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  1. Here is four pages of postings on: guitarpatches.com And THR patches/libraries from Yamahamusicians.com. Some of the patches/libraries are proprietary to whichever THR series they were created for, i.e., the THRx patches don't work with the 5/10 series. I downloaded individual .ydps patches and .ydl libraries. The U2 one is pretty cool. Many of the patches need tweeking to sound "right" (to my ears, anyway), but they are a great resource to show what the THR series can do.
  2. As far as cubase goes, I messed with it for a bit and finally deleted it. PITA is what that program is. I'm a Reason guy, all the way.
  3. Additionally, if you're changing parameters to the original patch library, I found it got a little wonky about saving an edited preset UNLESS you save it in one of the empty "Init" slots. This is ok by me as I like to have the original sounds as a reference, and they aren't too terrible. I did the same thing with my old DG Stomp.
  4. I usually adjust using the software UI. I made a copy of the preset library, renamed it and saved. When adjusting a preset, I hit the “save to library”, choose a slot, hit “save.” After some frustration of it not saving, I found it WILL write the (new or edited) patch by going to Menu-File-Save after “saving to library.” I’m using Mac OSX El Capitan, so this may not be relevant to your issue. ETA: I have to use the UI to adjust EQ as the THR5 only sports a tone knob.
  5. “Gamma” and, “Gamma II.” I was so tripped-out hearing “Voyager” for the first time I parked on the shoulder of the I-10 fwy in L.A. to listen. The guitar is unearthly on that track.
  6. Took delivery today of an Audioraxx solid pine, 4-space rack today. Wired everything back up and now have a very usable workstation. I went back to using the THR5 I bought from tombo. With the supplied software, it is miles better than anything I've used for playing through the powered monitors. I found a patch site where you can download other users' libraries and individual patches. Loving the way it sounds! And to think I was all hot to spend even MORE bread on a Palmer, small tube head, etc., when everything I needed was right in front of me.
  7. 1) Yes. 2) Bolt-on. 3) Top-load. *This has been a non-paid announcement by Oakland Guitar Store. OGS has no affiliation with America's Volume Dealer other than we dig their name."
  8. Paint repair

    Post a pic of the scratch. There are a few members here who can help you out. If it was my Sceptre, unless the scratch has actually compromised the finish in a bad way, I’d leave it alone. You’re lucky: most Sceptres are pretty chewed, hard to find one in primo condition.
  9. That British Thing...

    VOX, or any of the iterations, re: Matchless, Ceriatone, Valvetech, etc. The Marshall JCM800 circuit has been done to death. The EL84 sound is what sounds, "British", to my ears.
  10. All my guitars play equally well. How does one choose?
  11. NAD - Mesa Royal Atlantic

    Most of Mesa’s amp line are usually well thought-out products. When they don’t sell, they cease production. Smart like that
  12. GC CS Sucks

    Sweetwater. Never a burp of a problem from them, ever. If they fukkup, they will fix it.