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  1. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    100 years old, worn out his welcome and dead for 20 years, yes.
  2. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Yeah, George Burns-like.
  3. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Yeah, I think clusterfuck describes it adequately. And not in a good way.
  4. It's kind of a specialized piece. And who, outside of Hamer nuts care about a Chapparral?
  5. Wish I had a use for a 12 string. That's cheap!
  6. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    That looks like Shishkov-ville, actually.

    The exception which proves the rule.

    You can use the links from this post. Sorry. This is a tremendous pain in the ass on an iPad.

    Well that sucks. I'll fix it as soon as I can get to a computer thingie.

    I've tried. I have pared it down to essential PMs for reference or nostalgia and can't seem to go any lighter. For instance, guitars that I bought and/or sold which I would need to know where they went or were they came from, or PMs from Ken Jones that I can't bring myself to delete.

    ...and a hush fell over the crowd... If I'm way off on prices (it could happen) or if you need better pictures, email me . My PM box is almost full.
  12. Varying Monaco Elite Body Thicknesses ???

    It's something I hadn't considered. I suppose anything is possible.
  13. Varying Monaco Elite Body Thicknesses ???

    The top arches are shaped by hand, so they're all going to be slightly different, even though Mike Shishkov (who most-likely did the shaping) is a master with machine-like accuracy in his hands. If you're looking from the side, the amount of wood from the bottom of the binding to the actual back of the guitar might vary from guitar-to-guitar, but the overall thickness of each Monaco Elite should be the same (from the very top of the face to the back). I'm not aware of the body thickness changing from year-to-year, otherwise.
  14. '91 Sunburst Binding Discoloration

    Sometimes there's some lacquer on the top of the binding from when the guitar was painted and it is that, not the binding which is aging. That could account for some of the reddish aging you are seeing. Without a closer look, it's really hard to say. As for the cracking, we'd probably need to see some photos of that too. Otherwise, that's a sick-ass top!
  15. Gibson Doomed?

    It doesn't appear to just be a clever name.