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  1. Thanks! Not just lights and the rest of the visual production, but Rob's also back to keyboard duties for us for this reunion!
  2. My old Floyd tribute, Us Not Them, is reuniting for a special one-off show with my Radiohead tribute, There, There. We'll be bringing back our circular screen, lights, lasers, the works. Hope those of you in the area can make it! emelin.org/there-there-us-not-them
  3. That I don't know. Certainly not TonePros since I don't think they even existed back then.
  4. Nah, I was the first owner and bought it new from Gryphon, pretty sure it was mahogany:
  5. Yes, there were a few with Tonepros either straight or intonatable wraptails:
  6. Yeah, we scheduled our show on their night off this week. Who knows, maybe, unlikely, but possible. A Japanese RH tribute once met Jonny: https://consequenceofsound.net/2016/08/jonny-greenwood-meets-on-a-saturday-japans-premiere-radiohead-tribute-band/
  7. I love all of those. We played Decks Dark and Myxomatosis at our most recent show!
  8. lol, I'll have to listen to them first! Sorry if these aren't viewable to those of you not on Facebook, but here are a few practice clips:
  9. Arlene's Grocery is throwing a Radiohead fan party this Thursday in honor of Radiohead's 4-night residency at MSG this week, and they're bringing my band in to provide the entertainment. Since the real deal will be in town, we're going to pull out a bunch of deep cuts that they rarely if ever perform, like Spectre, Life in a glass house, Man Of War, Daily Mail, and Motion Picture Soundtrack. We'll even have a horn section in tow for the full effect. Hope some of you can make it!
  10. burningyen

    RIP Fender MIM

    My understanding is these are still MIM. These would have been right up my alley back in my Strat-playing days, although this is a little concerning:
  11. You don't see many from '97, though. The neck profile *might* be thicker than the '93 Specials you often see.
  12. I probably would have stayed on the PRS train.
  13. Sounds like you did everything you could. Once you've exhausted all troubleshooting possibilities, just power through and pretend it doesn't bother you.
  14. burningyen

    Hamer Monaco Subtone

    Frank! Good to see you back here!