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  1. Congrats to the seller and the buyer. Hamerica
  2. Hamerica

    Dallas Guitar Show this weekend!!

    So today there were a couple of USA Hamers at the Dallas International Guitar Festival. A Mirage I, the greenish teal eclipse in your choice of six string or twelve string and that pretty much sums it up. I thought the show wasn't as crowed in years past however, there some gear being sold. Best surprise was a "Tone To The Bone" T-shirt floating around with "Not Cajun Boy" Foodermon in attendance. It has been awhile since I have seen Fooderman and great to see him. No Jeff R sighting this year. I am sure there were some others in attendance just didn't recognize or maybe they decided to go to the other show in town - the NRA was a couple of miles away this weekend as well, kinda weird to see a non musical badges walking around a guitar show. Hamerica
  3. Hamerica

    NHFCD -No Doubt

    No doubt that is very cool! Hamerica
  4. Hamerica

    Gibson files for bankruptcy

    From a business point of view, Gibson has been looking for "a buyer" and no one would touch it under Henry's terms. The bondholders, Investment bankers and VC crowd will not wait too long to dump most if not all the names. Frank U would be one of the few guys I truly think could manage Gibson however you have to remember Hamer wasn't managed by the founders, it was "run" by lawyers and accountants. I don't think in general any of the old names can be revived and become viable competitors given the current market. You can blame or thank Hartley Peavey for the current and past business model for the music business model. (Willie G wrote a good book about this). I agree almost all brands need to survive with an import line whether its PRS, Hamer (defunct), or insert name here. I am remotely interested in seeing what happens to the business we know as Gibson Guitars. To borrow a line from Apocalypse Now, Investment bankers "Charlie" don't surf" (shred, play cowboy chords, and etc). It will come down to the money. It always does. Hamerica
  5. Hamerica

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    What was the model of the Bass Hamer made for Jack Blades towards the end? Is it something similar? Hamerica
  6. Welcome to the board! Wow, yeah, I'm not sure I have ever seen one of those in person. I have notice lately the new introductions has really upped the game with posting pictures of their Hamers very nice touch. best wishes, Hamerica
  7. Hamerica


    Welcome to the board. #0078 is beautiful, classic and I agree the binding is perfect on that guitar. Look forward to your seeing the progression on your Shishkov! Hamerica
  8. I nominate... I have "Peter" Envy so anything by HamStd Yin & Yang, Nightfire - if its got a name which multiple HFC'rs recognize the guitar by its name (i.e. The Punisher) Anything LE from Hamer USA - Korina, Koa, 25th, 30th, Redwood, Earthen Maple, you get the idea. #0029 & #0055 Any Virtuoso Any 4 digit musical instrument by Hamer USA http://www.hamerguitaraddict.com/ drool worthy right here
  9. Congrats on the boomerang those make the best stories! Now next time your ready sell - dibs! Hamerica
  10. Hamerica

    #73 is starting to come together...

    Turns out the number 73 carries some weight for me." - Funky Chicken I immediately went to song #73 and laughed out loud. I thought FC was referring to song #73 at first, that's what I get for reading just the first line. Now if Kiz was into say number #99 For me #55 is about as good as it gets on that list. Hamerica
  11. On the front cover checkerboard and Hamer - damn I can't remember the bands name though, I have it somewhere. Hamerica
  12. Actually you owned Korina Special and Jr pair #005. Number #003 pair were originally at Flynn and later went to Guitar Center in Chicago. Hamerica
  13. Hamerica

    Happy Birthday Ted!

    Happy Birthday Ted ! Hope you birthday was excellent. Hamerica
  14. Hamerica

    Oh Henry, Just STFU

    Henry's theme song must be "Sad But True" from Metallica "It will be amazing if anyone hires him (Henry Juszkieicz) to run anything else." “There's a sucker born every minute.” - P. T. Barnum Hamerica