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  1. thoro

    Toto Meets Dream Theater...

    I really like Toto, especially when Lukather sings... You should watch this... the concert starts with "Falling In Between". Mike Porcaro had become ill and so they hired Leland Sklar, who did a great job. Those guys are experienced...
  2. I've got an old Ibanez 2350 I bought in the 80s for about $25. The seller painted it wine red and destroyed parts of the binding of the headstock. A few years ago I decided to give it a matte black finish and repair it. It was nearly fretless, so I refretted it with jumbo frets, made a new nut and sanded the neck. Also replaced the electrics and pickups. It plays very comfortable and sounds nice.
  3. I have always been tempted by the body shape of the Rick Turner Model One. Fortunately I started building my own electric guitars a few years ago and so maybe I will build a small guitar inspired by this shape someday. I think I would build it with a different bridge construction and a another head design. In the meantime I'm more than happy with the '81 Sunburst I found two months ago.
  4. Congratulations! It's a real beauty.
  5. thoro

    Is this Sunburst legit?

    I really like their tone and I'll keep them unpotted as they are. That's why I replaced them with low output wax potted pickups. I don't use that much gain, but we are playing quite loud. Our rehearsal room is small so it's not possible for me to avoid the squealing. I tightened the base plate screws, fixed the loose polepiece screws with rubber rings and put foam under the pickups. But the feedback was still uncontrollable and so I put in the other pickups. Maybe in the future I'll play a setup with an amp shield and In Ear Monitoring, who knows.
  6. I agree and I'm sure he will sell it. I would love to have a '79 Sunburst bound and crowned in this condition.
  7. Yeah, it's a beauty. He tried to sell it last week and startet with 2350,- Euros. Nobody placed a bid.
  8. A guitar I built 2 years ago, I call it "Ojo" because of the 12th fret inlay. Tried to make as much as possible by myself, for example the bridge plate and the pickups. I was inspired by the Vigier Shawn Lane and so this guitar has a flat fretboard with an easily exchangeable zero fret. Plays nice, but only with large hands, the neck is very fat.
  9. Haha... I think Dean Zelinsky is trying to create unique selling propositions. I somehow like his innovations, grandma's neck pattern, the strange toggle switch/pot, the SideKick pickups. And I like flat guitars, I've got an Ibanez SV5470F that feels very comfortable. But I think an unfinished/oiled neck will always be my favourite. I built a guitar with a fat mahogany neck and just sealed it with a thin layer of Tru Oil – it feels and plays just perfect. Love the necks of my Peavey Wolfgangs, too.
  10. thoro

    Is this Sunburst legit?

    After playing the guitar a while the behaviour of the volume pots seemed strange to me, I was not able to use them to clean the distortion. I read that the Hamer pots are slightly different than other pots but it just seemed strange so I took a look at the wiring and saw that whoever assembled the guitar after refinishing did it wrong (picture in first post). I rewired the volume pots and replaced the capacitor – and I replaced the microphonic DiMarzios with wax potted PAF copies in double cream and zebra colour. I'll keep the original unpotted DiMarzios as they are. I tried to use them but my band is just too loud and I like to play the Sunburst live. The taper of the Hamer pots (now) sounds good to me, they clean up nicely.
  11. thoro

    Is this Sunburst legit?

    Andrew: Thank you, that's interesting. I'm currently reading the "Ultimate" book and really like this kind of background information and stories behind the guitars. kizanski: Hey, I like it that way. Maybe it looks a bit higher on the photo than it actually is. caddie: Haha, nice suggestion :-) Took the guitar to rehearsal yesterday and the pickups are too microphonic so it was hard to play it at high volume. I'm used to that on vintage guitars so I brought a backup guitar with me. Now I'm thinking about wax potting the DiMarzios (did that a few times before on other guitars from that era) or keeping them as they are and replacing them with two DiMarzio PAF or maybe Air Classic pickups. I had a set of zebra DiMarzio pickups and the creme bobbins looked really bad, grey and as if they were painted. Maybe putting some foam beneath the humbuckers will help? I tried that with other guitars and it never did much... I always ended up wax potting them.
  12. thoro

    Is this Sunburst legit?

    Andrew, you know your stuff. The Ex-ex-owner said that it is a 1981 model. I posted a photo of the side dots below. The neck seems to be made of three pieces, it's hard to see it on the neck but you can see the stripes on the back of the headstock. Yes, the refinish looks really good to me, too. Polished the headstock last weekand, it had been dull on front and backside when I bought the guitar. I think I will replace the three volume/tone knobs with black top-hat knobs. Sounds and feels like the D'Addario strings the seller put on it were new, so I just kept em on the guitar. Spent a few hours playing the Sunburst and now it sounds better and better. Great guitar. Chords really shine and it is a joy to experiment with picking strength. Haha, thank you.
  13. thoro

    Is this Sunburst legit?

    Thank you very much, guys! I played it a few hours and it is a real joy to play. Will take it to my band's rehearsal next week. bondedbybrick: Wow, your Sunburst looks great and your explanation makes sense. Two Sunbursts (1978/1979) popped up at a German vintage dealer and one of them has a jack plate, too. Cheers Thorsten
  14. thoro

    Is this Sunburst legit?

    Thank you very much for your evaluation! This helped a lot. The logo decal has been applied by the one who sold it to me, he sealed it with a thin layer of clear coat and it looks like he didn't polish it. The previous owner who told him he is a former Hamer dealer in the Netherlands sold it to him on a vintage guitar show in Veenendaal a few months ago. He was the one who commissioned the refinish. The finish looks really well done, without any flaws. I will polish the headstock this weekend. I think I found a good pickup height. Really like the tone of the pickups, especially the neck pickup. Read about the thin veneer in the "Ultimate" book, too. Seems like Paul Hamer preferred the tone of a Les Paul Goldtop and found out it had no maple cap. Haha, the "certificate" is printed on a sheet of A4 paper – just fishy. The only reasonable thing I could imagine is that maybe the "former Hamer dealer" from the Netherlands printed these sheets for other Hamer guitars he sold in the early 2000s. Im not sure if there ever was a working URL "www.hamerguitars.com/registry". And I don't know why somebody installed a jack plate. At least I have never seen a photo of a Sunburst with a jack plate. Whatever... The Sunburst is fun to play and sounds good. When I bought it I worried that the neck may be too thin for me, but it feels good and supports fluid playing. Here are a few additional photos of the whole guitar. Cheers Thorsten