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  1. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Then I guess I did too! I can suddenly defend this purchase!
  2. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Landmark birthday? Trying to shave a couple of years off?
  3. Losing gain as I play - tubes?

    Nah, you're just getting older.
  4. David Cassidy In Hospital

    Now he's REALLY in bad shape.
  5. Never seen that one before.
  6. The largest *production* guitar?

    "That's just alotta salt, is all..."
  7. HEL Custom Order

    I did the same thing. Picked up the above black Standard on the way home from Columbus. It was well worth the detour.
  8. Hard Rock door handles

    Anyone need a new avatar? I call it "P.E.P."
  9. The largest *production* guitar?

    "Look a'that salt shaker, man! That thing's hUUUge!"
  10. 0075...

    "I wonder if #0079 is in the same batch," I just asked myself...
  11. Hard Rock door handles

    Exactly. Not unlike this proud Epiphone player.
  12. HEL Custom Order

    ...but not HEL's first! I know where Shane got those routing templates from...! That guitar is going to slay!
  13. Hard Rock door handles

    Yes, I know Boston and New Orleans have Hamers for door handles. Can't remember if all of the ones I have visited do as well.
  14. Who owns the Ultimate, Ultimate? ;)

    I'm getting tildes, pipes and apostrophes on mine.
  15. Couldn't move the dog's water bowl, huh?
  16. Pinnick Gales Pridgen

    Terrible band name, though.
  17. With a description like, "like a hybrid PRS Paul Reed Smith McCarty/Les Paul/Thinline Telecaster heavier than a Thinline, lighter than a LP," who needs pictures?
  18. You can call it nostalgic stubbornness and prejudice if you want to, but the fact is for some one like me who saw them 40 years ago (yikes!) at the height of their powers, there's simply No Reason to shell out ridiculous amounts of money (or even to leave my house, honestly) to see this year's nostalgia money grab. An iteration which is minus the one member of the group which allowed you to defend the very idea of seeing a band Live. Without Freddie, the rest of the band is about as animated as Present Day Freddie. I have my memories of those live Queen shows, and I have the live recordings from that era. In a pinch I can even watch the Post Haircut Freddie "Live in Montreal" gig if I need the visual. I also have the money saved, borne of my nostalgic stubbornness and prejudice.
  19. 1992 Hamer Special???

    Lefty, pearl white, 24 fret Gary Moore... That's one rare beast.
  20. The older I get, the more I think any time is a good time to be alive.