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  1. Centaura Studio Custom Special FM Special P90 Special HB Artist P90 Artist Korina HB Eclipse Daytona B12L B12S B8S Blitz bass Cruisebass (first generation) Chaparral bass Phantom a5 Phantom a7 Duotone (3-hole) Duotone 12 (3-hole) Vector KK Standard Custom Bold face for the ones I still have. Italic for the ones I miss.
  2. The worst hamer usa

    I honestly think every model they made was a really good guitar, and "worst" is just a matter of taste, not of being a total turd like a Gibson Sonex. But sure now, if we want worst Hamer guitar qualities... Scarabs are butt-ugly. Scepters almost as bad. The sustainblock vibrato. I think the combination of the headstock angle and the strings not passing straight over the nut, coupled with the basic design, made it a bear to keep in tune Some of the early 80s ones had absurdly small necks. Hameriitis. I know there are many people who think this is overplayed as a complaint, but how the heck can a company beat the handmade drum endlessly and still keep releasing guitars that go foggy where glue meets clearcoat? It's so OBVIOUS a flaw, and sure the wood underneath yada yada, but it should have been nipped in the bud. Funky necks for a period with the early ones. Even later, my Blitz bass had a neck like a Colorado highway, up and down, side to side. I'm skipping the COMPANY flaws, which have been beaten to death. Just the worst features of the guitars themselves.
  3. That's nice... the 6-inlne and no fret markers. Custom job, I wonder... the lack of fret markers is unusual. I really liked mine but the Sustainblock vibrato was a bear to keep in tune. The Kahler's a better choice. Cool!
  4. I have one combo amp. Plus a ZT Lunchbox as "if the real amp blows up at a gig." And five pedals (six if you count the tuner). That amp and those pedals do all I need, but I will admit to having perpetual low-level GAS. I keep a core of maybe three "I play these and will not sell them" electrics plus a bass and an acoustic, while everything else is to buy cheap, fix up, play it a bit for fun and then sell just as cheap, realizing a $50 loss each time
  5. That guitar is gorgeous... looks like a John Player Special F1 car...
  6. I think we are locked and loaded. I have strap and picks and stuff cluttering up the house, and guitar and amp are selected. I'll put a few packs of D'Addarios in the case with a Snark and a winder-clipper and we are good to go! Videos in 4 weeks
  7. I think we re in good shape... have a line on guitar and little amp. I'll gt him strings and stringwinder and picks and strap, and teach him a few basics... you guys are incredible! I'll post lots of pics and videos from Georgia, May 21-26. Viva HFC!
  8. Thanks all, I think we already have a line on a guitar... with Hamer on the headstock no less! I'll let the kind soul making the offer make himself known if he wishes. I'm happy to pony up for a headphone amp myself... have no idea what's out there actually. If anyone has something they want to put in the care package, let me know. This is a great group... but you all know that! It'll be an adventure taking it over there on freakin' Aeroflot... wish me luck. Thanks!
  9. Incidentally, I'm planning on sharing photos and videos when I'm there so ya'll can see.
  10. A couple years ago I went to Georgia (the country) and loved it. Met people, and spent time in people's homes. This family I know has a kid named Dima, who's about 15 and a relly good kid. His aunt told me he wants to learn electric guitar but I know they're really poor. They literally were burning furniture in the fireplace last winter. I'm gonna scrounge Craigslist and pawnshops for something but if anyone has like a nasty old battery-powered (or 240v) amp or a Mel Bay book or some strings in a gauge they don't use, I'd like to put together a little care package, as I'm going there next month for some possible business dealings. For that matter if you have a bastrdized Squire or something you'd sell me for a hundred bucks, let me know. I don't want to give the kid JUNK, just a start on playing. Thanks!
  11. I like it too, but is Veronon a HFCer? If we can nominate outside the HFC, I'd say Rick Neilsen's checkerboard Enola (either one) is right up there... ETA: Whoa.Jeff, you OWN that? I feel faint...
  12. Since it's been a while. I nominate... The Punisher Chris, was it your green 8-string bass in blue? The Prince guitar The Phantoglide The snakeskin doubleneck with the octave neck on top Kev's (my) Floyd-equipped Standard Custom (hey, I'm still psyched!) (Insert anything from Peter's vault here)
  13. I was thinking the same thing