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  1. No, I think "un-Kahlered," as in "ain't never been Kahlered." Well worth the greens, imo.
  2. No. Find something without the "Slammer" and the "Korean" and get back to us. Don't waste your time or money on the Korean stuff.
  3. kizanski

    Zandard Owners

  4. If I had let logic rule the game, I wouldn't have the Victim Explorer, the Fackyo II, or the OM Standard. Spend the money to make it the way you want it. Use your creativity. Modify it in a way which you wouldn't with a guitar that was original or valuable. Or sell it. Either one.
  5. Where are the string holes through the body?
  6. You don't have $100 bucks to invest in garnering favor from your new forumites, n00b?
  7. Ok - Who's going to fall on this grenade for the sake of providing this invaluable information?
  8. They're cool cases. And I think they protect very well, IIRC. Sell it!
  9. Honestly... Do you enjoy being married that much?
  10. Must have been a reason.... That's all I'm sayin'.
  11. kizanski


  12. That's more like it. Beautiful 4-digit.
  13. Did you have a retail display case with those?
  14. If you're selling a 4 Digit, show the fucking four digits. smh...
  15. Yours is more Tele than the one for sale. Mahogany body and neck, P-90 neck pickup... That's not a Tele.
  16. kizanski

    Acoustic Hendrix Guitar

    Was that before or after the "Jimi Watches Football" sessoins?
  17. kizanski

    Acoustic Hendrix Guitar

    The "Jimi's Farts" series of CDs didn't do as well as she had hoped, but she'll dream up something else.