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  1. Always a good post when you have Glen. One can never get enough Glen Campbell.
  2. Hamerica

    Andy Timmons Ear X Tacy Tour

    Brooks you should plan a road trip!
  3. Hamerica

    Andy Timmons Ear X Tacy Tour

    Sorry Geoff...thanks for the assist!
  4. As most of you know, my favorite guitar virtuoso is Mr. Andy Timmons. For those who are not aware, Andy Timmons is doing some select dates in the Northeast for the 25th Anniversary of Ear X tacy! You can catch him in New York, PA, CT, and VA. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to make any of those shows but I hope some of the HFC faithful can make an appearance. Guaranteed to be a memorable performance. 3 nights at Iridium Jazz Club in NYC. Tickets are one sale. Best wishes, Hamerica
  5. Hamerica

    Video with Hamer content

    In bought the Revolution Saints CD when it came out in 2015, based upon the strength of Jack Blades 2012 "Rock "n Roll Ride". Frontiers Music SRL has released similar vein classic, hard rock and heavy metal artists that might hold my interest. Every once in a while you get a gem of a song that surprises you. IMO, the Saints debut was not exactly what I was hoping for. A tour was slated only to hit the brakes when Deen Castronovo was arrested for domestic violence. The band has released a sophomore follow-up where Deen is heavily featured in the songwriting, singing, and videos with an absolute nod to events from 2015. If your looking for a Journey / Bad English "Super Group" then you might enjoy this. Hamerica
  6. Hamerica

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Whoa! Didn't see that coming...
  7. Congrats to the buyer and the seller.
  8. Hamerica

    A lost chapter in the VH saga

    It would be shorter list and easier to name the singers and front men that Eddie Van Halen didn't call to be in Van Halen. I'll start - Rodney Dangerfield, I'm pretty sure Eddie didn't call Rodney. Everyone else is fair game. Hamerica
  9. Hamerica

    Saw Stryper Last Night

    Steves reviews are legendary. Always there to help remind me of the shows that are on the road that I should be going too! Hamerica
  10. Hamerica

    Saw Cheap Trick Last Night

    "For the last five songs Tom Petersson played a cherry sunburst Hamer Quad Bass. That surprised me. " Whoa, I had not seen or heard this. Wonder where he picked that one up at?
  11. Reckless Kelly - "The guitarist Dave Abeyta produced the next album for the aforementioned band, and doesn’t get much room to shine on the singles but stretches out live- check out their live version of Romeo and Juliet, and 1952 Vincent Black Lightning." Yes David Abeyta and Jimmy McFeely came from George Devores Band or should say their were passing thru and on to something else. Abeyta if I recall correctly is a product of the Berklee School of Music and he definitely shines when let loose. Really good musician. The Braun Brothers have been doing it since they were old enough to be potty trained and their younger brothers are doing quite well on their own. Don't know about killing but they are out there steady and write some good ol' Americana. Hamerica
  12. Hamerica

    Doyle Dykes

    ArnieZ, I'm pretty sure that was the last time I saw you. I know the Guild Open House that I attended Doyle was there! Doyle went to Guild after he moved from Taylor and they made a Doyle Dykes Model. I had a trip planned to pick up a 4 digit Standard I had sent to the factory after dgstandard had his done. Mr. Kim Keller had restored for me with the wonder folks at the factory and ensured it was done in time to coincide with the event. Not Steve, Stonge and the lovely Ms. Stonge, Amy, and Alpep I can recall were in attendance. My wife and daughter attended the Guild Open House tour at the New Hartford factory. Lunch was at the ski resort and Doyle performed. The wife and daughter won a several posters and the daughter won the grand prize a custom one off Guild Guitar, (there is a good story there). After Doyle performed, he signed all the giveaway posters and we purchased one of his books and a couple of CDs for him to sign as well. Doyle was just as mind-blowing then as he was when I saw him with Kiz and JeffR. That Shreveport Trip was also the first time I saw Greg Koch. Bad Brad Paisley was trying to get into a guitar throw down with Eric Johnson and he was not having anything to do with it. EJ did find polar north that night or I should say his tech did - ; ^ ) Hamerica
  13. Oldmancud, Welcome to the HFC and concur you are starting out nicely! Gotta love a '78 Sunburst! Best wishes, Hamerica
  14. Congrats to the seller and the buyer. Hamerica