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  1. I know a good record store. http://www.12tonar.is/ They used to serve coffee with alcohol (I think Brennivín) when artists would do in-stores there. I played there ages ago. This is a pretty good site to see what's happening... https://grapevine.is/
  2. I'll shoot a few ASAP... it's a surprising guitar. The neck pickup is very warm and round, the bridge surprisingly aggressive. It even stays in tune. I got it at a thrift store with some cold solder joints and no whammy bar: they knew the value but I got a little knocked off for the issues. Definitely has the old-school indie vibe going.
  3. I'm backing off from music and re-focusing to my first love, cycling. It gets me outdoors, it keeps me fit, and I don't have to deal with the ragingly incompetent tools who are in the so-called business of music. From now on I'll be a bedroom player, and I'm gonna clear out my rehearsal room since I won't need a PA, big amp, extra pedals, mics, and the dozen guitars I've accumulated. I have a BMC Fourstroke 01 (it's the mountain bike equivalent of a Hartung) arriving tomorrow and I gotta pay for it somehow! Here we go... Pics and such on request... most of these guitars are known, and I've done lots o' good deals here. I'm putting what I think they're worth, before PP and shipping. PM me! 1970-something Epiphone ET 275, sometimes erroneously called Crestwood. Made in Japan. Very good shape, some dings on the edges, great frets, sounds really nice, has whammy bar and original chipboard case. Plays well, has one badly corroded machine screw in its insanely-complicated bridge that I'd love to replace but can't find the right pitch. All original except the pickup selector switch and repro whammy bar. Worth prob'ly $500. Link to Reverb listing The famous/notorious "Goldie," one of two factory HB-equipped Studio Custom goldtops I've seen. 1994. Has a bit of finish the size of a dime that's flaked off where neck joins body, a number of dents and dings but nothing fatal. The Hameritis is bad on this one: the binding has gone pretty amber-to-brown in spots. Also there's some pitting on the tailpiece and bridge, and one of the mounting screws on the bridge JB was long ago stripped out so I put a bigger one in. HOWEVER it plays like a champ, sounds great, low action, amazing player. In a nice "ATA" case made by, I think. Gator. $800 value Just got this one and like it... 1995 Mirage I koa top. All original, no issues, includes OSHC and whammy. Has several noticeable dings on the edge, bass side of the lower bout, and a couple on the top that are there when you know about them but aren't bad. There are very narrow grooves in the 2nd and 3rd frets under the B and G strings where someone apparently spent five years playing the same chord. Doesn't hurt anything, but if you bend those strings there, you can sometimes feel a "notch". Very very clean, low action. $1000 value, I think. Here is the link to it in Reverb. Nearly-new 2017 Music Man StingRay guitar, fiesta red, tort guard, maple board. Has a very small ding on the sides you have to look for, and two scratches. I bought it new a few months ago and love it, but priorities. OHSC, case candy, really outstanding guitar. $1000 value seems right. Reverb link is here 1981 Veillette-Citron fretless 4-string bass. I bought it as an abused mess and sent it to Harvey and Joe. New old stock V-C bridge, tailpiece, and strap buttons. They made a new control cavity cover with the original-style engraved name. They rewired it, with a unique VVTT setup and Bartolini preamp. Cue, Joe Veillete's finish guy, gave it a new black finish. The only quirk is that the tuners (original) are gold and the rest of the hardware is chrome but it's not had to find chrome tuners. This is a pretty rare bird: factory fretless and probably the last collaboration between the two guys. I have the documentation on the work they did. Condition is superb: I have been afraid to play it for ten years. $1700 seems fair? 2012 one-off Black Water Guitars headless, fanned-fret custom. Body is one-piece mahogany, wax-and-oil finish. Neck is a five-piece rosewood-walnut, same finish. Fretboard is zircote, with the nicest jumbo stainless fretwork I've ever seen. Custom milled brass nut-clamp mechanism, and Italian steel bridge. Neck profile is a bit like a Strandberg "ergo" but to my mind better: more rounded, medium-slim. Zero-degree "infinite" radius fretboard like a classical guitar. The pickup is a custom BWG slanted humbucker, wood bobbins, neodynium magnets. One volume (ebony) knob, no tone. Also has a spare custom-made Bareknuckles Aftermath in the SKB case. Guitar is nearly weightless, and if you like to shred, you can fly on this. It's like a Strandberg but better looking and better made. $1800. Very rare Tencount Lunchbox 35w amp. Basically a Fender Deluxe preamp section with a 6L6 power section that has big transformers and some different values to make more power. Very loud clean, with a nice bluesy sound if you can stand the volume cranked. Amazing pedal platform. Pine cabinet, tweed cover, light, and all in all a kickass piece of kit. $600 plus shipping and PP, and that is the most amp for the money you can get. Akai Timbrewolf analog bass synth. It does about to things but it does them very well. $100 plus shipping and PP Roland KC-350 four-channel keyboard amp. Looks pretty well-used, works perfectly, 12-inch speaker. Heavy son-of-a-gun, but $150 if you'll pick up in the Atlanta area. Quite a few pedals coming soon, including a nearly-new-condition original 1986 RAT. Also a Fender Passport PA with added 1200w subwoofer, a couple Sennheiser live vocal mics, a ton of straps, a Roland JDxi synth, an Akai Timbrewolf bass synth... it's gonna be a big yard sale. "Kev" the 2008 Standard Custom, in not for sale
  4. polara

    Elixir strings

    Same here. I dunno what the NYXLs are made of, but they seem to last for ages. I'm not picky about strings, but when I tried Elixirs they kind of flaked and got dandruffy. Went back to regular ol' D'Addario XLs until they sent me some NYXLs free, and I didn't have to change them for months. Sold!
  5. Not the jet or the hotel and casino. Though the former was cool. I received Stratacus’ Mirage I yesterday. It’s an unusual guitar, maybe an even better embodiment of the “Gibson meets Fender” approach than PRS. The shape reminds me of a Strat doing its best ES335 impression. But the carved top of a Les Paul, with a Strat tummy cut and a 60s Gibson-shaped neck stretched to Fender scale with three-on-a-side headstock. Then make it out of mahogany, but a... koa top? And set neck but with a sleek blended joint? And Strat pickup configuration but they’re rail pickups and you put a “bridge pickup wide open” mini-switch? Then a 6-screw Wilkinson bridge that’s functional but kind of cheap-looking, and nickel (not chrome) Sperzel tuners, since the bridge is chrome and the knobs are black. Yeah. Its just such an odd guitar. I like that it’s so darned individual, the top is gorgeous, the neck is great, and it makes a lot of generally Strat-like sounds. But it’s also kind of the answer to a question no one was asking: “What if a Strat was made in a more labor-intensive way, without the snappy sound and durability of a bolt-on maple neck? Or the iconic looks?” i like it but it’s an odd one. Other opinions?
  6. polara

    Saw Stryper Last Night

    Always enjoy your reviews Thanks.
  7. polara

    Hamer Golden Era?

    +1 on the Connecticut time. They always have made excellent guitars. I played an old Sunburst of Hardheartedbill's that I didn't care for. Had an early 80s Blitz bass with a neck like a Tennessee state highway, all curves. An '81 Special that sounded nice but had a neck like a shadow, a Phantom a5 that wouldn't stay in tune. But never less than stellar in the modern era. My 2008 Standard Custom is monumentally good, the '94 Studio Custom is a keeper, despite Hameritis the likes of which I've never seen.
  8. Yeah, I played my first gig when I was 17 and now I'm old. Definitely in the hundreds of performances now, and half were of the "well, I can sort of hear the bassist and singer" variety, a quarter were stellar and worth thanking the FOH guy, and the remainder ranged from bad to "the generator went out, can you do the set acoustic?" The lower the stage volume, the better prepared you are for the crapshoot that is live sound. I know it's not practical for a traditional rock band, but when I Am a Rocketship became a duo with a Mac doing the drums and bass, we were able to handle anything on stage. The guitar is now quiet enough that even if the vocal monitor is gone we can hear each other. If you have a loud drummer, a couple guitarists hittin' it hard into 50+ watts and a bassist with an SVT you'll be having a blast rockin' out but if anything goes wrong with the monitor mix you'll be struggling.
  9. The analog to Hamer is that it's not super-limited or super-pricy (I dig MotorAve guitars but he makes like 25 a year). Stuff you can oder from Sweetwater, in my mind. The only "big" brands I can trust to always make a solid product even if I don't bond with a particular model, would be PRS (yeah but admit it: great quality control and consistency) G&L Ernie Ball Music Man
  10. Worked for me! Thanks for the tip.
  11. This could be a good thing!