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  1. kizanski

    DGS Photos

    Anyone receive a reply yet??
  2. Explain how it would be a good thing?
  3. kizanski

    Was This for REAL!!!

    "Hamer California" ?
  4. Yeah, WTF is he basing that on?
  5. kizanski

    Was This for REAL!!!

    I wouldn't think so. No.
  6. kizanski

    Was This for REAL!!!

    Shame. This looks like it was once a nice guitar.
  7. kizanski

    DGS Photos

    Reverb and The Rear Page.
  8. kizanski

    DGS Photos

    His M/O is to list the guitar for a few days, and then once a question is asked about the photos or "...wasn't that the one just for sale at Dave's?" he deletes the thread and starts over. I'd wager requesting photos of the guitar in normal light will be the demise of his latest thread.
  9. kizanski

    Mirage 1 Mods

    Yes, I think it's called the Mirage Mann. Actually, I just made that up. Sorry.
  10. kizanski

    DGS Photos

    yeah, I'm disgruntled over a Studio.
  11. kizanski

    DGS Photos

    Don't misunderstand - I'm sure it was 100% when it left La Crosse, Wisconsin, but I don't trust this motherfucker at all.
  12. kizanski

    DGS Photos

    I have purchased several guitars from Dave's and have never had a problem. I wouldn't touch that Studio you're referring to with a 10' pole, however. This guy bought the guitar for $995 and listed it for sale the next day for $1500. Sure, everyone is entitled to make whatever they can make, but get the guitar in your hands first before you start spouting off about how awesome it is, how well it plays, etc. He has still yet to even post a cheap cell phone picture of it since he received it. For all we know it's still in the shipping box, broken in shipping.
  13. kizanski

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    Took me a while, but I got it - lol #N-O-R-E-S-P-E-C-T