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  1. "Gibson Celebrates Chinese New Year with Year of the Dog Les Paul" It's a blatant attempt to appease their new masters. The future is genuine Chibsons.
  2. Maybe they're finally just spelling it out. You know, like a public service or something.
  3. Diary from a Time Machine

    Coolest talkbox ever built. Hell yeah.
  4. https://portland.craigslist.org/grg/msg/d/electric-guitar-hamer/6529722320.html Needs TLC but cheap.
  5. Put Diablo's guitars in one of those and go blind.
  6. Happy Birthday Ted!

    Happy Birthday, Ted. I hope it's a fun one. And THANK YOU for letting us play in your yard!

    In that instance, a huge pick slide into some Eddie tapping stuff (don't matter what key) into a major harmonic divebomb. They'll never know what hit 'em. ....and the other guitar player won't do THAT again.
  8. Good thing the guy didn't use Rain-X.
  9. Its all smoke and mirrors.

    ....changed out all my tubes and speakers and pickups and cables and....... She's right - the only people to hear the clams are the other a$$hole guitar players in the audience. But you know what? Who cares what they think. Have FUN!
  10. What Steve said. A death grip and sweaty hands on a glossy neck feels sticky. I get Dean's reasoning behind it, but would rather have a smooth surface with a flat or semi-gloss finish. I have a couple of Tru-oil necks that feel fantastic.
  11. 99

    That's either a tiny grinder or Trish is a very happy woman.
  12. NGD coming soon

    Love it!