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  1. Some additional info due to some questions: On the Floyd-Rose Bridge, stamping shows: "Hamer", "Made in Germany by Schaller", "Licensed under Floyd-Rose patents"
  2. 1992 Hamer Special • Un-Official Gary Moore configuration • Pearl Yellow • 24 Fret • Floyd Rose • Unbound Neck with Crown Inlays • Mid-Boost Tone Circuit This guitar was custom ordered by my Uncle and was his pride and joy. All the custom order boxes were checked including the rare Mid-Boost Tone Circuit and custom color. The guitar is perfect except for one small nick noted in the pictures. It is currently strung backwards (righty) as my Uncle had learned to play using a right-hanged guitar. Comes with original Hamer case. Pics can be seen here: https://reverb.com/item/7445827-hamer-special-1992-pearl-yellow $1,200 or BO
  3. Unitedwestand212

    1992 Hamer Special???

    It is strung righty as my uncle learned to play using a right handed guitar when he was a kid. I am not sure what the toggle is for. There is a hole in the control cavity plate. All the tuner knobs are the same and are black.
  4. Unitedwestand212

    1992 Hamer Special???

    What is the control cavity plate?
  5. Unitedwestand212

    1992 Hamer Special???

    Any guesstimates on value?
  6. Unitedwestand212

    1992 Hamer Special???

    When my uncle passed away a few years ago I acquired his pride and joy: a Hamer Guitar. Being a drummer, I know nothing about guitars. I had one of my guitar buddies clean it up and tell me anything about it. Here is what I have so far: I believe it is a 1992 Hamer Special. It seems he had to custom order it to get the left hand version. As long as he was custom ordering it anyways, he added several features. I am having trouble pinning it down, but the paint (pearl yellow), bridge, hardware and electronics look like they were picked from a Chinese menu as upgrades, these choices were not part of the available model line for 1991 or 1992. With this info and looking at the pictures, can someone provide me any more info or details? The guitar is original meaning none of the electronics have been changed. Thanks!! Don