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  1. The definition of setting the bar really low.
  2. kizanski

    Victory inlays

    Never happen. Not me.
  3. But it fits well, whatever the fuck that means.
  4. kizanski

    Victory inlays

    No, I think it's, "Happiness is a warm blanket."
  5. "I don't know if the Kahler bridge is original, but it fits well and looks like the guitar was originally made for a Kahler." Willful ignorance will not be tolerated.
  6. kizanski

    Victory inlays

    I think it's "Perception is reality."
  7. That's one of my favorite GK clips. Probably watched it 100 times.
  8. I encounter that fairly often, more and more as time goes on. Unfortunately for them they have no idea who they're dealing with.
  9. Those frets are warped. Good thing you sold it.
  10. kizanski

    #87 Super-C

    Indeed. That's crazy!
  11. kizanski


    It's beautiful, now that you pointed it out, but I honestly didn't notice it had a neck except for the crown inlays. If Mike had given that top a green tint, I would have believed it was alligator skin.
  12. kizanski


    That fucking top!
  13. kizanski

    Cleveland Rocks! Or does it?

    Go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Maybe too obvious of an answer, but you really have to go.
  14. kizanski

    Overheard on Facetube

    I'm glad I soldiered through that hackneyed dreck because I would have otherwise missed "Plays like pop-tarts" which is hysterical.
  15. kizanski

    Historic 4 digit restore.

    Well, we know who didn't do it. A professional.
  16. kizanski


  17. kizanski


    Solid. No chambers.
  18. kizanski


    I'd sign off on that.
  19. kizanski


    Yes. Mahogany. Surprisingly light as well!
  20. kizanski


    The longer scale and the wrapper make for a very slinky feel (which I prefer), and plugged in that "feel" translates to sound (to me) in a very bluesy way. Chords tend to "jangle" even with the bridge pickup and a good amount of gain applied, which again is what I like. I have plenty of other guitars which can knock down walls (not that this one couldn't if driven to it), but it has a subtlety to it, if that makes sense.
  21. Yeah, I get all that. I just don't need TGP or anyone else to enforce the rules of PayPal. It's not their place. And they're assholes.
  22. Receiving PayPal Gift is not the issue. It's sending "gift" funds to a stranger. You have almost no recourse, should anything go wrong, but as I said, as the buyer that's my choice. TGP will punish you if you ask for PP Gift. Forum Nazis to the N-th degree.
  23. kizanski


    Indeed. I know I sound "like a broken record," like my Grandpa used to say, but it's exactly that I pictured in my brain-like organ. This was my reference. Not bad...