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  1. nice... they should replace it with a Ginger/Mary Ann one!
  2. My local daddy’s manager would check the inventory every morning for me. (Didn’t ask for that, he was just a cool guy who knew I loved hamers). I snagged the Elliot Easton firebird the morning that some idiot bought it and returned it Got a little noise from Andy that it was somehow his. Always got along with him but F that. Shopping there twice a week for 20 years. Not yours.
  3. Dean e'lites are cool... does Dean not do reissues of these for some reason? Seems like they only do caddy's. a cool white one that hasn't been boogered would be kickass...
  4. I have found many valuable life skills can be learned from mafia movies. Rule #1, keep your mouth shut and don't tell nobody nuthin. followed closely by rule #2 which is don't forget rule # 1 just sayin. .
  5. Is it possibly the straight string pull? or maybe just the eddie connection? BTW:Jeff, that's very cool that your wife did that... really wild that she picked a star
  6. nice pickup. I have a soft spot for stars. I had this promo single back in the day. Was big into accept then so I always watched for anything micheal wagener produced because it was sure to give your speakers a workout. Really awful camera work and lighting on this video, I must say
  7. DaveL

    Hamer Special FM neck carve??

    Hi Graham, a 96 would be slightly fuller than those made in '93 but not quite full as the profiles Hamer did in the later 90's... I seem to recall a few 98's or 99's but I don't think they made many in the late 90's...
  8. Cool. I’ll check out The Last Highway. edit... arriving this weekend. nice
  9. DaveL

    Guitar Center Buying Tricks

    Heads up. Gc has the e-gift card promo going on thru the 17th. Get a $10 e-cert for every $50 you spend on e-gift cards Although the $10 ones have a shelf life but still a good deal I believe the gc bucks promo should be popping back up in the next few weeks. Usually coincides with end of quarter or thereabouts.
  10. DaveL

    Guitar Shopping

    I like the lp classic. Can’t remember but don’t the 90’s versions have the bridge posts directly in the wood? Better tone imho Larger neck profile is also plus in my book. Melody maker sounds cool but $2000, haggling to a decent price seems like a lot of work.
  11. DaveL

    Hamer Golden Era?

    I like the late 90's very early 2000's... tops and neck profiles were good, liked some of the cool stuff they were doing like the mahogany 25th/artists. Pricing still reasonable enough to buy new. They were also doing the HFC open houses so it was possible to weasel your way thru the wood pile!
  12. Gibson. Fender vintage reissues, Dean but only the caddy v z not the modern pointy stuff. Some Charvel. Ernie ball stingray basses. Sorry to say. Not really considering hamer an option great guitars but just can’t roll with the reverb and ebay prices of $1500 to $3000. Although I would say the same issue can apply to dean and Charvel as well. A higher end dean or charvel would be tough time if you sprung $2300 and had to sell.
  13. speaking of ebay, there appears to be a coupon today, HOWEVER... please check the t's and C's It's up to a $100 discount however it might be eligible for something you want. be safe out there!! Today Only: 20% Off Everything!* Celebrate Dad and save with coupon code PICKDADSGIFT. Ends at 7pm PT. Min. $50 purchase.