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    Now that you mention it, you never see those two together.........
  2. Things That Make Me Say Hmmmm....

    Yep - watch for the 'doors closing forever' sale.
  3. Google is smarter than you.
  4. This is exactly how the UPS driver moved my speaker cabinet from the back of his truck up to the front. I could hear the 'thump..... thump..... thump' from inside the house. Thankfully it was well packed.

    ^^^^ I would double 'like' that if I could.

  7. A Shout out to Josh

    To clarify: There ARE pickups that split the other way, with the bass side farther from the bridge and the treble side closer. The Cowpie Custom is backwards from that, and nobody but Josh does it. He went through hell customizing bobbins until he got it to work, and work they do. F*cking awesome. There is no doubt his P90s are spectacular.
  8. Played a set with the old band for Halloween and got more compliments on my tone than you can shake a stick at. The only difference to my usual gig gear was the set of Cowpie Customs in my Les Paul wound up by our buddy Josh. Gravelin pickups are the sh!t, aren't they? If you haven't tried some, you oughta. The Cowpie Custom bridge pickup (8.7k) has the adjustable polepieces split so they're on the opposite coil (farther from the bridge) on the unwound strings. You wouldn't think it would make that much difference, but it really does. It has a slightly thicker, rounder, fuller tone in the upper register that sounds great and - apparently - people notice. Pretty cool. Thanks, Josh!
  9. The MIK Echotone was a nice guitar. Probably should have kept it. And I have a MIC Gretsch and an Epi ES-339 that are both decent. My buddy has a recent Epiphone Sheraton that I would have guessed at waaaay more than $499. Very well done. I'm looking for one.... It's funny that today's cheap beginner guitars are miles ahead of the canoe paddles I started with and kids still don't want to learn.
  10. God I felt like such an oaf. Great packing job, BTW. That coulda/shoulda been a lot worse.
  11. At first glance I liked it, then looked closer. Sadness.
  12. I meant my former UPS driver works for FedEx now.
  13. The Greco SA-900 Sunburst on your reverb page is gorgeous. Oof. https://reverb.com/item/7800823-1977-greco-sa-900-sunburst
  14. Tom Petty in bad shape

  15. Stratocaster Pron Needed.

    More: Shoulda kept them all (especially the first one) but all that remains is the Levinson Blade. Stupid good for the money.
  16. Black Dub

    Great song and incredible musicians. A lot going on there. Thanks for posting that. I've already looked up more (never heard of them before now - I'm a hermit). Really good, powerful stuff.
  17. BTO w/ Leslie West opening (ticket price: $4.50) BoDeans None yet.
  18. Little Les Paul Humor.

    My Dad - farm boy/WWII vet - played that 26 lb chick magnet 3-4 hours a night every weekend. Badass.
  19. Little Les Paul Humor.

    Wusses the lot of ya. All of 10.2 lbs all night long. And I'm old. A 3" strap helps, though.
  20. Stratocaster Pron Needed.

    My '74 (or '75, I can't tell): The (in)Famous Steve Swadley Skateboard guitar: This thing has been busted up and pinned and glued so many times and is one THE best playing and sounding Strats I've ever held. It's a beast. ETA: Those are caster plates (duh - Stratocaster) screwed on there. He pops the casters in there and rides it like a skateboard - on stage. The first time I saw it was 40 years ago and he's still doing it. That poor old guitar is nothing but bumps and bruises and wears 'em all proudly. And Steve is nuts, too.
  21. Funny you should ask - after Jay worked his magic on the neck and frets and Josh nailed the pickups, it'll take something pretty special.
  22. I was just having this conversation with a younger guitar buddy who really just panics about this kind of stuff. He plays Teles (which to me are the most bullet-proof planks out there as far as adverse conditions go), so I told him to go get a good reliable humidity monitor and see where he's at first, then get a decent small (preferably programmable) humidifier and relax. We'll see how he does..... We have an Aprilaire whole-house humidifier on the furnace that does a great job of keeping the humidity in the guitar room at 40%-50%. And a benefit that I didn't realize: when I added wood planks to 2 walls in there it not only deadened the sound but it seems to act as a kind of moisture buffer - in the spring when it's the most damp the walls absorb excess moisture before the guitars do, and when it's dry (like now) the walls give up moisture before the guitars do. So the room stays consistently right near 50% all of the time (with gradual swings from 40% to 60%), with the most dramatic changes happening to the walls and not the guitars. Right now it's at 41% even with all the cold weather. I rarely adjust a truss rod and NEVER feel fret ends. Even the Taylors sitting out in stands show no ill effects. Worked out pretty good.
  23. My tastes have changed, but fifteen years later the two COs I have are still in regular rotation (neither were too far off the standard model). The next one will be a little different and more unique.
  24. 0065

  25. 0065

    Or it could have been STFU, Shawn.