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  1. Steve Haynie

    The worst hamer usa

    If adding a little mass to the headstock removes, or shifts, dead spots, that should mean that tuner buttons made of metal versus plastic or wood buttons should affect dead spots. Someone who switched to pearl white plastic buttons could put one gold button on their guitar and claim that it enhances the tone while having the cool look of a gold tooth.
  2. Be careful! You can go broke doing that!
  3. Steve Haynie

    NGD - New Strat Day, actually!

    That satin finish will get shiny if you play a lot. Let us hope you play it so much the glare off the neck can be used for search and rescue.
  4. I like the dig at Neil Young. Did Antsy McClain volunteer for the cover? He has a sense of humor about himself.
  5. Uh-oh! http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/rights-to-130-judas-priest-songs-up-for-sale-after-k-k-downings-golf-dream-comes-to-an-end/
  6. Steve Haynie

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Queen albums are good enough to speak for the band. They really need to be heard as complete albums, not individual songs.
  7. Steve Haynie

    K.K. Downing's Song Rights Up For Sale

    Read this part of Spotify's user agreement and try to think of a good reason anyone would accept it. You give Spotify perpetual free use that can be given (or sold) by Spotify, but they let you own the intellectual property rights that they just gutted.
  8. Steve Haynie

    Victory inlays

    Yes, but they may as well be enhanced with unobtanium because no one here will ever get their hands on them.
  9. Steve Haynie

    Victory inlays

    tebereeno's Virtuoso has dots. Are they off center?
  10. Steve Haynie

    Show us your Shishkov in action.

    Are you trying to match Rick Nielsen for the number of guitars used in a show?
  11. Steve Haynie

    K.K. Downing's Song Rights Up For Sale

    Golf is a serious investment for those who know how to run golf courses. Golf is still popular, but in decline. It is likely that K.K. Downing invested at the wrong time. One has to wonder about all the rock stars who have their own wine labels. They knew how to drink it, but if they have not operated vineyards or wineries for years they better stay safe and just license their names. Michael Anthony and Eddie Ojeda have their own hot sauces, but that does not mean they have run a food processing plant or food distribution service. These people may jump in and learn a business like Bruce Dickinson has with aviation maintenance. Who knows? The bass player for Midnight Oil started a wonderful bikini manufacturing business that is still going. Of course, there is little investment in material which keeps his cost down. Those bikinis really are like dental floss. A few of the rock and roll people did get jobs in something they know like opening music stores, managing artists, working for record companies, working for gear manufacturers... and maybe making nearly invisible bikinis.
  12. Steve Haynie

    Just Standard stuff from MusicZoo

    Dots AND crowns... when you cannot make up your mind which guitar you want to buy, just get both.
  13. Steve Haynie

    What attenuators do you like?

    You want an attenuator for a 15 watt amp? The cost of a good attenuator will be at least half of the cost of your Super Champ XD. Buy a 7 watt amp and enjoy that.
  14. Steve Haynie

    K.K. Downing's Song Rights Up For Sale

    Right now the royalties are worth $300K per year, but as kids and future generations keep going after free music one must consider how much money will be made when the entire Judas Priest catalog is 99% accessed through services like Spotify. Those of us who prefer to hold a CD in our hands or still like to look at large vinyl album covers are dying off. We have all that old music already. Some of these rock stars are going to die, and the heirs will be holding very little when they inherit the catalogs of music.
  15. Steve Haynie

    K.K. Downing's Song Rights Up For Sale

    Ian Hill predates Rob Halford in Judas Priest history.
  16. Lotto tickets! Gotta buy lotto tickets! Heeeellp!
  17. Steve Haynie

    STP in Peoria,IL Tonight

    I go to more concerts than most people, standing room floors, hot sweaty rooms, sunbaked outdoor venues, etc. I ain't too old to rock and roll!
  18. Steve Haynie

    The revised Gary Moore

    You need a matching dune buggy now.
  19. Steve Haynie

    STP in Peoria,IL Tonight

    You must have affected me, too, last night because I passed on a second row ticket for Molly Hatchet and Atlanta Rhythm Section. While filling out the payment page I kept thinking about how much Molly Hatchet has changed from the band I saw every six months in high school and how Atlanta Rhythm Section looked like they were at band practice the last time I saw them. I cancelled the order.
  20. Steve Haynie

    Going to see Tommy, yes

    Tommy will play your guitar a little when he signs it.
  21. Steve Haynie

    My son singing "Another Brick in the Wall" !!!

    That was impressive! I think of that song in the Alice Cooper context nowadays more than Pink Floyd.
  22. Steve Haynie

    My Pink Paisley Tele in action!!!

    I was able to spot your paisley Tele in that spectacle.
  23. Steve Haynie

    Pedal Button Upgrade

    Do the brass buttons make notes sustain longer? Do the blue buttons make effects sound better?
  24. Steve Haynie

    The revised Gary Moore

    Be sure to pass out shades to everyone in the audience when you play that guitar.