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  1. I just gotta say that this thing is awesome! I have a sunburst Standard from '07 and it is amazing. I was always flip flopping between ordering the sunburst and the natural. This could make up for that. Oh man....
  2. Hey, just curious if the experts here can tell me if my USA Standard is chambered? Was there a certain year they started this? Or did you have to ask for it? I didn't specify that I wanted it chambered when I had mine built in 2007 and it's not listed on the COA. However, seeing the two '08 standards for sale here that are chambered and noticing the one with the COA not listing this out got me wondering about mine. Any information would be great. Thanks. Doesn't change that I love mine. Best guitar I've ever had. Just makes me wonder....
  3. Pickup Advice

    Thanks. Yeah I agree with making the amp do the work. Sometimes it's nice to push it a little upfront. But like you say the super hot pickups are too much I think. Trying to find that nice balance. When you have a low output pickup, it just seems to make the guitar sound a bit dull and just doesn't have the sustain and bit of overdrive I want. I know the Antiquity's are a bit weakened to give that "vintage" tone. If you are playing blues and lighter/classic rock that's probably fine. I typically don't play with the gain cranked. Probably at say 1 o'clock. The good thing is that the JB/59 combo isn't too spendy compared to other options so I can always try something else. I think I would like the 59 in the neck. The bridge is where it gets tricky since that is where I usually live the most. I will look at the Dimarzio's too. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Pickup Advice

    Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on pickups. My go to pickup has been the Tony Iommi pickup in my SG's. I love them and have them in quite a few of my guitars. Great articulation to me and plenty of power yet not too compressed and sizzly where you get lost in the mix. I have a V that I think doesn't look right with an Iommi and want to go with an exposed zebra pickup look. Thought about a lot of options like the WCR Iron Man & Godwood. But now maybe thinking about the classic Duncan JB in the bridge and '59 in the neck. Worried that the Iron Man might be too sizzly when you look at the rating of 22k for output. I know the JB is about 16k which I think is similar to the Iommi but not sure tone wise. I saw some people mention they may have thought them a bit bright. I have Antiquity's in the V now and I don't like them. Too brittle and feedback like crazy. I'm a metal guy, but more of say Sabbath or Maiden. Not de-tuned scooped mids tone. Would the JB be hot enough yet not too hot? Too bright? I'm playing through a VHT Pitbull 50CL straight through with no pedals. Would a '59 in the bridge be not enough output? Any thoughts and opinions you have would be a great help. I know the Antiquity's have to go. Thanks.
  5. Hamer Poly or Nitro?

    Thanks for the information. So if the clear coat was Urelac, what was used for the color? Was this the same material? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  6. This is maybe a dumb question and addressed before but can anyone tell me what type of finish Hamer USA used? Was it a poly type or nitrocellulose? I think what I'm understanding is that it is a type of poly and that is what causes the funny finish issues along the fretboard (the infamous Hameritus). Is this correct? I just wanted to educate myself on this. I would've thought Hamer would have used a more traditional type finish like nitro since that is what all the other classics used. The tone differences are all subject to much controversy however, if applied lightly it probably has minimal effect except when it comes to how they age. Any confirmation and comments would be great. Thanks everyone.
  7. Very cool! Congrats! I've had my red '85 Scarab (2 pickup, Kahler) since 1994. Paid only $175 for it when probably nobody wanted them. Not sure how desirable they are now though. It's hard to tell what the value is since you hardly see them for sale. Mine has a bunch of scratches and dings but still love having it. It reminds me of a friend who had the black and red zulu one. My knobs are the black metal knurled kind. Does anyone know if originally they all had the bigger plastic knobs? Are the original knobs really that pricey?