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  1. NBD:Hamer Cruise 2nd Gen.

    You have a very nice bass, even with a repair. It may have been reflected in the price, but not in the photos. Someone did a good job of covering it up with that pickguard. Does anyone know if the number of Cruise basses shipped with 2-Tek bridges and Gotoh bridges is about the same? The Gotoh is the bridge that suits me best.
  2. Dead Tone

    Tesla played Truckin' on last year's tour.
  3. How did you get to the HFC?

    I probably found this place from an Internet search back in the middle of 1997.
  4. Successful bands' member replacements

    Someone here got one of Charlie Huhn's Hamers years ago.
  5. Todd La Torre

    Think of Queensryche as a new band and just go with it.
  6. Successful bands' member replacements

    Journey may have gone on to bigger success after Gregg Rolie left, but they were a better band when Rolie was with them.
  7. In parts of the world where flamenco is more popular there ought to be more people looking for instruction in that style. Where I live there are a lot of people learning to play bluegrass either with teachers or through books and videos. Not everyone producing the books and videos is from "bluegrass country." As for the origin of the teacher, if she has knowledge and playing skills she will have people looking to her for instruction. Some of the Japanese shredders and American born gypsy jazz enthusiasts are impressive. Some of them keep the music alive. Bob Brozman reintroduced guitar players to authentic Hawaiian steel guitar, and maybe a few Hawaiians were grateful for his research. When I looked at the link for Edina's book project and watched some of the videos I saw a teacher without regard for where she is from.
  8. Alright Gibson!!

    As for what Gibson can sell off, they have the electronics division. Maybe Gibson went to the electronics show instead of NAMM to dress up those electronics companies and show them off to boost their value.
  9. Alright Gibson!!

    A friend got an authentic Trans Am decal and put it on his Gibson Firebird. He played a Firebird Trans Am. Some people got the joke.
  10. Wow! Edina can play! Should there not be a Spanish version of the project to complement the English version? Her videos are all in English. One would think this book and video project would do well in Spanish speaking countries.
  11. Alright Gibson!!

    Does Gibson force dealers to take the limited editions?