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  1. NYC Radiohead tribute show 12.13.17

    As I've gotten older I've started to gravitate more towards their sleepier piano-based stuff, but Lucky has reemerged as one of my favorites again. It really soars.
  2. NYC Radiohead tribute show 12.13.17

    Thanks, video is coming soon. The drummer tells me it came out pretty well. Yep, using the Helix for guitar, keyboard and vocals.
  3. NYC Radiohead tribute show 12.13.17

    Thanks, it was a great gig! Packed house, enthusiastic crowd, and we didn't play half bad. I'm hoping to play a show closer to home early next year. Is there a venue in Danbury you'd recommend? I decided to walk away from The Police/Sting thing. Instrumentally we were solid, but vocally we just couldn't quite get there. Although I *can* sing the parts, I knew that when the rubber met the road at a gig I'd struggle to make it through a whole set. Plus I'm just boring as shit as a frontman. Our bassist gave it a shot but wasn't able to hack it, either. Maybe someday if I meet the right singer.
  4. Sorry for the late notice, but my new Radiohead tribute band is making its debut at Arlene's Grocery in NYC tonight at 9. It'll be super depressing!
  5. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Wow, that's beautiful, congrats!
  6. Korina Artist?

    My old Artist Korina P-90 sounded more nasal than a 335, with very present upper mids.
  7. Tale of two guitars

    The same tree can yield both good and unusable body blanks.
  8. Great condition, includes shoulder strap, interior dimensions 24.5" x 14.5" x 5", rugged outer shell with ABS plastic reinforced side walls for rigid protection, has a full-size side pocket for cables and smaller pocket for accessories, etc. $100 including PayPal & shipping to CONUS, $90 local pickup in NY/CT. SOLD
  9. Tale of two guitars

    The materials, shapes and joinery all add up to a certain behavioral profile in terms of damping, sustain, and resonant frequencies. The finish is probably way down on the list of factors at play here.
  10. I think DanD was talking about the tendency of goldtops to oxidize to a deep green (usually starting where the player's arm contacts the body) like this: Not the olive-tinted gold that you're talking about (pre-2005 on the left, post-2005 on the right):
  11. Thanks, but all credit goes to Mother Nature and Stike.