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  1. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Then I guess I did too! I can suddenly defend this purchase!
  2. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Landmark birthday? Trying to shave a couple of years off?
  3. Losing gain as I play - tubes?

    Nah, you're just getting older.
  4. David Cassidy In Hospital

    Now he's REALLY in bad shape.
  5. Never seen that one before.
  6. The largest *production* guitar?

    "That's just alotta salt, is all..."
  7. HEL Custom Order

    I did the same thing. Picked up the above black Standard on the way home from Columbus. It was well worth the detour.
  8. Hard Rock door handles

    Anyone need a new avatar? I call it "P.E.P."
  9. The largest *production* guitar?

    "Look a'that salt shaker, man! That thing's hUUUge!"
  10. 0075...

    "I wonder if #0079 is in the same batch," I just asked myself...
  11. Hard Rock door handles

    Exactly. Not unlike this proud Epiphone player.
  12. HEL Custom Order

    ...but not HEL's first! I know where Shane got those routing templates from...! That guitar is going to slay!
  13. Hard Rock door handles

    Yes, I know Boston and New Orleans have Hamers for door handles. Can't remember if all of the ones I have visited do as well.