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  1. foodermon


    The black one is the newbie. (thanks deadringer for an ultra smooth deal!!!). Could not resist trying out my new 6 fiddle stand from Hercules.. bought on blowout a coupla months back at the Dallas guitar show. Really stout.. Spec says up to 40kg / 88lbs which was more than enuf to hold up this small troop. I hung up some other weighty stuff to test it out before committing the standards and ultimate. Does the job. Easier to pick from the top first.
  2. foodermon

    Dallas Guitar Show this weekend!!

    REALLY glad I made the trip.. That was a blast. Purposely wore that T-shirt as a way to hook up with any HFC'ers.. During breakfast at the hotel Saturday morning, I was making my way thru the selections.. guy next to me says "like that shirt".. was HamStd! Then as you say.... while floating around, you passed by and I had to look back thinking.. that was a familiar face! Really liked hangin out a bit at Bill's booth..
  3. foodermon

    #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Holy crap !! That is completely out of the park!!! Korina! That headstock! A trifecta of trons! That neck! That color! Oh my. Mucho congrats. Well done.
  4. foodermon

    # 0067

    Outstanding.... as expected!!! Fantastic book match and the inlays ... great MOP as usual.. luv it. Congrats!!!
  5. foodermon


    Holy moly what a gorgeous piece of maple ggodness!!!
  6. foodermon

    Green(burst) with envy...X2!

    GREEN!!!!!!! Luv it! 👍
  7. thanks for all the feedback! part of the charm for me is indeed "The Sound" since the first "real" guitars I played and listened to were my Parrain's (godfather's) growing up. 6120 and Country Gentleman are the two I remember most, played thru a 60's big twin. His playin was pretty much Chet Atkin's style and he was really good at it. It was always a treat to watch him play way back. Wish he were still around. Believe "the sound" will work for whatever's incoming.
  8. ^^^^^^^^ yeh buddy.. saw that one when browsing around.. Double cut jet, tone knob vs that 2nd switch up top, P90s.. holy crap!
  9. Yes! Past due! I need to head ur way soon enuf w a fiddle or 2 anyway!
  10. I've been gasin' for a Gretsch Jet for some time.. leaning in a Power Jet direction for pickup selection and bridge, or Duo Jet. Lots of nice things are said about the MIJ Gretsches and quality. I've played a few over in Houston and was impressed from a "MIJ" standpoint. Shishkov like quality? No. I've read great things, but never touched a "masterbuilt" US Gretsch. Compared to the uber quality luthiers out there today, what's your take on MIJ Gretsch? on US Masterbuilt Gretsch? Also, there's at least 4 or 5 bridge offerings... For any Jet players out there, any thoughts on the Gretsch bridges and what works or what's crap or other bridges that you swap out for? Wasn't sure to post on the main message board or "ask the experts"... so starting here. Thanks!
  11. foodermon

    #0062...all over Blue!

    home run all the way! Perfect Blueburst!!!!!!!!
  12. foodermon

    NGD # 60 Comes Home

    Congrats!! Drooling.. 👍
  13. foodermon

    I Touched My First Shishkov Today - 0059 Arrived!

    Killer! Congrats!
  14. foodermon


    less twang.