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  1. CharlieMac72

    Restring B12L USA

    Whew! that's done. No blood! Man you gotta pay attention, you could easily cross the octave strings at the bridge. Mission accomplished though!
  2. CharlieMac72

    Restring B12L USA

    Ha ha! Great! Thank you for the advice!!! I'll see if I can find someone I dislike change strings.
  3. CharlieMac72

    Restring B12L USA

    Awesome! Thank you! I believe I purchased the one that was recently posted as a PSA on this site. Actually I had already purchased it before i saw the post. I am new here and I joined after I purchased the B12. I dont know how to reply other than clicking on quote. Thanks for the info.
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  5. CharlieMac72

    Restring B12L USA

    I recently purchased a 1999 Hamer USA B12L My question is I'd like to restring it, while doing so I like to clean the fret board so, would there be any problems taking all the strings off to clean? i worry about relieving all that tension is the neck might shift causing me to have to readjust the trus rods. Any thoughts? I've never owned a 12 string so i didnt wanna just rip all the strings off without seeking advice from other Hamer Owners. Thanl you,Charlie