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  1. #72 in the house!

  2. #72 in the house!

    Ok, who had 22 hours in the pool?
  3. #72 in the house!

    What's with the knobs?
  4. Yeah... As a shorty, playing in the front yard of the crib, I fell down, and I bumped my head. Somebody helped me up and asked me if I bumped my head I said "Yeah." So then they said, "Oh... so that mean we gon, you gon switch it on em'?" I said "Yeah, Flipmode! Flipmode is the greatest!" Knowing as a shorty, I was always told, That if I ain't gon' be part of the greatest, I gotta be the greatest myself. C'mon c'mon... Yeah... C'mon...

    The jury is out on the Nash Broadcaster and Nash Stratocaster. You know how it goes, you look to sell, you handle the guitar, and then you think, "How can I sell this??" And that's that. As for the Hamers, here's what I can tell you. The 1996 Studio. It's in great condition. No belly scratches to speak of, little to no fret wear, and has the original pickups and OHSC. $1100, shipped to the lower 48. PayPay Gift, please. The 1996 Mirage II Also in great condition. Some light scratches on the back (not really significant enough for me to photograph). None through the wood or even at all deep. Has PRS pickups installed. I know what you're thinking - Yuk! That's what I thought. I even bought a pair of Rios to put in it, but after plugging it in for a while, I ended up using the Rios elsewhere. There was simply no reason to change them. Little to no fret wear, typical Mirage flexibility and greatness. A true Swiss Army guitar. Original Wilky bridge with trem bar, OHSC. $1100, shipped to the lower 48. PayPay Gift, please. Trades: I'm open to them, but not interested in amps, pedals, or acoustics.
  6. 0071

    That's the shit right there!!
  7. How did you get to the HFC?

    I'm sorry. As for me, I had just bought a Sunburst off eBay (around 2002 or so), and after having some doubts as to whether it was legit or not, I used the Google machine to find a forum on which I could find out if it was. It wasn't.

    For you, $350 for each string. Shipped. I'm sure we could work out a package deal (don't tell bubs). They are! 1996! I agree. The tops all seemed to be really nice back then. Prices, photos and deets are coming, guys. I''ll have it done this weekend. In the interim, I updated the OP with links to the photos that I currently have. They're not all great pictures, but more will come.
  9. Alright Gibson!!

    I see what you did there...
  10. The rest of us have not been playing stadium concerts for 40 years. I wouldn't expect EVH to get caught off guard by anything that happens on a stage.
  11. Left something on the FS forum for ya.

    And "Boom" goes the dynamite. Details to follow. , ,
  13. I remember when the show was broadcast. They pieced pre and post nose gash footage together. They were introduced, Dave swings the mic stand, and then mid song he has a bandage on his nose. While it was fun watching Eddie noodle around during Dave's nose taping, didn't that seem like an ideal time to play Eruption? I mean, if you want to keep the crowd energized (the noodling cooled the crowd off to the point where they almost couldn't revive them), Eruption would have gotten them crazed.
  14. Alright Gibson!!

    I like the way you think.
  15. 0075...

    It already is. I'm pretty sure I would take it just like that. Can you imagine the paint job that improves that top??
  16. Alright Gibson!!

    I agree with all of that. Especially the 1st point.
  17. Alright Gibson!!

    I like 'em.
  18. 100,000 yen... What's that in 'murican? I have its twin and am considering moving it along.
  19. The TGP Thread

    Yeah, that never happens!
  20. I put Rios and a 5-way Super Switch in one. The 5-way switch is a worth while mod.