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  1. Been thru a few Deans. I brought a NOS ‘82 ML ( CAR, shrimpfork head, rounded neck) back from Chicago to SF in ‘94. Had a coupla of early 2000’s, US Masters-era TC Vs ( cherry and Brasília bursts, V-neck profiles), and a “Water V” RI. The ML ruled the roost. That thing played killer, sounded deadly, but was the hugest guitar ever made. A bit ungainly on my small frame. There’s a vintage E’Lite locally I’m considering. I’ve always liked those retarded-looking guitars. They’re the Rodney Dangerfields of the Dean lineup.
  2. Some mfrs make rectangular cases with LP interior cutouts. Also, a long shot are the vintage Dean E’Lite cases. You can also try shoe/luggage repair shops. Sometimes they do case restorations and and can carve out a new interior and re-line it. As last resort, TKL will custom-build cases, but prices are stupidly high.
  3. I think the Edens and GFS, et al, are made by Guardian. I have the Guitar Center "Musician's Choice" black tolex and tweed cases for my FGNs and they are totally solid (and economical!). They have padded leather handles but no rear latch.
  4. Aren't the early TRCs Gibson bell-covers? Try Dave at www.fretsonthenet.com. He's be the guy, if anyone. Or, Fung...
  5. Its all smoke and mirrors.

    ^^^^This. I would add a Hamer or any decent guitar. I've been through a bunch of amps/FX and have sold off most everything and returned to what has always worked for me: Plexi, flange/phase/echo/wah. It was fun trying out all that other stuff, albeit not very fiscally responsible.
  6. I'd put it back to stock. The X2N's have a certain, stupid rawness that sound great in basses.
  7. Fixed it for you. Never talk yourself out of a sale. You're welcome. GLWTS!
  8. I *almost* bid on a Bacchus korina Explorer from the same limited run. It was a multi-piece body (3 pcs, not evenly laminated), looked nice but I begged off. Glad I happened upon the Navigator. Hijack aside, good luck with your search. One will pop up eventually!
  9. Been reading Dean's blog story of the founding of the company. Really interesting read!
  10. Beautiful set there, @buckwild. I used to own one of the limited Bacchus V’s, as well as a coupla korina Vectors. Great minds think alike, apparently.
  11. No, quite the contrary. You showed remarkable restraint with that prick and put him in his place, all along keeping the audience on your side. It's called being professional.
  12. Whoah, now. "Outrageously great?" Why, that's even better than "regular great!" Dang!