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  1. Nice, kind of diggin those humbuckers, bet it sounds rockin.
  2. DaveL

    Guitar Center's Pro Warranty

    Hah! So we are buying a new kitchen cabinets and the design person has been great but I declined his offer of a final consult with my fiancé. We bought a foreclosure and trying to stay on budget. I instead had our contractor look at it and he made one minor change, successful block!
  3. DaveL

    Steve Perry NEW SONG

    Pleasant enough. Just not hearing anything resembling a hook. Did they erase them?
  4. did The friend or family member fund the generous “gift”with a credit card? If so I believe there is a fee for one of the parties. Also, I’ve heard if you have an inoordinate amount of gift payments they can remove that feature. Ran into someone who couldn’t take gift because he’d been flagged
  5. Great snag that went down very reasonably
  6. DaveL

    Guitar Center's Pro Warranty

    can't stand extended warranties. once got rolled by the finance guy at my Honda dealer for scotchguard... could have bought a can of that crap for $10.
  7. DaveL

    "Frets are at approx 70%"

    I would tell the dude to just ship me the tuners and throw the rest of it in the trash.
  8. My thoughts, I think going to those guages would muck up your nut if you wanted to switch back PRS makes an se import version of the baritone. Briefly had one and it was a perfectly cool axe for the money. (Three Hundy something used).
  9. I won't be munchen any of those up! I think with reverb, it's totally free to put post so people just throw crap up there at crazy prices...
  10. Recent Les Paul Custom, EMG active buckers, model 57 in the lead, think it's the 66 in the rhythm, but can check. very clean, some light fret wear on G string but otherwise plays nice with low action, heavy, 10 lbs 3 oz. small finish check in the spot where neck meets body otherwise no real dings to speak of. Comes with nice TSA style Gator case. Bone nut, Ebony board. very nice workmanship Had planned to rewire, but too many home projects... SOLD: thanks to the person here who bought it!
  11. I have one. Love it. Very light and really nice snap from the wraparound.
  12. wow, that's very nice, dig the Dean Custom Shop stuff, although some of their import stuff is cool too. They seem to have a better marketing touch with their imports than Hamer did.
  13. If something came up that prompted a quick sale and he asked Dave’s to use their pics why not just ask to return the guitar or cancel the sale? I think we know the answer. he thought it was a quick flip before anyone who follows hamer would realize it just sold for $999
  14. DaveL

    NGD (NSD)

    Wow nice job. What is that saying? You are guaranteed to make none the shots you don’t take.