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  1. I sold my 81 Special

    Oh that's a tough one. Damn. My '81 is the first Hamer I ever got and 2nd only to my LP as the longest-held guitar in the pile. The smaller neck means it gets used less and less, but every time I think about selling it something changes my mind. Maybe because it's such a damn good guitar. And the reason I bought it in the first place? To replace an LP Junior I had to sell to pay the rent.
  2. Ooof. Stunning. Another great one, Ernie.
  3. Who does custom truss rod covers?

    Thanks, Jay!
  4. Newport Pro Refret Cost?

    It is worth the shipping charge to send it to our own murkat (Jay - NTL Guitar in Nashville http://www.ntlguitar.com/). He's done two refrets for me: my #1 LP and a Special FM that I custom ordered with the wrong size frets. After 35 years of strangling death grip abuse, the LP was nearly unplayable. It now plays better than it ever had and is ready for another 35. And as good as the LP is, I was stunned to see the Special: The work is absolutely flawless - you CAN NOT tell it isn't factory original. The LP is my #1 for many years, and the Special FM is my #2 humbucker guitar and my first custom order from Hamer, so they are very important to me. I wasn't real keen on sending either of them anywhere for work. There are several others here on the board that do amazing work as well (maybe close enough that you won't need to ship) that should be considered. Jay gets my vote because he's so damn cute.
  5. To fix it right is going to be expensive (been down that rabbit hole). With all the problems you've listed, getting at least 1/2 your money back is not unreasonable (but still won't be enough). Sorry to hear of your bad luck. That sucks.
  6. Always liked Deans but couldn't get past that damn headstock. Good for pinning gophers, though.
  7. Ouch. But you're right about the 'use it or lose it' thing. I try to have a guitar in hand while watching TV just to keep the fingers working. I'm not learning anything but I am attempting to maintain. Life does get in the way.
  8. #0068

    Usually not a green fan, but that looks great. The inlays are pretty nice, too. Well done all around.
  9. Speaker dust cap glue

    Yeah but that one rubber cement sounds waaaay better than those other ones.
  10. Happy birthday .

    You love her, too?!? You'll never get a guitar that way. Happy Birthday, Trish. Have a fun one!
  11. Wife needs a Windows laptop.......

    I went over budget and got an i7 HP from Tiger Direct on one of their Black Friday deals. I just hope it works - a$$holes at FedEx played field hockey with the larger outer box, and the dumbass who put it in the outer box used maybe a dozen of those air pillows (half of which were flat) for packing. How dim are these people? Hopefully the factory box saved it. Fingers crossed until Christmas morning. (If it works) Once she gets it figured out she should be happy.