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  1. Interesting, never seen one of these with humbuckers before!
  2. Not that this showcases the natural tone of the guitar, but at least it too makes sounds:
  3. Thanks for the offer! But yeah, soldering I could handle. If there are structural issues like neck twist or a broken truss rod then I'd be sad. I'm tempted to use this as a platform for some mods, including Filtertron-ish pickups and a piezo bridge.
  4. Let's see those home studios

    My visions of getting a dedicated music room when we moved out to the suburbs didn't quite pan out.
  5. Headstock Shapes

    There's a ton that can be done with 6-in-line headstocks, but like I said before, the more you try to make it your own, the more people you're going to lose. Some of my favorites: Teuffel Scott Walker Reverend Parker
  6. Headstock Shapes

    As you can see from this very thread, yes, it's hard. The more distinctive you try to make it, the more people you will tend to turn off.
  7. Where he outed himself, or anonymously?
  8. Wow, interesting! Too bad Lyle never checked in to the HFC (or never made it known if he did).
  9. My JTV-69S Variax, because I'm a slave to the digital. Changed the pickguard and knobs, swapped the pickups for DiMarzio Area 67/Area 67/Virtual Solo, installed a Roland GK3 kit, and addressed some fret issues. The ultimate Swiss Army knife guitar, and a pretty darned good Stratty guitar in its own right.
  10. 0071

    Wow, that's gorgeous!