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  1. RobB

    ZZTop last Tuesday night

    Pity, that. Seen ZZT a handful of times in the last two decades and to say they were, "going through the motions/phoning it in" would be generous, at best. A lot of midi/ProTools generated from FOH, sequencers, triggered drums, etc. Can't say I blame them. They play what the crowd wants to hear, do their dance moves, walk off and get paid. I'm in the minority (obviously), as I would LOVE to hear them play, "Blue Jean Blues", "Apologies to Pearly", "Jesus Just Left...", "Just Got Paid", et al. Sad fact is, savvy businessmen don't play to the minority, and, why should they? MTV saved and killed ZZ all at the same time. The ripping band from, "Fandango" has been laid to rest for eternity, sadly.
  2. I was going to suggest concentric vol/tone pots, but it’s probably better to keep it stock. Look at the bright side: Now you have full reign to balance the pickup heights to get close to the sounds you want.
  3. RobB

    Mirage 1 Mods

    Not so long-winded. Looks like the wiring was redone...that's not the typical, Hamer wiring cavity, LOL! I've owned three MirageIIs (humbucker models). I didn't care for the plinky, corroded Wilky tremolos, either. I replaced one with a Gotoh model that was very similar to the Mann-made tremelos (or PRS). I can't for the life of me find a pic of one, and Gotoh has discontinued them. On my koa Mirage, I used a Callaham tremolo. I set it up as a decked trem and it was perfect for that guitar. The Mann-made tremolo is a great option. An expensive one, but great all the same Here are a couple of options from Gotoh's 2014 catalog. I don't know if these are still in production or not: As to the Sperzels, they may just worn out from years of misuse. You might email Sperzel and see if they have any suggestions to fix them before you buy another set. A set of six is well under $100, so that may be the easiest option. Can't help you with the wiring. That snakepit needs a complete teardown/rebuild for what you want to do. Happy hunting!
  4. The neck angle is the important factor in decked FRs. Since you cant adjust the saddle heights, it has to be correct. Music Man supplies neck shims for those who want to experiment with action. I prefer decked trems. I don't care for the silly, tremolo histrionics that some players indulge in on floating FRs, but that's just me. I'll take the intonation and string-bending of a decked trem any day of the week.
  5. Don't worry about it, bro. Think of it as the one wrong stich in a Navajo blanket. The only way to make it perfect is to re-grille it, which will be a total PITA and a money/time waster. Let it be.
  6. This is too big to ship (local pickup only), but I thought I'd post a heads up to any HFCers living in the greater SF Bay Area. Reverb link craigslist SFBay link Thanks for clicking!
  7. Totally unnecessary. The SD18 is fine just the way it is.
  8. Huh. Looks like the feature has been removed. Guess that can happen when you game the system. A warning would have been nice, though.
  9. Seems like it quietly disappeared. I can’t seem to find the no-fee feature anymore. Any ideas?
  10. RobB


    Moreover, it begs the question of why did you have a 23 year old couch? Gnar-gnar, brah.
  11. Welp, I took the amp down to the garage in SJ. Sounds really good. Really, REALLY good. Greg used a Fender Marcus Miller Jazzbass and a Ric 4001. Both channels sound great for bass. Also tried tying both together which returned a nice, grindy tone. The drawback is that the level and low frequencies (at volume) caused the Rivera logo badge to vibrate, delivering a loud, buzzy rattle at the 'B' on the low 'E' string. Four guitar pics acting as shims between the badge and grillcloth solved that issue, but the badge has got to be removed. I'm hoping there's a way to do it without destroying the cloth. I'm calling Rivera tomorrow to see if they have any suggestions.
  12. Just received a 1976 MM HD 130 head for an AMAZING price!!!! Going to use this as a bass head with a Rivera 2x12 cab refitted with Eminence bass drivers. Solid state preamp w/tube phase inverter and four Sylvania 6L6s. Makes a great, compact bass rig, is loud and clean and sounds tight. So much so that I’m considering a RD 65 head for guitar. Any love for the Oldskool MM amps here?
  13. Dang, dude. Are you S&M, too? Just sell the damned thing and be free of the worry.
  14. RobB


    I’ve seen him play worse. Much, much worse.