a minute. Am I misreading this or is there nothing in the ad about the restoration (trem route)? The fact that it was nicely done has zero bearing that non disclosure is not in any way acceptable.
  13. A huge explorer bass with a giant case is not an easy sale. Only the most ambitious of the Flipper types want to pay shipping two ways on that behemoth of a case but I could be wrong.
  14. Nice 77 strat

    nice, I had a 78 tele with that same black on black color scheme... great axe...
  15. Update: Called verizon. They are sending me a free SIM card so I guess I'm all set. Wasn't expecting free.