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  1. kizanski

    Shishkov #90

    Well, now we have a theme...
  2. kizanski

    Shishkov #90

    Ok, fair enough.
  3. kizanski

    Shishkov #90

    So you're turned on by sheep that look like him?
  4. That one definitely made the rounds.
  5. Nah, just lay it right down on a rusty handle on a rusty arm to a rusty metal door.
  6. 14 years after I bought it (after @butcher ordered it - long story), and 10 years after I sold it, we've come full circle and it has returned. The condition is pretty much just like I sold it, which was like new. And a mistake has been erased.
  7. No worse than being a member here.
  8. Yes, it says that in the ad, but that would only explain asking extra ΒΆΒΆ, not extra $$.
  9. I loves me some Tyra, but I think her expression may have been less about the talent she witnessed and more about her boobs being hiked up to her chin. No that there's anything wrong with that.
  10. Go to the Google Play/Google Store on the phone itself and search for "export text messages." There are a bunch of apps there for that.
  11. You should try your luck here first. That's where the loin's share of them are going to be.