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  1. lots of HAMERS

    We can figure out why they have so many NOS instruments, too.
  2. Nazareth yesterday

    Yup. Bands like Marseille and Paralex. Then there was Def Leppard.
  3. I seriously need a handler. :(

    If it felt right while needing a little repair work it will feel great when you are done.
  4. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    As long as no one we know ends up in the Hall of Douchebags we are OK.
  5. #52... ...and #53

    Apparently the legacy of Hamer accumulation is now infused into Shishkov guitars. By the time Shishkov #500 is made there will only be 100 people that own them all.
  6. Speaker dust cap glue

    Paging JohnnyB...
  7. Robin Trower has US tour dates in March and April.
  8. Trey Anastasio was indeed playing a Languedoc Guitar. It looked interesting.
  9. Nazareth yesterday

    Lucky you! North American show dates are rare now. I have nearly all of their albums on CD.
  10. Paint repair

    Your Scepter was made when Hamer used nitro.
  11. Paint repair

    You have at least three layers in the red area. There is a white base coat, red color, and a clear top coat. My Scepter had a bit of sparkle in the red area that I think was a clear red color over a pearl gold.
  12. Cali Body Size?

    Now you have me wondering about how interchangeable cases are between Strats and Super Strats.
  13. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    The only promo shot I was ever in was for a fake band. A friend had been through a couple of performance duo partners who had to leave for different reasons. So, a few of us who had played together went to a photo studio for band shots. The idea was that if a full band was needed some of us in the photo would likely be called in to participate, giving the impression that there may have been a lineup change in an otherwise steady working band.
  14. Cali Body Size?

    OK. I was confusing models anyway thinking about the Centaura.
  15. Cali Body Size?

    Do you mean Chaparral body size?