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  1. I've got it bad. :(

    I don't think THAT was part of the marketing strategy.
  2. I don't think I've ever asked what the weight of a guitar that I was buying was. It doesn't even occur to me because I don't care. I have a GMP Firebird which weighs as much as a Pontiac Firebird, but I gigged it once and it's really no big deal - inch-wide strap and all.
  3. I've got it bad. :(

    Never mind that. I want that Stratocaster neck.
  4. Yeah, that does seem like a lot of unused, blank real estate.
  5. True, but we try not to waste quality rehabilitation on the truly degenerate, lost cases.
  6. Could be. It's clearly a custom order. The custom order cert might say something about them (if they're original).
  7. That's the question. That's the answer to your question.
  8. Question asked and answered.
  9. Did he actually travel to the gig like that? I mean, that's pretty strange.
  10. Couldn't you have made it a 6 string and called it a "Six Shooter"?
  11. Oh my God! Are they kidding me with that fucking top?? That's ridiculous!
  12. I don't know how an ad description will tell you are "going to bond with it." That's a very personal experience, and often the vital statistics don't dictate that one way or another. But I do know this: When a guy asks what a guitar weighs, he ain't buying shit. And his email gets DELETED. I quote the great Jim Singleton, "Try-ers ain't buyers, and players ain't pay-ers." The more questions a guy asks, the less likely he is to buy.