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  1. David Cassidy In Hospital

    My wife's sister was one of those 60 million. My sister in law and my wife were in a textfest last night about the holidays and yada, yada, yada, when the sister in law mentioned Cassidy. She asked my wife if she "liked him" as well and was upset as much as she was? In true HFC spirit, my wife replied "I Think I Loved Him!" After several minutes of silence, my wife texted "What...to soon?" - not a peep from the sister in law since. Hamerica
  2. New Joe Perry Release Coming

    Look forward to the sample of tracks to see what Perry is able to do with the artists he has lined up for. It is interesting to see Terry Reid was mentioned in another thread recently and now on Perrys upcoming release. Hamerica
  3. Imagine Dragons

    Ting, ZFG Best wishes, Hamerica
  4. Malcolm Young RIP

    http://www.acdc.com/news?n_id=364 Rest in peace Malcolm. My thoughts and prayers go to the Young family, friends and the legions of AC/DC fans. LET THERE BE ROCK! One of my favorite big arena concert memories was For Those About To Rock! Those damn cannon effects were bad ass. Hamerica
  5. Olivia Newton John

    "Hey, I know that dude!" - Jeff Spicolli Yes sir, that is Mr. Timmons. I have posted about the greatness of Andy Timmons many times before. He is my favorite Virtuoso right behind #008. The old adage, "its not what you know, it is who you know" is applicable here, the drummer is Dan Wojciechowski "Wojo". Wojo is another alumni from the University of North Texas and ex-drummer for the Andy Timmons Band and the current drummer for another iconic guitar figure - Peter Frampton. http://www.frampton.com/danski/ Besides Dan, Mitch Marine (Smashmouth, & Dwight Yoakum) and current drummer Rob Avsharian are excellent performers. Hamerica
  6. Saw Sammy Hagar & The Circle Last Night

    Great review as always! A long time ago I met Sammy at one of those Rock Radio Concert events and you could bring one item for him to sign, my item was a red Scarab, sold it a few years back. Sammy was very gracious and later on that afternoon he looked right at me and said, "Man, those Hamers are cool guitars" as he was walking past. Loved his book, thought it was a good read. Might have to check out the Circle. Hamerica
  7. HB, Mike Shishkov

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Mike Shishkov, It has been a pleasure to be the caretaker of some of the finest musical instruments, ever produced. I hope you have a fantastic birthday and a great year! Best wishes, Brian
  8. Good luck on your search Bruce919! Hamerica
  9. Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    Rocktober Bump
  10. Need your help- website testing

    OX X El Captain and Firefox 56.0 here. Agree with the suggestions made Dana V. Great Job Team Shishkov! Hamerica
  11. Tom Petty in bad shape

    Thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, and fans. One of my friends plays in a Tom Petty Cover Band and because of this, I have heard more TP songs in the past decade. I think my favorite song penned by Petty is "The Last DJ". Rest in Peace, Mr. Petty. Hamerica
  12. Hamer Feature Just Out....

    Google Translate works pretty good as well. Nice article. Hamerica
  13. Happy Birthday Bruce!
  14. birthday?

    Happy Birthday Dasein
  15. RIP Dave Hlubek

    It is almost like asking what is the meaning behind the song "Hotel California"? That's up to the listener and ones perspective (I guess). Molly Hatchet has always stated, (or maybe it was a ways to generate publicity?) - they were not a Southern Rock Band but a Hard Rock Band. Molly Hatchet's song "Gator Country" could be an indirect poke in the eye with a sharp stick, to Southern Rock in general or just a note that the Song is King and the times were a changin'. One could parallel it to "Sweet Home Alabama" as a direct response to Neil Young's Southern Man. Give 'em the bird! There is a reference regarding no love lost between MH and other Southern Rock Bands here - Molly Hatchet wasn't afraid of ruffling' some feathers including ABB. https://allmanbrothersband.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=XForum&file=viewthread&tid=116305 At the end of the day, Ed King was not correct with his comment or belief IMHO. Hamerica