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  1. How did you get to the HFC?

    Kim Keller. I went to visit the Hamer Factory in New Hartford on my own to meet Jol probably in '97 or '98. I was happily reacquainted with Mr. Keller who I had met years before in Ohio. Kim informed me there was a "Hamer Fan Club" and they were actually having an Open House in the fall and members of the Hamer Fan Club were main attendees. My pocketbook and life has never been the same. Hamerica
  2. Tom Wheeler...R.I.P.

    Chris, really nice post. Besides the Hamer Workshop Event, Tom could be found at several guitar shows with JK Lutherie autobiography his books or walking the shows. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Hamerica
  3. Once again, I fell for the click bait. God I am gullible. Hamerica
  4. Skynyrd announces final tour

    Willie, There has not been an update on Mick Ralphs website for quite a long time. His Blues Band post remains "Going forward we will continue being what we always have been, good mates having a laugh and a giggle together, just from now on not on a stage in front of you lovely lot!" On the ticket sites The Bad Company logo has been modified with the names of Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke, in lieu of "Classic Rock at its Best". The BAD CO website has also updated its logo and just adds the "official website". Unfortunately , I think Mick is done touring with Bad CO. He pretty much said so at his last appearance in the UK. The Bad CO and LS tour (w/o Boz) repeated for the 40th Anniversary for both bands in 2014, which was the last tour I saw Mick Ralphs on stage. Now with Ralphs apparently no longer touring that lineup will not happen again. Hamerica
  5. Skynyrd announces final tour

    $595 per ticket VIP for the first 18 rows for all three upfront sections. (That was not the highest price), that is an astonishing price for a tribute band. $195 per ticket for everything not VIP rows 19 - 30 $149 per ticket for Sections behind the sound board. The Outlaws are opening and Mrs. Hamericas favorite band Bad CO before LS. I will have to play my Lynyrd Skynyrd Albums and watch the "Behind the Music" on U tube on the night of the show. Hamerica
  6. Hey!

    Welcome the the HFC!
  7. Happy Birthday to fellow HFC'r Guitar Greg! One of the nicest guys I know and proud to call him a friend. Known him for decades, I can't think of a day where he didn't say something or give a look that made me laugh out loud hysterically. Gave one of the best man wedding speeches 'ver, Conda member, and he owns a few USA Hamers. Life highlight - went to Harrisburg to hang with Hangman, then to BCR Music and Sound, then to Butchers where the phrase "Mo' Amps, Mo' Better" was coined. Went to Carlisle to the Ford Nationals yet he is a loyal Bowtie /Camaro Owner. Happy Birthday Man! Hamerica
  8. For those located in Jersey and those interested in web-surfing love Saturday night. “Time and Time Again: A Celebration of Pat DiNizio” takes place Sat. Jan. 14 at the Count Basie Theatre in NJ. Joining Jimmy, Dennis, Mike and Severo will be Steven Van Zandt, Patty Smyth, Marshall Crenshaw, Robin Wilson, Freedy Johnston, Richard Barone, The Grip Weeds, Ed Stasium and more! The show will be streamed live on The Basie.org starting at 8pm EST/5pm PST. Hamerica
  9. "Say What You Will" but TDC. Hamerica
  10. Where is this purple DuoTone these days?

    LOL - Quote of the month! I am going to steal that! Hamerica
  11. Doug Pinnick

    dUg is in seven bands currently. dUg is officially a collector of bands, one more than ajm1966s' recent 2 of each post. http://www.dugnation.net/news Rock on dUg! Hamerica
  12. Ben is correct it is a 25th Limited.
  13. This ^^^^ And ArnieZs' does have a nicer top. Yes, there have been Ultimate Artists that have sold for less. It's a buyers market and those that sold for less have been steals - everyone of them. Although these are not "rare" in comparison to some limited runs, at the time, those guitars reflect the "Ultimate" of the New Hartford manufacturing. The binding alone is mind-blowing when you account that it is all hand laid. Its in Barcelona so GLWS! Hamerica
  14. Happy birthday .

    Happy birthday to Trish and founding member of Team Shishkov! And I will second what Mike said! Best wishes, Brian