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  1. birthday?

    Happy Birthday Dasein
  2. RIP Dave Hlubek

    It is almost like asking what is the meaning behind the song "Hotel California"? That's up to the listener and ones perspective (I guess). Molly Hatchet has always stated, (or maybe it was a ways to generate publicity?) - they were not a Southern Rock Band but a Hard Rock Band. Molly Hatchet's song "Gator Country" could be an indirect poke in the eye with a sharp stick, to Southern Rock in general or just a note that the Song is King and the times were a changin'. One could parallel it to "Sweet Home Alabama" as a direct response to Neil Young's Southern Man. Give 'em the bird! There is a reference regarding no love lost between MH and other Southern Rock Bands here - Molly Hatchet wasn't afraid of ruffling' some feathers including ABB. https://allmanbrothersband.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=XForum&file=viewthread&tid=116305 At the end of the day, Ed King was not correct with his comment or belief IMHO. Hamerica
  3. RIP Dave Hlubek

    Oh man, this sucks. On Saturday my wife and I were doing our fall house cleaning and I put in a few CDs. One of those was Molly Hatchet's the Deed Is Done. I was reminiscing with my wife about a couple of trips to see Sherry Baby and BTMN. Which lead to a discussion about Molly Hatchet. RIP Dave! Hamerica
  4. Damn, I had never seen Steely Dan and had the opportunity to do so the past couple of years. Something always came up. Couldn't say it any better than Arm of Hamer posted. One of many bands that defined by teenage years. Too many great songs to list The talent that joined them on their quest for the music they created is like a Who's Who of artists. Personal Fave was "Deacon Blues". Rest in Peace Walter and to his family, friends and fans thoughts and prayers. Hamerica
  5. Only 50 Newport Birdseyes made?

    I think the seller is mistaking referring to the production year from the CoA. Hamerica
  6. Gibson may be Worse than Junk

    Right after "the brand" add CMO to the list. Any company that makes a CMO the President and/or CEO dump the stock (if they are public) and or quit before they take over a company. You will thank me later. Biz Prof nice post. Hamerica
  7. Just got these today and thought I would post a thanks to whomever mention ION. Nothing fancy just something to enjoy. Hamerica
  8. 20 Years of Halestorm

    I agree Halestorm isn't cheating...in fact my favorite band Cheap Trick was formed in 1973 and didn't have their first album until 1977 Hamerica
  9. R.I.P. Glen Campbell

    Six strings down boys, six strings down. The suggestion to watch the movie "I'll Be Me" posted here a couple of years back was one of the things that spurred me to purchase a couple of his CDs. I thought the movie was really very well done. His desire to perform was evident and the decisions regarding the tour was filmed in such a way one could see how everyone struggled and his personal challenges as the tour continued. Glens' last studio recording was Adios, his 63rd album. It was a tribute to his fans in many respects as much as Ghost On The Canvas. I do love Glen singing a Jimmy Webb tune and I am lucky (old?) enough to be able to remember his tv show, knew who he was as a kid and be able to enjoy his Rhinestone Cowboy era. It would be hard to pick a single Glen Campbell song as the one favorite, it might be easier to pick my one favorite Hamer. To Glens family, friends, and fans, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Adios Mr. Campbell - Adios. Hamerica
  10. Great review as always. Thanks for posting. "The modern day show is built around hits and Kelly Hansen." - Church The masses wouldn't know the difference between Foreigner in 1977 from Foreigner in 2017 if Mick Jones walked up and bitch slapped them. "Kelly sounds like Foreigner should, and in fact, they sounded damned close to any Foreigner album". Mick Jones knew exactly what he is doing for the past two decades with Foreigner. He has prepared a Foreigner band that will continue long after he is gone from the stage. I personally thought it is quite amusing to have watched "Rock Star' and then go see Pilson& Bonham replay their roles in Foreigner. "The Song is King" and as long as there are those would will pay to see XX band for $$ dollars, the song and the "band" will continue. Chris nailed the who KH image thing. Jason Bonham played with Foreigner for about 3 years and I believe came back for a short stint after Brian Tichy departed. Bonham can play in any band he wants and certainly is great to see him pay homage to his fathers legacy. Hamerica
  11. J Geils was an accomplished rocker and knew how to throw a house party. Man, I would have liked to attended but would have probably snuck off to the garage. https://www.mecum.com/auctions/monterey-2017/collections/j-geils-collection/?utm_source=AAInfoNet+Master&utm_campaign=77e5100032-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_CA17_J.Geils&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fa410e9114-77e5100032-114008929 The Ferrari would have made a great centerfold. Hamerica
  12. Happy Birthday to one of Classic Rocks front men - Mick Jagger. Can't believe he is only 74 years young. Wonder what he is doing toady to celebrate his birthday? Whatever it is I hope he get some "Satisfaction"! Hamerica
  13. Happy Birthday to Andy Timmons! He is my second favorite Virtuoso, right behind the Hamer Virt. Can't believe it has been decades of fine music from Mr. Timmons. His release last year, "Theme from a Perfect World" title track is a tribute to Todd Rundgren and Utopia. http://www.guitarworld.com/artist-news-interviews/andy-timmons-talks-new-album-theme-perfect-world/30044 Beyond the music, Mr. Timmons is a class act all the way. According to his Facebook page, he is teaching a clinic in Moorseville, IN on Saturday July 29th for those in the area. Hope today gives him some inspiration to write a new song. So Happy Birthday Andy! Hamerica
  14. Tried Out A New Hamer

    Steve, Thanks for the review, I agree with your viewpoints especially those expressed about the import market and our welcoming others whom have purchased the import line of Hamers into the fold. We all would like for them to move up to the used Hamer USA line and eventually purchase NOS Stock or order a new Hamer which most folks here agree has moved well beyond that mark. Hamerica