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  1. Steve Haynie

    Was This for REAL!!!

    That thing is tiny. Hamer never made miniature guitar replicas.
  2. Steve Haynie

    Incoming! Talladega

    If you need someone to keep your guitar company when you are away let us know. That Talladega is nice looking!
  3. Steve Haynie

    This guy has some pretty intense fingers!

    The guy can play, but playing Eric Johnson licks faster than they are supposed to be played is not as impressive as he thinks.
  4. Steve Haynie

    Saw Great White Last Night

    It did burn. I do not make jokes about it because I would have been one of those people who got in line early and got as close to the stage as possible. I would have been one of the people farthest from the doors or denied access to the exit nearest to the stage by the bouncer who refused to let people use a fire exit when the building was on fire. I wonder if that guy died in the fire or now wishes he had died in the fire. Videos are out there with burn victims. One who lost all his fingers got a hand transplant.
  5. Last night Great White played at Isothermal Community College in Spindale, NC. The promoter is out of Asheville, NC. He is new at concert promotion, and seemed panicked at times over ticket sales according to a resident of Facebook. She told the guy that putting on a show in a venue without alcohol is going to cut down some attendance. On Sunday night many people do not want to stay out late because they have to be at work Monday morning. Arena bands can get away with that while bands that play smaller venues cannot. Some people from the Asheville area had seen Great White open for Skid Row in Cherokee, NC on July 20th. About 300 people were at the show last night. The opening act was Bending Fate, a cover band from Charlotte. For a cover band they got a really good response. They started off with Loverboy and ended with Metallica. It worked. Great White had done a brief meet and greet before the opening act played. The meet and greet through the show promoter was different than the type the band sells. There was no swag. Nothing would be signed. All you got was a quick hello and photo. I won a couple of entries to the meet and greet, so I got my photo taken with the band. I need to stop doing that because I look dorkier and dorkier each time my photo is taken. Few of the 80's bands still look like they did 30 years ago, and I am long over that. Three members from the band's heyday are still there hovering around 60 years old. The two newer members are still in their 40's or 50's. What matters is whether or not they can still play the songs right, or if they are just going through the motions for a paycheck. I saw a great show last night. Mark Kendall had a with what looked like a 1/4" maple top on an ash body with two humbuckers. There was a metal plate on the headstock that said RH Custom. Michael Lardie only played a Telecaster that I assume was a Fender, and there was a Yamaha Motif series keyboard. Scott Snyder played a Spector Coda 5 string bass. Audie Desbrow played a set of Yamaha drums. The band flew in, so some of the gear could have been provided locally. There were Marshall and Ampeg stacks for the guitars and bass. There was a Kemper amp on each side of the stage. My seat was on Mark Kendall's side of the stage which made me happy because he was who I wanted to see. In a time of shredders he was playing hard rock. To me that was cool, so I always liked him. He had stage right to himself even though he moved around. Kendall got to wail a lot. He was not phoning it in. Something that I noticed about Mark Kendall was a bit of a shake in his left hand. At first it seemed like it could be his vibrato, but as I kept watching I noticed there was a shake in his hand. His thumb would shake when he was not grabbing the neck. His right hand was solid, but he may have had a little shake once. If I had known I would have been looking for that at the meet and greet. Kendall's playing was great. Mitch Malloy is the new guy on vocals. That show in Cherokee a month ago was his second show with the band. Now after a dozen shows he is right at home in the band. Not once did he touch a musical instrument. He sings and hits his notes. He also looks like he did 30 years ago, skinny and with all of his hair. Lots of hair. The setlist.
  6. What are you going to do for an encore? Did you scraped the fingerboard to get any Johnny Cash DNA?
  7. Steve Haynie

    So what tools do you really need?

    nut file set nut slotting gauge nut slotting saw radius gauge nut shelf files fret leveling bar radius blocks fret crowning tool You will need some patience, too. Some days I think it would be good to sell off my tools because you have to regularly use them to be good with them, just like your playing skills have to be kept up.
  8. Fender made checkerboard picks?!?! The only checkerboard picks I ever saw were from Pick Boy.
  9. For bass it is the Dunlop .73 yellow Tortex. For electric guitar it is usually the Fender 351 medium or one of the many V-Picks. For acoustic the large rounded triangular Dunlop Ultex or Clayton picks that looks similar, but the large triangular V-Picks that are really thin make a big difference.
  10. Steve Haynie

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    What is it? Is that a different person in the background photo?
  11. Steve Haynie

    ZZTop last Tuesday night

    This is bad news. My last experience with ZZ Top was more positive. My seat was four rows back, and Jeff Beck jammed with them. It never felt like a bad show, just an older band. RobB has a point. If ZZ Top had not had the big MTV era hits they would be playing large clubs and digging into their catalog a little deeper.
  12. Those Specials are perfect. Everybody needs one.
  13. Those early 90's Specials had a list price of $999 when they were new. They were sold at discounted prices. Today you cannot get a new one, so what someone is willing to pay is what some of the sellers are testing. To get that quality some of the asking prices are OK. If Hamer was still around those guitars would sell for more. Knowing that you can pick up a Special for under a grand makes those higher prices nothing but wishful thinking.
  14. Gibson is looking for a new leader for the company. It is a bit late, don'tcha think?
  15. Steve Haynie

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    Be nice. Tom Petty is not around to add his celebrity tweet over the death of Aretha Franklin.
  16. Steve Haynie

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    Here is the well written Billboard obituary.
  17. Steve Haynie

    Steve Perry NEW SONG

    There have been a lot of songs that never sounded as good on the radio as they did in the context of an album.
  18. Steve Haynie

    Steve Perry NEW SONG

    That will be the name of the reunion tour when Neal Schon and John Waite get Bad English back together.
  19. Mine had a thin but wonderful feeling neck.
  20. This morning I skipped talk radio and listened to a lot of The Shadows and The Ventures. There are videos of Peter Frampton playing with The Ventures.
  21. Steve Haynie


    Don't you have a combo amp you can sit on while you play?
  22. Great White is playing a show in a couple of weeks. Maybe that guitar could be autographed at the show and made worth even more!
  23. Steve Haynie

    Guitar Center's Pro Warranty

    There are tool collectors out there looking for specific codes on Craftsman tools. Just like with guitars, tools have their preferred eras as well.