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  1. Malcolm Young RIP

    This one's tough. Like others have said very well above, I don't know just how you can calculate just how big a loss this was. After spending a few years chasing the gunslinger chops-wagon (as a bass player of all things, lol) When I started having hand problems I had to quit for a couple years, and after that down time, once I started playing again, I took a fresh look at AC/DC and the like once I tried laying down a cover on a 4-track and heard how flimsy it came out by comparison. It was Cliff Williams at first that blew me away, then later Malcolm did the same exponentially. zero BS playing. Medium gain, HIGH volume with a Right hand that means business. Maybe that's part of it...Malcolm looks very much like a guy that could and would deliver a solid right hand without hesitation... Rest in Peace.
  2. 90s USA B12L basses - fake? wtf??

    SOMEday, I'll have an 8 or 12 Hamer. Back in 2000-ish, I had tinkered with a white Import 12 that the Kaman rep had left at the store I was working at at the time, but just wasn't feeling it. Sure wish I would have made it more of a priority gear wise at the time, lol!!
  3. ^^^ Exactly this. ^^^ That Black SS with the dual hums and a Floyd looks like THE perfect Rock guitar--especially for anything from 1980 to mid 90s. Great looking shape and great lower cutaway. I'm just not anywhere in any kind of purchase mode after taking care of life and family needs. Someone is missing out, big-time!
  4. Saw Iron Maiden Last Night

    Great show! Ghost was interesting. Sounded great, and my 13 yr old is now a fan. Maiden put on an outstanding show. Impressive energy and Bruce sings just fine and then some. Great job of keeping 3 guitarists from tripping over each other, musically and physically. Wasn't familiar with the new material, but it flowed really well with the classics. Stage and light show was what I had hoped for. My son was alternating between jaw drops and fist pumps, and Dad gained a touch more credibility.
  5. Saw Iron Maiden Last Night

    Thanks for the preview! Taking my 13 yr old to see 'em at the end of this month in Dallas. It'll be his first rock concert and my first time seeing Maiden.
  6. Bass Guy Dave

  7. Saw Sabaton Last Night

    Sabaton is my 13 yr old son's favorite band. (History buff, he is...) We missed them last month, but we'll try and catch them the next time around. In the meantime, we did get tickets to Maiden ( his next fave,) this summer, which is going to be his first concert, so that'll be a good time, I'm hoping.
  8. Yeah, actually I (sadly,) really haven't made time to play for more than just a minute or two once in a while over the last year or so. I DID put some new strings on my 2-TEK about a year ago! Hopefully they're still fresh, as I literally haven't picked it up since. gotta do something about that this weekend. I'll at least dust!
  9. Congrats! I've got an '81 and '82 Cruise, along with a 2-TEK ('97, I think?) I wrestled with tendinitis/Carpal Tunnel problems 25 years ago, so I tend to keep my strings a touch skinnier, but aside from some truss rod tweaking, don't remember any issues with using .45-.105s on any of them. Biggest difference between them (and what I loved about the 1st Gens, is the neck width stays narrower in the upper register (like a Rickenbacker), versus the 90s ones. Ergonomics on the 1st Gens are perfection, IMO. I don't know if the Cruise or the Guild Pilot came out first, but they seem fairly similar. The lower cutaway, waist and strap balance on the Cruise is amazing. Apologies for the gawdawful pic (typing this on a Kindle,) but here's the crew, including an import Chap and a battered EB-3 'rescue' from many moons ago that I keep as a fretless. (As I found it...)
  10. Weird Guitar Strings Question

    Didn't D'addario have a set of "Reds" bass strings or something with a copperish wrap, or some such? Been a long time, can't remember exactly.
  11. My 'new' '84 Blitz Bass

    Had an '84 just like it that sounded massive. Congrats!!!!!
  12. Worth The Wait (NGD: Hamer Content)

    Spectacular job !! unreal resurrection... wow! Congrats!!
  13. Sept 1995. Apologies for the horrendous pics. No scanner at the moment and the pic is from my kindle. One word summary for the review. "Killer!"
  14. Who's brave enough to do this?

    This is beyond awesome.