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  1. https://www.musicradar.com/news/tronical-to-sue-gibson-for-dollar50-million It never ends.
  2. So yesterday I took a stab at a vocal track (haven't sung in years with good reason) and while I could hold pitch, my volume control - or lack thereof - was pretty special. Tried 4 different mics with the same result - too loud here, too quiet there. I'm plugging straight into a Tascam DP-24SD. Do I see a limiter and/or compressor in my future? Do I need to leave it to the professionals? Do I just STFU and play guitar? SINGERS - HELP PLEASE!!! Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. List all the Hamer models you have owned

    Special(s) Special FM Studio Custom(s) Studio(s) Sunburst(s) Daytona(s) Californian(s) T-51 Standard(s) Blitz(s) Eclipse 12 Junior Mirage Artist(s) 25th Anniversary 25th LE 30th LE Prototype Newport DuoTone(s) Cruise Bass Chaparral(s)
  4. Picks, Pedals, Pickups, and Plugs

    Hell, if that's a problem, bubs needs to be institutionalized.
  5. Vocal Help Needed! (Processing/Processor?)

    Thanks, guys. Yeah, the whole working-the-mic thing is more of an art than I remember and it probably has a lot to do with technology. The last time I recorded my own voice it was to a Tascam 8-track thru a Mackie board (I think....or was it a Peavey?....) which probably smoothed/mushed it out a bit. It seems more exaggerated now. I have one of those ART tube MP Studio things that I've never used. Think that would help?
  6. #78

    Wow, that's really nice! Love the faux binding.
  7. If you're happy with your tone but lack sustain, try a Barber Tone Press. You can bump up the volume to hit the front end a little harder, dial in as much sustain as you want and keep your attack intact with the blend knob. The blend knob is the thing. It's pretty seamless.
  8. Player-Grade Hamer Pics

    Yeah, if you turned it sideways it would disappear.
  9. Pickups repair

    Another vote for Josh. Not only does he know his sh!t but he's reasonably friendly. For a Minnesotan. Minnesotite? Minnesoter? A person from up nort'.
  10. ...but what about your musty crusty old favorite guitar? My Les Paul had sat in the case since after a gig - in October! I've been playing the Junior and Special FM lately because they RAWK! But I finally drug the LP out last Friday and remembered why it's #1. It fits like an old worn-in pair of shoes, ones that have been around for 40 years. Damn I love that thing. It ain't everybody's cup 'o tea, but it doesn't need to be. Those two pictures are kinda funny because I never really noticed before what had changed over time. Firstly, I washed the blood off (rough night!). And for 30 years I NEVER touched the neck pickup, then Josh came along and made the perfect set. And somewhere along the line I screwed the tailpiece down solid to the anchors with socket head cap screws (and washers made-to-fit by one of the lathe guys here at work). I think Jay had it somewhere in there for a re-fret and made it better than it had ever been, which is nice. As much as I love the NGDs, let's see the old stuff, guys! ETA: I didn't notice 'til just now the top picture is missing the 'B' string. Musta been a good night!
  11. This one always gave me a chubby:
  12. Not one that you own, but the one you'd most like to own. Mine's a '59 Junior. If I could swing Tonemonster's on the FS page I'd have it in a heartbeat. It's perfect. ETA: pic stolen from tonemonster's FS ad.
  13. Deal Breakers

    I was in an excellent originals band in high school (late '70s) that had a killer songwriter/keyboard player who thought it would be a good idea to stay trendy and play disco. I noped right the f*** out of there.
  14. NGD Shake and Bake Baby

    Fantastic top and a great story. Congrats!
  15. What's Your Personal Grail Guitar?

    Yeah, with my luck it's probably under my house.
  16. Arright, what's your best under $100?

    Got my first 'real' guitar and amp from my brother-in-law for $150. Later sold the Univox 335-type guitar back to him for $100 but still have the '64 Vibrolux.
  17. OK, I'll sell you back the Marshall.
  18. A 'somebody buy this' bump.
  19. First off let me say I'm a Fender guy from day one: my Mom birthed me with one and it's still the amp by which all others are judged. And every time I try something that's NOT a Fender, it usually ends in disappointment and a quick departure. But in a case of 'monkey see, monkey do' I followed that little chimp bubs part way down the amp hole and ordered - no, not a Monkey, but a Frenzel Sweet Little AC15. I was on a Vox bender (after picking up an AC10 and thinking it was the best thing ever), so it seemed like a good idea. And when saw how clean the insides of soli'd's was, I bit. When it arrived (after 6 weeks or so) the packaging was a little different: a box inside a box but with foam corners. Very effective. And deceptive. Makes you think the amp is THIS big. Then you get to the inside box. Waaay smaller. What's this?!? A Mooer pedal?? It's like a ring case with a jewel inside. This thing is tiny. It's just slight bigger than a MicroCube. I think they say it's 14 lbs on their site, but it feels lighter. And sturdy. I mean, I don't want to bounce it off the floor, but it's definitely road-worthy. So, how's it sound? I don't know what to compare it to. I know how a good Fender is supposed to sound, and not much else. Shawn can tell you if there's fly poop on the second AX12XYZ tube and if you wipe it off it will sound like this. I only know that one thing: Fenders. But I went ahead and plugged into the clean channel first and was thoroughly surprised. It wasn't clean and it wasn't dirty. It was 'meh'. I'm thinking 'Here we go again'. Underpowered in all 3 settings (5W/10W/15W), zero headroom, and only a volume control (no tone stack on the clean channel). Thoughts of 'oh I messed up again' start to swirl. This all in the first 5 minutes or so and I'm utterly disappointed. WTF? (which now stands for 'Want The Fender') So I yanked the plug out of the clean and stuck it in the 'Boost' channel, dialed everything to mid-way, and give it a go. Well now..... THAT'S what we're here for. The Boost channel is as good as the clean is bad. Better, actually. It does the Vox AC Top Boost chimey thing in spades PLUS has the best overdrive/lead tone of any amp I've owned – and all from the volume knob of the guitar. I'm used to using 8 or 10 pedals on a board, including a compressor, booster and a couple ODs. I never plug straight in. With this thing, I could cover an entire gig with the single P90 Junior and a cable. After 45 years this is a new thing for me. F*** yeah! At low volume it's articulate and bitey with a nice ring and just barely a hint of 5 0'clock shadow. At the other end of the knob it's full-on lead rip, thick and in your face, but not too hairy. And that's with the gain set at about 1/3 and the master at 2/3. There's a whole lot more where that came from. Will it do metal? Probably not. But there's enough hair available to cover both Kiz AND Muse. And it's got plenty of sack. The 5W setting is about what the Vox AC10 is - definitely loud enough for rehearsal, almost loud enough for the bar. At 10W it's right there with the 15W SuperChamp, but with more...more......girth? And at 15W I'm sure it'll hang with most 30 watters. It's the biggest small amp I've ever heard, whether it's into a single 12 cab or an oversized 2x12. It was to-the-door for $729. That includes the optional effects loop w/ footswitch, the boost footswitch option, and shipping. It's a hand-built stone cold bargain and costs less than the Vox handwired AC4 (the 4-watter). I'm not done mucking with that clean channel just yet, either. I haven't opened it to check the tubes or see if something came loose in shipping, but the way this thing is built I doubt there's something loose. And I haven't hit it with pedals yet either, so maybe it lives there. But the Boost channel makes it all worthwhile – real, live 'holy sh!t' good. It's the most versatile single channel I've ever plugged in to and well beyond what I'd expected. With no Monkey business. https://www.frenzeltubeamps.com/page15.php
  20. NAD: Frenzel Sweet Little AC15

    Hey! That never would have happened if the stupid wife hadn't parked in the exact same spot she has for the last 20 years. Nice packing job, BTW.
  21. NAD: Frenzel Sweet Little AC15

    Ha! I'm already looking into the Retro Champ Super Sportster or the Deluxe Plus 525. They have 4 or 5 amps I'd really like to try, but those two are at the top of the list. I like the 1/4-1/2-full power option on the Deluxe Plus 525. I'll pick your brain (and Don's) more as the time gets nearer. Definitely. Waaaaay better than me. You need to get the Deluxe Plus 525 so you can sell it to me at 1/2 price.
  22. Experienced wait time?

    I think he want's something more specific, Matt. It's forever and 3 weeks.
  23. Arright, what's your best under $100?

    Saw this leaning against the shack at the dump on a drizzly Saturday morning and wandered over to check it out. Dump guy asks, "Know anything 'bout guitars?" "A little." "Take it." I did. And under a layer of.....what do you call that gunk that settles on a guitar after it sat in a basement or under a bed forever?......was this: It cleaned up pretty good. From what I could find, it's a late '60s/early '70s Realistic. It all works and the neck feels great. ETA: I did have to restring it, so I guess it cost me like $3.50.