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  1. Steve Haynie

    Video tryout?

    Are you being asked to play guitar or be a videographer? Submit a sample of your playing and how you are going to move on stage. If you are good enough it will come through regardless of the video quality.
  2. Steve Haynie

    NUGD - 87 Steve Stevens II

    Wow! Has it even been played?
  3. Steve Haynie

    Vai, Yngie, Nuno, and Zack

    Now, that is a cool story.
  4. Steve Haynie

    Hamer Sighting

    Ryan Roxie, Brandon Gibbs, and Joel Kosche are doing a quick tour together. So, Roxie, Gibbs, and Kosche are all sharing a bass player and drummer. Kosche plays first as a three piece doing his own music and a little Collective Soul, then stays in the band when Brandon Gibbs comes out and does a set of his own music and Devil City Angels music. Ryan Roxie does his set with Kosche playing a second guitar. At the end all three play on stage together doing Alice Cooper and Collective Soul songs. Chuck Garric, Alice Cooper's bass player, is also getting in a quick tour this summer. I see them next week.
  5. Steve Haynie

    NGD (NSD)

    Hey-- dibs!
  6. Steve Haynie

    Hamer Sighting

    I just saw him last night.
  7. Steve Haynie

    Hamer Sighting

    Looking at videos of Ryan Roxie, Alice Cooper's guitar player, there was this gem from his high school days. The bass player has a Cruise Bass.
  8. Steve Haynie

    Detecting Headstock Break???? How to know

    Some "unseen" cracked ribs would be appropriate.
  9. Steve Haynie

    Andy Timmons Ear X Tacy Tour

    Road trips can be fun. Find something else to do in addition to the show and make the most of the trip. My concert trips have included tourist sites and just hanging out with friends for a day.
  10. Steve Haynie

    Saw Uncle Ted Last Night

    Looking through my photos I found two that show how Ted sometimes dampens the strings from underneath when he is getting feedback.
  11. Every year there is a trip to see Ted Nugent. His tickets are cheaper than what KISS charges, and the music is just as important to me. The closest show to me this year was in Roanoke, Virginia, so this show required some extra travel time. Fortunately, the weather was nice for a hot summer day. The opener was Mark Mackay, a country singer. He sounded good, and he was entertaining when he spoke to the audience. Ted Nugent went on stage a little before 9:00 PM. This year he is touring as a three piece band again. Since 2016 his drummer has been Jason Hartless who was around 21 or so when he first toured with Ted. (Ted took Tommy Clufetos on tour when he was about the same age, and now he plays with Ozzy Osbourne.) Greg Smith is playing bass again. The setlist is close to what was played last year. The song Crave was requested by a bunch of people on Facebook, so Ted played it. His new song, The Music Made Me Do It, was dropped. As for Ted's playing, he was on fire as much as he ever was. He has been reworking arrangements of some of his songs. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang now includes part of Hibernation. He has mixed the licks and melodies of some of his other songs, too. The signature licks are still in his solos to help you keep up with a song while being totally reworked. More than in the past, the solos are about as free form as can be except for those parts that have to be there. Even then Ted is playing in the same range of notes with the same tone settings, but he is playing off the top of his head. That is the magic of Ted Nugent's playing. He really can play. Age is not stopping him. Ted has a habit of stating his age a year ahead of where it is. He said last night that he is 70. To be more correct, this is his 70th year which does not actually make him 70 yet. You would think the writer of Wang Dang Sweet Poontang would want to get in as many "69" references as possible. He played games with the chorus of Cat Scratch Fever, singing "scratch that beaver, gonna eat that beaver." There were Magnatone amps across the stage in addition to the Kustom amps Ted has been using for the past few years. Someone has posted video from last night's show. Be forewarned that some of the language is not safe for work. I have a FREE single ticket for tonight's show in Nashville. Contact me if you want it. Derek St. Holmes will be there.
  12. Steve Haynie

    Vai, Yngie, Nuno, and Zack

    Sometimes you want to practice after seeing a show like that. THEN you want to burn your gear.
  13. Steve Haynie

    Wait, what?

    Hmmm... Can someone be an Elvis imitator imitator?
  14. Steve Haynie

    Vai, Yngie, Nuno, and Zack

    That show is coming to Atlanta. The good seats are gone, but I might buy a ticket in a few weeks.
  15. Steve Haynie

    Oh the Horror!

    The only hope for that guitar is to go to someone who can do all the restoration himself. The cost of getting that one right is going to be high, and the resale value will be low.